Mummy Confessions: Entry 2

Diary entry of a stressed-out mum dealing with 4 kids. What it’s like and how it feels to deal with them all at once!

Morning! If that’s what you can call it. It’s dark outside and absolutely freezing, and as I lie in bed I think ‘f@ck, is it that time already!?‘.

I run down the stairs to put the heating on, make a coffee and do the kids cereal. It’s a good job I put the kids uniforms in their rooms ready for the morning because it’s 5 past 8 already!

I’m in a mad rush waking all the kids up. Wyatt decided he wanted to talk to me about minions so I listened as much as I could. Kiiara woke for a feed, all while Aurora bellowed ‘mummy!‘. It’s already quarter past 8 and I’m not sorted yet…..

I get myself and the youngest two ready, then it’s a mad dash out the door to get the other two to school in 5 minutes just before they close the gates. I even forgot their snack money again. Baby brain maybe, could I use that excuse again do you think?

Sometimes I think I need to do more, perhaps get up earlier, be more organised but as I sit and ponder this I realise there is 4 little humans who need so many different things all at the same time and there’s only one of me and despite feeling overloaded with everything I need to do, I know it will get easier.

Being a mum of 4 is the best feeling ever but it is also very hard work. I’m already thinking about what the children are going to be like when they get home from school – arguments again maybe?

The dreaded school run….

I went to get the kids and so far no arguments on the way home, just the evil look off Wyatt again – I really don’t know what has gotten into him lately. I’m the ‘nasty mummy‘ in his eyes i’m guessing.

Wyatt can be a handful sometimes but that’s just Wyatt for you. He’s a lovely little boy and I love him very much, but his learning difficulties do make it hard sometimes.

He gets frustrated a lot because of his speech and i’m not always able to understand what he says. Faith torments him quite often so he lashes out and never takes responsibility for his actions – he always aims the blame to his siblings, but hey isn’t that part of being the only boy in the bunch?

No matter how hard it gets he’s also a very loving little man who’s a little crazy and has his own unique little personality. To be honest I couldn’t be prouder of him and how much he’s achieved at school with his reading and writing, and progressing with his speech.

It’s started again – the bickering. They really can’t get along. Wyatt plays blocks with Aurora, whilst Faith is on her tablet calling Wyatt every name under-the-sun. I don’t like when she bullies him, it’s not his fault.

I take a deep breath and tell them to stop arguing, but it doesn’t last 5 minutes before they are at it again. The joys of motherhood!

Take me back to the days where they got along, but when was that? I can’t remember. I think that baby brain is creeping back again.

There is not one day that it’s not hectic but by-God it’s worth it! With every little smile, laugh and ‘love you mum‘, I know that I’m obviously doing something right.


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Author: Zoe

Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

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