Tales of a Terrible Tuesday – It Comes in Threes

I often like Tuesdays, but today it simply wasn’t going to plan. Bad luck usually comes in threes, find out what went wrong today in my tales of a terrible Tuesday!

Nothing seems to go to plan in this house. It’s as if someone wants Mummy to go CRAZY. (Insert any head popping, eye spinning, steamy eared GIF here)

We had to go for a meeting with Faiths School this morning to talk about the procedures in place to assist in her learning (apparently, she’s behind 2 years). I can’t believe how different schools can be through the English/Welsh border. Faith was doing very well in Wales. She was where she was supposed to be, but not so much here.

It confuses me because they haven’t investigated Wyatt’s learning difficulties other than his speech, but he had needed extra support in his previous school in Wales.

Listening to the teachers, I mentioned Faith coming home informing us she’s currently getting bullied in School (probably explains her behaviour), but they replied back

‘Faith likes to throw out the “B” word. She isn’t getting bullied, it’s just girls arguing.’

Really? I mean, REALLY? Just yesterday Faith came home telling me that somebody told her to jump off a bridge and if she didn’t say the ‘F’ word, they would beat her up! Sounds like a sensible argument…. NOT!

I don’t know what to do if the teachers won’t listen. Aside from advising her to stick up for herself, I can’t really suggest much else, but she’s rather scared of getting into trouble. It’s an endless loop. It certainly worries me how cruel children can be to one another on the school yard.

Topping it off

It didn’t end there either. Our broadband has been disconnecting off and on for the past month and has been down today since early this morning, but we have been charged extra too than we have in previous months.

Hmmm. Something isn’t right here. So, I called my ISP up and they aren’t even sure what the problem is despite sending out engineers in the past to have a look.

Doesn’t end there though. I queried the bill and they informed me it’s home phone charges. Now I can understand that if I was on the phone all the time, but we DON’T EVEN USE THE HOUSE PHONE. The plot thickens….

This was what I was explaining to the adviser over the phone (Using my mobile phone guys. Again I don’t use the house phone). I was adamant that we don’t use it and after about half an hour convincing him, he realised he had been looking at somebody else’s account (not sure how he managed that as you need a username and password to access this). Now I understood why the bill was so high – it wasn’t even mine! Cue sigh of relief.

I had managed to sort out the billing problem after about an hour of phone time, but even so, still no broadband (hope they resolve the problem soon, having to use hotspot to post this).

Last Night’s Major Panic!

I got the kids to bed and fell asleep around half 10 (the kids knacker me out). I got startled awake by Kiiara screaming. This was unlike her. She has NEVER screamed like that before.

I panicked! Nothing would settle her. I felt sick and had the shakes myself (unsure whether it was a sudden reaction from startling awake or just general shock).

I gave her some Calpol. I wasn’t sure whether she had a belly ache or a bad dream but the screaming, so terrifying, made me consider calling an ambulance (I swear these kids are going to give me a heart attack one of these days).

Me and my partner managed to settle her after a while. Could have been the Calpol to ease her or the magic of ‘Mummy’s milk’, but we’ll never know. Whatever had happened, she was happy again.

Back to today, I’m hoping the rest of the day goes smoother. Heard bad things come in threes, and I think I’ve had mine, so it should have sufficed for now. A girl can only hope.


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Author: Zoe

Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

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