Birthday Banquet

Celebrating my partners birthday over the weekend, we spent time as a family making and baking delicious treats. Heartfelt moment, baking disaster and more in this latest blog post

It was a special occasion this weekend. It was my partner Liams’ Birthday! The children were really excited. We had a fun-filled day planned. Pancakes for breakfast, Chinese takeaway for tea and baking a birthday cake for daddy. Nothing really goes to plan when you have kids, something I’ve learnt from experience, but we still went ahead!

Morning came around and the kids burst into our bedroom to say ‘Happy Birthday’. They brought in some toys as gifts for their Daddy, and even made birthday cards ripped from pages of their books because they had no spare paper. Wyatt thought he’d be silly and draw poo on the card (strange little guy he is).

Time to Make Pancakes!

I usually cheat and buy the ready made ones which only require heating up, but this time I thought i’d be brave and make them from scratch (had 2 little helpers with me, Faith & Wyatt).

What a disaster it was. The mix blended fine, but I poured them too thick and they fell apart (Master Chef or what. Probably ‘what’. That’s why I usually let my partner cook). Faith, repulsed by my attempt at a pancake simply refused to have it.

‘I’m not having that one’

Daddy advanced into the kitchen to make the rest of them. Woman’s gotta try eyy, it’s the thought that counts. 

Auroras Birthday Gift

A birthday is not a birthday without a little heartfelt moment. Aurora put us both in tears that morning. It might not seem like much to everyone else, but this was a first, and certainly the cutest thing we’ve ever heard from Aurora.

She simply wished her Daddy a Happy Birthday.

‘Happy Birthday Daddy’ 

Clear as day to her Daddy. Melted our hearts in a single moment.

Thing is she only said it that once and never repeated it the rest of the day. Asked her to say it again and all I got back was


Bloody toddlers.


I was very kind this year. I bought Liam an Xbox One for his birthday. He spent quite a bit of time on it over the weekend and me and kids enjoyed watching him play on it (the house was unbelievably quiet for the duration of that game – I would endorse him to play it more often, but I’d never be able to tear him away from it).

IMG_2329 (2)


My cooking skills were put to the test again for this final cooking mastery. No cake mix to rely on, just thought i’d brave it. A simple sponge cake with chocolate chips could not go wrong……

….but it did. I followed a simple sponge recipe online and added chocolate chips to the mix. Placed it in the oven and waiting for it to bake. Certainly smelled like cake so I thought it was going well.

Faith and Wyatt hovering around the oven waiting for it to finish.

‘Is it done yet?’

They definitely like their food.

Out of the oven 10 minutes later and the kids surrounded me like a swarm of seagulls ready to attack. Checked over the cake. Aren’t chocolate chips supposed to melt in a hot oven or microwave? 

Well apparently not. They fell out of the cake and some stuck to the cake tin. The cake hadn’t risen as expected either – must have been one of the thinnest sponge cakes I’ve made (perhaps I can start a trend – call it ‘Skinny Sponge’).

Faith & Wyatt: ‘What happened to the cake Mum?’

My reply: ‘Well kids, I think Mummy needs a bit more practice baking cakes, or just simply buy a ready-made cake mix, whichever is easier’

I managed to salvage the cake with vanilla icing, the left-over chocolate chips and throwing a few marshmallows on top. There you go, he’ll never know! It still tasted nice.

_MG_2567 (2)

Takeaway Time

We ordered a Chinese takeaway. Haven’t had one for a while, so it was a nice treat. We ordered a banquet meal for 2 and some chow mein noodles for the kids. I compare the kids to seagulls only because the scavenge food from others. They finished all their noodles within 5 minutes of handing it over to them (there was plenty of it too – could have filled me up alone), and they came eyeing up mine and Liams food too!

‘Not a chance. Shoo! ITS MINE’

Kids seagul graphicArtboard 1

…..I gave in. They stare until they get something. Couldn’t have them staring at me the whole time whilst I ate.

I imagine the kids to be like Casper the friendly ghost – Eating food with a bottomless belly. They could typically eat the whole house out if I let them.

All-in-all it was a good, calm day, i’d even say for the most part stress-free (I welcome more of) and the children seemed to have a lot of fun along the way too!


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Author: Zoe

Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Banquet”

  1. Too cute! Sounds like a fun-filled day for sure! I actually love to bake and used to decorate cakes, but girl, I used a cake mix! They are better anyway and moister 🙂 I have had way too many dry homemade cakes! Anyway, enjoyed your post as always.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment sweetie. I’m glad you like our posts! Which cake mix do you find to be the best? Bought a cheap alternative to Betty Crocker icing for the birthday cake and I can see why I usually spend the extra few pennies on the branded ones. It didnt spread very well. I’d love to see some photos of cakes you bake. Have a lovely day!


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