Aurora’s Birth Story

A baby with my partner I love so dearly is a dream come true. I talk about pregnancy and labour –
Auroras birth story in this latest blog post.

How Aurora Came To Be

IMG_0112When I met Liam over 3 years ago, I didn’t think at the time that we would be having any kids together. It was a new relationship and I already had 2 young crazy children that I was bringing up.

The children took to Liam instantly, especially Wyatt. I was glad they got along with him so well. As time went by the children grew to love him even more and went from calling him ‘Spiky’ to Liam,  then out of the blue they started calling him ‘Dad’. I think he was as shocked as I was but we just went with it.

We were a happy little family. Liam moved in with us and our relationship was going well, so we made a decision to have a baby together. I was on the implant so we knew it was going to be a while before I became pregnant after it was removed. Funnily enough it only took us 2 months to conceive.

Finding Out I Was Pregnant

I wasn’t feeling too great in myself so I thought it’d be ideal to take a test. To my delight there were 2 faint lines. I wasn’t sure whether I was seeing things though (they were really faint) so I went in to ask Liam.


There were definitely 2 lines but just to make sure, I went and did another 13 tests – 14 tests in total (call me extreme, but I wanted to be certain)

The pregnancy progressed and I enjoyed having a baby bump. I couldn’t believe we were going to be having a baby together!

We went to the 12 week scan and everything seemed perfectly normal. We found out that she was to be due on the 5th of May (a nice Summer baby) so we started our preparations for adding another to the brood.


It was a few days before Christmas when we had our 5 month scan, so we cinched a plan to keep the sex of the baby a secret from ourselves and everyone else, and had the sonographer write it in a Christmas card sealed to be opened up on Christmas day for when our families came to visit.

I was super excited for Christmas day to find out what we were having. Liam had taped the card to the ceiling in the living room so neither of us could be tempted to open it. Those 3 days dragged, but when Christmas finally came around we did an announcement.


I couldn’t wait to go baby shopping! Pink Pink Pink… She’d look so cute in pink!

My due date got ever so closer and I grew more and more excited. My only worry was giving birth – I was really nervous about it. We spoke to a midwife to discuss a birth plan (I really wanted a water birth).


Due Date Arrived

My due date arrived and there was still no sign of our little girlie (Faith was late too) so I thought perhaps it was a girl thing (we like to be fashionable late after all).

We went to see the midwife 3 days later as I still hadn’t had her and an induction was discussed if I didn’t go naturally within the next few days. I was petrified, but also disappointed as I knew I wouldn’t be able to get my water birth otherwise – I reluctantly agreed nevertheless.

She went to try a sweep in an attempt to get things moving and arranged to see me again within the following 2 days to try again if that also didn’t work.

The Waiting Game

We went home and even though I had a few minor pains, nothing happened. We thought this water birth was out of the equation at this point. I was gutted but went back to the midwife 2 days later for a 2nd sweep (our girlie was really stubborn).

This time IT WORKED! My pains began kicking in. Ouch, I didn’t realise how painful labour pains actually were.

I stayed at the house as long as I could until my contractions were roughly 4 minutes apart. I thought it’d be time to visit the hospital. It was 11pm by the time we arrived. We checked in at the midwife-led-unit (which had a pool available, yippee!). They checked me over and despite my contractions at 4 minutes apart, I was only 3 cm dilated so they sent me home.

I was only at home an hour before the pains succoured my nether region and I knew this baby was coming. Off to the hospital I went again!

Things Started To Progress

Back at the hospital, the midwife executed her usual checks on me. STILL only 3 cm dilated. Argh. But this time she wasn’t comfortable sending me home in case things changed (and they can certainly change fast).

I thought i’d try and get some rest between contractions (if I could). An hour passed and the midwife came to check me over again. I soon jumped to 6 cm dilated! First time I’ve ever seen someone panic so much to fill up a birthing pool, bucket after bucket in a speedy 5 minutes. It was definitely time to have this baby.

I climbed into the pool. The warm water soothed the pains and I relaxed as much as I could (whilst being in labour- hard thing to do really when you know something bigger than a melon will be coming out your fannoo noo very very soon!)

Probably the worst time to ask, but I needed the toilet. The midwife and Liam assisted me out of the pool and I gradually slid over to the bathroom, and then back into the pool between contractions. I clenched hold tight of the gas and air for relief (this shit is painful!).

My waters broke.


My abominable pains increased as labour progressed. I turned onto my front and floated for comfort. Liam was in-front of me holding my hands with his arms in the water.

The midwife spoke

‘They’re getting stronger’ 

To Liam’s reply

‘Yes she is’

as I dug my nails into his arm. He got the backlash of the labour (but men get it easy anyhow – I call it payback). I nearly drowned him yanking him forwards face-first into the pool just before I gave birth to our little girlie.

The pains dissipated and there she was. I was conquered with love and happiness for her. She came out weighing 7lb 9oz with jet black hair born at 4:48am – 6 days later than her due date.



I was a Mummy for the 3rd time and I couldn’t have been happier. She’s now 21 months old and a mischievous little toddler. It goes so quick, so I try to make the most of every moment as much as I can.


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Author: Zoe

Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

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