Why I Love Having Girls

Being overrun with girls in this family has its merits. I talk to you today about what its like raising three girls and the positive outlooks I have for the future with them. Check it out here!

Growing up, I was 1 of 3 sisters and admittedly living in a household full of girls was a lot of fun. It also had it’s ups and downs as you could imagine (vast surge of hormones). My poor Dad was overrun by females!

There is 7 years between us all. Apparently this wasn’t planned but i’m contemplating disbelief. Me and my older sister harmonised. I loved being the ‘annoying‘ younger sister who’d wanted to hang out with her all the time. She didn’t mind too much but as we grew up we would get on each others nerves and she’d persistently enjoy getting me into trouble.

Then borrowing of clothes occurred – not something I handled too well (especially through my teenage years). I would snap at my sister for robbing off with my favourite orange tops. No matter how much we drove each other crazy though, we’d always stick up for one another- its an unbroken sisterly code, and I loved her very much!

When my younger sister was born, I loved having somebody I could help take care of – it made me feel special teaching her new things as she grew. When we became older she was the annoying little sister (I guess as much as I was to my older sister) who’d always wanted to hang out with me – it drove me mad and we’d have our quarrels over it, but I still loved her very much too!

My point being no matter how much my sisters annoyed me whilst we all grew up, I do feel lucky having them around. This brings me onto my next topic – having three girlies of my own.



Faith is one of those little girls who just isn’t girlie at all. She enjoys playing in the mud, picking her nose and eating her bogies, playing with worms and everything else you’d expect a typical boy to do (she’s very much like me when I was a child, attitude and all, other than eating my own bogies – that’s just gross). I wouldn’t say she’s very affectionate either, but perhaps very independent more than anything and a little nuts.



IMG_2244 (2)

Aurora is totally different to Faith. She is in fact very girly. She loves pink, having her toe nails painted, she likes singing and dancing, is very affectionate (loves kisses and cuddles), and enjoys brushing her own hair – I absolutely love it!

I much look forward to getting her her first pair of boots. The girls have completely different personalities but they enjoy playing together and its lovely to see.




IMG_2499 (2)Kiiara is yet to grow into her personality. I’m excited to see who she’ll become but even though shes still a baby, Aurora and Faith are very loving towards her. More so Aurora as she’ll tantrum if I don’t let her cuddle and kiss her little sister.



I’m excited for the future to watch these three little girls grow up together (alongside the arguments and bickering). Even though I know they will have some rough roads along the way (lets face it, teenage years are hell with girls!) they will love each other unconditionally.

Having girls means having a best-friend to be able to talk to and have a laugh with, and even intimate conversations with. I certainly feel blessed having 4 lovely kiddies to watch grow up.

Many girls tend to be Daddy’s girls, and mine are definitely that! I’m not allowed to dispute with their Dad otherwise Faith defends him first (it’s mildly amusing and it’s nice to see how much of a bond they have especially because he’s her step-dad).

I enjoy being able to pursue Mummy and Daughter activities, for example:– Faith enjoyed painting my nails and gluing sparkly tattoos to my arm. Bonding time with the girls is VERY important for their well-being.

I’m looking forward to Auroras 2nd birthday this year and being able to spoil her with new girly outfits and sparkly pink balloons.

They will always have each other to speak to and help each other out. Their sisterly bond cannot be broken!


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Author: Zoe

Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

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