Smoking – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Smoking – dirty habit or personal pleasure? It doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks….

Smoking is a bad habit whether you have children or not (I’m a guilty smoker) but it can be highly addictive and hard to let go. I think many people get penalised for smoking. People can often judge you as you walk down the street.

I understand people are entitled to their own opinions but it’s your life and your choice to smoke or drink or do whatever you please.


I was 12 when I started smoking (I do regret taking it up now) but I was a young teen who thought it was a cool thing to do (could have been better, could have lived through the sixties), and everybody else was doing it so I thought i’d join in.

Back then I really enjoyed smoking but now I just do it out of habit, and when the kids stress me out it’s something I drift towards. I’ve tried to quit many times before and I was getting very close, but I just couldn’t do it in the end – there has always been something that stops me from giving up (i’ll keep trying again in the future).

Smoking When Pregnant

I was one of those Mums who’d smoked through pregnancy (please don’t judge me), but I did cut down, A LOT. As much as I wanted to quit, I just couldn’t. Might have also been risky to the baby to quit cold turkey too.

I have seen this topic being talked about all over the internet and come across Mums judging other Mums about their smoking habits – some even reciting that they shouldn’t have their kids and that they are irresponsible parents.


I understand everybody is entitled to their own opinions, but I believe judging each other for it probably isn’t the way to go – we shouldn’t be spreading negativity around, there’s just too much of it nowadays.

I’m sure most people have their reasons why they smoke whilst they are pregnant – they may have a lot going on in their lives that we don’t really know about – doesn’t necessarily mean they will become irresponsible parents, but instead i’m sure they love their children as much as anyone else who may not smoke.

Smoking Around Children

Even though i’m a smoker, I always make sure I smoke outside away from my children. I do not want them to be forced to inhale my smoke. Smoking does help calm nerves when, lets say the children are playing up and stress you out – it’s a quick relief to continue disciplining the kids without losing your temper. I often need a quick 5 minutes to calm down when the kids are having a bad day and take it out on me.

My parents smoked around me when I was a young child but they loved me very much and I loved them too. They aren’t bad parents because of it. I think it’s each to their own with what they do around their children.


All I’m trying to convey is that there are very judgemental people out there and rather than expressing their hatred for smokers, perhaps expressing a positive outlook may in fact benefit themselves and also the people around them. After all what other people do with their lives doesn’t normally affect themselves and will probably never see them again anyway.

Parenting is hard work and you are all doing a fab job! We are all doing the best we can for our children and that is nothing short of an achievement, so stand up proud and ignore the haters!

If you have any similar experiences of feeling uncomfortable when having a cigarette from being judged or just want to state your own opinions on this, please comment below. Positive/ constructive comments make the world keep smiling, so please keep it that way! Thanks guys! 


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Author: Zoe

Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

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