Review: Amazon Fire HD 7 Tablet

I review the Amazon Fire HD 7 tablet – is it kid-friendly? What features does it have? All and more in this latest blog post.

Before I get started, I just need to confirm this is NOT a sponsored post nor does this reflect any views from the Amazon Corporation themselves. All views and opinions are my own.

Amazon have brought out their range of tablets from the Kindle Fire 1st Generation up to the latest Fire HD 10 (latest from when this post was published). They appeal to a wide range of individuals and so far they have made themselves applicable for children too!

I don’t usually like to rely on technology to keep my children happy, but as Faith gets older and technology is becoming more of a dependence for the future, I feel it’s something she has to learn to use, so we bought her an Amazon Fire HD 7 tablet for her last birthday.

So far so good, it seems like a good choice, although her behaviour changes drastically if she gets frustrated on a game (nothing to do with the tablet itself, just a behavioural issue after exposure on games – would like to know whether it’s only Faith that does it, or whether it happens with other children too).

Lets look more into the tablet below.


It’s very lightweight and has a nice 7″ display, and I’ve found that after the kids have been using them, they seem to be quite durable – the kids have dropped them, slid them along the floors and even thrown them, but they still work perfectly (only a few scratches here and there).

IMG_2526 (2)

They can come in a range of colours to suit your child. Faith has an orange one (pink or purple wasn’t available at the time when we ordered one from a retailer). We bought her a case for it to store it in, which can be available to buy pretty much anywhere. You can buy an Official Amazon Case for it if need be, which generally retails around £17 (I managed to win one with mine so I know all about it).


Setting up the tablet couldn’t be easier. You will have to sign up for an Amazon account or have an existing Amazon account in order to continue setting the tablet up for full functionality.

You can create a password or pass-code to protect your main profile from your kids (prevent them from buying stuff without your permission etc).

IMG_2528 (2)


They give you the option to create profiles including child profiles. When you come to create a child profile, you can change the parental controls so that you choose how long your child can go on it for and when they will have to come off of it. It will also allow a time schedule so that they are unable to access it until a certain time of day (brilliant to stop those sneaky late-night game sessions).

Very handy to use with Faith when she hasn’t been the best behaved child in the world and can then restrict her game time so it cuts off at a specific time.

If you have multiple tablets under the same Amazon account, it’s possible to apply more than one profile over all of them, so you can enjoy the same games from one tablet for, lets say Faiths profile, on another tablet too!

Games & Apps

It doesn’t come with any pre-loaded games, but you can download them from the Amazon App Store off of your main profile (to switch profiles you can drag your finger from the top, click on the user avatar picture and select which profile you wish).


IMG_2533 (2)

There are various games and apps to choose from to download. There are ones that you may have to pay for, but there are a lot of free games/ apps too! A good thing about the kids apps are that you can find learning games on there so that you can teach your child basic maths or spellings skills, but in a fun way that they’ll enjoy doing and won’t seem like boring school work. If you happen to allow your child onto your main profile to download more games (this is something Faith requests frequently), you may encounter speed issues as the storage space fills up. The cheapest Fire HD 7 has 8GB storage space, with possibilities of expandable storage (micro-SD slot. You can also get 16GB Fire 7 for £10 more) whereas newer tablets include more – you essentially pay more for more (very proportionate).

IMG_2539 (2)


The battery, after a good charge, will last up to 8 hours depending how much your child plays on it. After school Faith and Wyatt usually spend time on their tablets (so long as they are good) but no more than 3 hours a day, so the tablet only goes for a charge every 2 or 3 days.



The camera, though not the best camera out there (4K seems to be the hype at the moment, might be a while before they include that in an Amazon tablet), is still a reasonably good camera to use. You can take both photos and videos. The kids seem to enjoy taking photos quite often and sometimes it may be a requirement to use it on some kids games. It hasn’t many settings you are able to change in the camera menus – it would be nice to change the resolution for storage purposes and perhaps include some other features that some smartphone cameras have, but all-in-all for basic functionality it works great.

Retail Price

The best bit of this tablet has to be its price point. It retails at £49.99 (Fire HD 7) and the newest Fire HD 10 retails at £149.99. You can also get a Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet with a Kid-Proof Case for £129.99 – cheaper than some Vtech kids tablets I’ve seen when shopping around for tablets for Faiths last birthday.

To sum it all up,

Pros include:

  • Wide range of colours
  • User-friendly, especially for kids
  • Lightweight & has a nice balanced screen at 7″ – not too big, not too little
  • Very durable – Can withstand drops, slides and being thrown (within reason)
  • Can create passwords/pass-codes to protect your main profile
  • Can create kids profiles & set parental controls
  • Can load multiple profiles on multiple tablets under the same account
  • Can find many paid or free apps to download on the app store for kids
  • Battery can last 8-12 hours on a full charge
  • Price retails from £49.99 – cheaper than most tablets

Cons include:

  • Doesn’t include any pre-loaded games (but you can quite easily download them  from the app store)
  • May encounter performance issues as storage space fills up
  • Not the best camera with the HD 7, but if you get the latest version (HD 10) you can find a better camera.
  • Not many camera settings to change


Liam’s final rating – 4 out of 5 stars

4 Star RatingArtboard 1

It’s a great tablet for all ages – has great functionality and user interface, and the kids profiles are perfect! I took off 1 star for the minor cons it has, but with each newer generation that comes out i’m sure Amazon will improve it.


If you wish to purchase an Amazon Fire HD tablet, you can find them via Amazon here:

Amazon Fire HD Tablets


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Author: Liam Plimley

Dad of 4. Happily cohabiting with my partner. Have a background in Video and Film Production.

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