Leaving the Nest: Holding on Too Tight

There comes a time when your child grows old enough to leave the nest, but instead of allowing them to fly free, you hold on to them for dear life. I talk about what it can be like if you do tend to hold on to them rather than letting them become independent, and what consequences may come of this. Read more about it here!

Faith’s First Disco

The lights dimmed, the faint sound of music arose and she danced the night away. It was Faiths first disco at school! A milestone in any parents life knowing that there little babies have all grown up. Read about how the disco went & more here!

Summer Holidays Fast Approaching

With the summer holidays right around the corner, planning things to do with the kids beforehand is a MUST. When you don’t, or if things don’t go to plan, it can lead to a lot of stress and headache. I talk about what it’s like on a summer break with the kids and what we’ve got planned so far. Read more about it here!

One Step Closer to a Diagnosis

Slow progress is being made, but we’ve finally started to get the ball rolling. Wyatt’s suspected autism is getting worse and worse each day, and harder to deal with. Read all about our difficulties with him and the progress that is being made for an assessment here!

Mental Health & Parenting

Whether you have them or whether you know someone who has them, mental health problems when you are a parent can be quite difficult to deal with. It may not affect you and your kids, but sometimes the system can see it as a problem. I talk about the difficulties when dealing with mental health problems when you have children. Read all about it here!