Wyatt’s Birth Story

Wyatt’s lucky escape through birth, 7 cm’s dilated arriving at the hospital, and yummy gammon sandwiches. Find out the connection between them all here!

Faith was 7 months old when I found out I was pregnant again. I remember that day very well. I was late AGAIN but this was quite normal for me. Curiosity grew, so I took a test and found two faint lines.

I was going to be a Mummy again and I was ecstatic! Faith was going to have a brother or sister. This time my pregnancy was completely different from my first – no morning sickness (Yay!). I didn’t even feel pregnant. My appetite increased though and I had some very odd cravings – Pickled Jalapenos and Kidney Beans. Odd right?

My pregnancy progressed and I was feeling great!

5 Month Scan

I got to 5 months pregnant and I was waiting for that little piece of paper to come through the post. MY SCAN DATE. I couldn’t wait to find out what we were having and to see this little baby again.

My scan date arrived and off we went. The sonographer did the usual checks on baby. Everything seemed fine but baby was on the large side (growing 2 weeks ahead).

A BOY! I couldn’t believe I was going to have a son. I cried in happiness. One of each.

When I went to see my midwife the following week she was concerned about his size (I had a very small frame back then). She put me as high risk and had to go to see a consultant. They put me down for extra growth scans to keep an eye on him.

As much as I loved seeing my little boy every few weeks, I was quite upset that I was high risk and I couldn’t have the home birth I wanted.

The pregnancy progressed further and he kept growing at the same rate measuring bigger than my dates. I went to see the consultant for my last check up before baby was due (11 days before my due date). He did a sweep.

I was only 38 weeks and a few days, and I was absolutely petrified.

I went home and sorted the last few bits into my hospital bag just in case he made an early appearance.

Labour Began

My labour started that same night, so I went to bed to get as much rest as I could before things got moving properly. I woke in the morning still with labour pains, but it was nothing major as of yet. I managed to get all my chores done and looked after Faith.

I wanted to go for a walk, so I went shopping (around 4 in the afternoon). The pains were beginning to pick up now, so whilst I was shopping around an antique store, I had people looking at me when I bent over having contractions.

I made my way home stopping at the cake shop along the way (I so wanted a cup cake before I had this child!). When I got home I gathered everything together ready.

It then got to 5pm and I was starving, so I made my dinner. I rang my Mum up to inform her what was going on and asked for her to come over (she had to look after Faith).

My pains became thick and fast now but I hadn’t called for an ambulance. I thought it might have been a good time to do so. I wasn’t able to finish my dinner, but instead took it with me (gammon sandwiches, yummy).

When I arrived at the hospital I was in total agony. The hospital was extremely busy that night and they were unable to offer me a delivery suite, so instead they put me into a small room to be checked over.

I was 7cm dilated and was embarrassingly told off that I didn’t come in sooner – the midwife was not amused.

A delivery suite became available shortly after so I popped to the loo before I got transferred. I soon realised the room I was in at the time was a cleaning closet with the words ‘Cleaning Closet’ written on the door! No wonder I got lost on the way back.

I couldn’t help but smirk. I could have delivered my son in a cleaning closet!

I was moved into the delivery room and was attached to machines to monitor me and baby. I asked the midwife what the numbers on the machine meant because I was curious…. I kinda wish I didn’t.

It was to monitor my contractions. I was fascinated watching these numbers shoot up ‘ouch another contraction‘. There was still no sign of baby making his appearance.

My pains progressed but nothing was happening. I was 5 hours-in already. They called for a doctor to do a scan to see if baby was still head down and to check everything was progressing correctly.

They waited another hour and then went to break my waters. This was when the pains became intense. I wanted to move around but was stuck to the bed as if I was super-glued down. This little boy was definitely coming!

The intense stinging sensation I felt when he was crowning, it felt like someone was holding a blow torch to my lady parts. He was nearly here, but he got stuck. I remember having a doctor and two other midwives dart into the room – it scared the living daylights out of me.

‘What was happening? Is he okay? ‘

It felt like they were yanking at him to get him out.

Finally they managed to get him out and he let out a big squeal. That’s how I knew he was okay.

Wyatt as a baby 2As they lay him on me for the first time, I remember the astounding warmth I felt of love for this boy.

I had a son and I called him Wyatt. He weighed 7lb 5oz and was a healthy little boy.

As Wyatt began to grow, I noticed he had a funny shaped skull which the doctors had also picked up on. They checked him over and candidly said to me ‘He’ll be fine, he’ll grow into his head’. What a funny thing to say – I just went with it.

Growing up

As Wyatt grew even more he started reaching his milestones, but later than expected.

He was a crier. He never liked to be put down, and if you tried he’d start again. He was also a very hungry baby so never stopped eating (He’s still like that now).

Wyatt got to ten months old and to my amazement he took his first steps. I felt rather happy but also very low too – he wasn’t even one yet, where has my little baby gone? 

Wyatt got even older and I noticed he couldn’t speak. He’d make gestures and noises to get what he wanted. For example: he’d make a ‘mmm‘ noise and point to something (Faith always seemed to know what he wanted, it was like they had their own language between them).

Wyatt was also prone to ear infections – he’d be leaking yellow gunk from his ears (sorry for the vulgar mental image). He had about 6 infections in 2 months, which really had me worried. I took him to a specialist (which he wasn’t then seen for about a year and a half).

When we finally had the appointment, they told us he had ‘glue ear‘ and that was what caused his ear infections – they were adamant it would go on its own and he wouldn’t need any grommets fitted.

5 years on and he still has problems with his speech but he can talk now (and never stops talking). The only thing is he has trouble pronouncing words correctly. He is soon to be assessed too for Autism which we believe he may have.

He’s my little man and even though he has many problems with his development, I still wouldn’t change him for the world. He is him because of how he is, and without that, he just wouldn’t be my little boy.

IMG_2442 (2)


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