5 Reasons Why You Should Use The Dojo Point System At Home

Figuring out a way to get the kids to behave has never been easier with this new points system that schools have been rallying behind. Find out about it here

The Dojo point system (pronounced dough joe) is something I’ve found quite handy when getting the kids to behave for me. It was first implemented in schools as a way of rewarding the kids who behave and disciplining the ones that don’t (aka Class Dojo).

Basically it consists of a point system where if you do something positive you are given a point, and if you do something negative you lose a point. Simple really.

We’ve implemented this system at home and have been using it for over a year now. It’s quite effective and gives the kids a motive to be good.

You can customise your children’s targets to aim for a higher or lower number and each week the chart will need to be reset back to 0.

Examples of ways kids can earn Dojo points:

  • Doing housework/chores
  • Listening to you
  • Doing as they are told straight away
  • Tidying up after themselves
  • Getting ready for school on their own
  • Making their beds

I’ve found that so long as you are quite regular with either cutting or awarding points, the kids will want to earn them (and it’s also good healthy competition between them if you have more than one child – they will want to be earn more Dojos than their siblings).

The reason to award the kids points is so that if they reach their targets at the end of the week, they get rewarded for their efforts. The reward system can be just about anything – it’s fully customisable to whatever you wish.

Currently my kids get rewarded with their tablets- they enjoy playing on the kids games. If they manage to get onto and stay on green points (1+ points) they are aloud to play with their tablets all week, but if they get red points (-1 and below) they aren’t aloud it for the whole week. Pretty fair in my opinion.

If they manage to reach their target of 4+ Dojo points (which they haven’t for a while) they are rewarded with a store-bought toy. As a Step-Dad to the oldest two, this has made it much easier to discipline the children without having to go bat-sh** crazy on them.

If they plummet below -2 or more points, I usually confiscate one of their favourite toys for the week until they can reach ‘+‘ Dojo points again – pushes them to boost their points up through the week to get it back.

Dojo exampleArtboard 1

To sum up, 5 reasons why you should implement them at home:


  • It helps the kids achieve a target
  • Determines whether they have been good enough to be treated or not
  • Pushes them to do the housework (admit it, we’ve all been waiting for this to happen)
  • Kids enjoy healthy competition
  • and finally, it’s fully customisable!


Hope you found this quite interesting and perhaps consider using it in your own home. If you do introduce this to your kids, please let us know how it goes in the comment section below! 


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Author: Liam Plimley

Dad of 4. Happily cohabiting with my partner. Have a background in Video and Film Production.

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