Toddler Tantrum & Training Talk

Toddlers can frankly be pains in the bums. They shout, go for everything & have temper tantrums. Here I am talking about toddlers – their tantrums, talk and potty training.

Having a toddler can be challenging but also very rewarding. When I first had Aurora she was this sweet 7lb 9oz baby with jet black hair much like her little sister Kiiara. Watching her grow month-by-month her little personality began to show through (she was, and still is very girly – not really used to seeing this as Faith came-to-be a tomboy).

When she hit 1 years old you could see the craziness start to emerge (did I mention she’s a lot like her Dad!). Well with that being said, Aurora learned to walk and began to go for everything (this is when the chasing around the house began).

Now Aurora is 20 months old. It’s gone too fast for my liking but anyhow she runs around the house, doesn’t stop talking and is still after everything. Having a toddler can be very hard work especially when the tantrums begin.

Having a child at this age is also a lot of fun even with the tantrums, the throwing of unwanted food and everything else toddlers do. Laughing through my nose as I watch Aurora dancing with no care in the world or just hear her mischievous laugh. She can be cheeky though – hearing her say something funny like ‘Pwah Stinky‘ or ‘Move, Fat Bum‘, it just makes my day that little bit brighter!

She can brighten up my day with her silliness and she brings out the child in me. She makes me realise that you only live once, so to make the most of it and laugh and smile as much as you can!

Potty Training

When to train your toddler to sit on the potty? Well it’s whenever your child is ready to be honest. They attempt to take their nappies off and inform you if they have had a wee or a poo. Every child is different though and you could wait until you feel ready to give it a try (mums know best).

IMG_2411 (2)

I bought Aurora a potty and tried her the other day with it. She was brave enough to sit on it for a little while but got up and did a whoopsy on the floor instead. I was thinking about waiting a bit longer to try it again – there’s no rush at this stage.

Copying and Learning Words

Aurora has got quite an advanced vocabulary. She will tell you what she wants and also immerse in a conversation of her own language (toddler gibberish is the cutest). All is well up until you make a hiccup with your swear words and then BAM!, the only word you don’t want her to copy, she copies. Not only does she copy it, but pronounces and reiterates it back to you as clear as day.

F word quoteArtboard 1

My hiccup was the words ‘F**k sake’ because I accidentally dropped something on the floor. Aurora immediately repeated the exact words back. I couldn’t help but laugh at the time – probably wasn’t such a good idea, but it sounded funny coming from her minuscule voice, and more so because she uses it in context now too (usually when she gets frustrated doing something)!

No parent is perfect. I’m having to resist myself from laughing and just ignore her every time she says it now and hope she grows out of it.

Taking a Toddler Out

Taking a toddler out can be quite daunting at first without a pushchair. Me and my partner took Aurora out on her reins last week and she loved it! She was bobbing along on the way to School.

You’ve just got to look out for the moments they refuse to go any further, have a melt down, dangle from the reins, or just sit on the floor and remain stagnant.

I remember this very well when Faith and Wyatt were younger. They’d relay disapproving looks to on-goers. This is just how toddlers behave. They are learning their emotions and are very similar to us whom can get angry or frustrated quite easily.

No matter how many stares you get from on-goers about your reluctant child, this kind of toddler behaviour is perfectly normal for their age. You are doing the best you can, and it is hard work, but you’re doing amazing! So keep it up!

Enjoy every little bit of time with your children as they grow up. They only grow up once and they will remember how you’ve raised them for the rest of their lives. Make it special! 


If you have any funny stories of your kids that have made you burst into a prolonged laughter, I would love to hear them in the comment section below! 


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Author: Zoe

Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

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