Basics Of Toddler Safety

It’s VERY important to ensure your toddler is safe in your home. Here’s a break-down of safety features you could install in your house today to create a safe environment for them!

When you have a baby, safety measures have to be put in place to prevent danger and harm to them.

The last thing you want after 9 months of pregnancy and going through all the pain of labour is not caring after your baby enough to avoid common preventable dangers.

Here’s a few examples of ways you can avoid them:

  • Not to leave them unattended on a raised surface in case they roll.
  • Always lie them at the foot of the cot to avoid them wriggling underneath their blankets.
  • Lie them on their backs.
  • Try not to let them overheat or get too cold.

When they hit toddler stage there is so much more to think about when safety is involved.

Stairs, blinds, corners of tables, cupboards, medicine cabinets, fire places and slipping in the bath tub.

The list is never ending but so long as you cover the basics and always keep a close eye on your toddler, they should be fine!

I didn’t realise how many dangers were in a house until I had to toddler proof it. Even little toys my older two play with have to be kept out of reach.

Their safety is your main concern until they are old enough to look after themselves. When they’re toddlers, going out to get all these safety products is a wise idea in order to toddler-proof your house (I swear some things are adult proof too!).

We brought some adhesive cupboard locks for our previous house to stop Aurora from going through all the cupboards and emptying them, but she learnt how to pull them off (smart girl, but damn, what now?).

Most recently in our new house, we’ve had these cupboard locks fitted that require you to use a plastic key to open. They seem quite good and its certainly done a better job than the other ones.

Here’s a list of other safety products you could look at to toddler-proof your house:

  • Stair Gates for both top and bottom of the stairs (avoid using gates with a bar along the bottom at the top of the stairs as this is a trip hazard).

IMG_2645 (2)

  • Cupboard Locks – ideal to stop toddlers from going underneath the sink where all your chemical products are – ones requiring a key seem to be very effective and prevents any gaps when opening a cupboard – useful to stop trapped fingers.

IMG_2651 (2)

  • Draw Cord Winders – these are used for blinds with low cords to prevent strangulation.

_MG_2658 (2)

  • Fire Guards – self explanatory.
  • Corner Cushions – used for the corners of sharp edges on things like tables, work surfaces, drawers etc.

_MG_2657 (2)

  • Foam Pipe Insulation – A DIY edge guarding to cushion anything with a blunt edge your toddler may play around – very similar to what you’d find in a play centre.
  • Door Cushions – To stop your child from trapping their fingers in doors.
  • Window Safety Catches – Prevents your children from falling out of the window.
  • Most importantly, just simply keeping an eye on your toddler at all times!

It’s no use having these safety products if you or your other kids don’t use them accordingly. My other two like to keep stair gates open very often, and I need to remind them constantly about closing them in case Aurora wants to venture up the stairs.

Other safety products, though not limited to the house could include car seats/ booster seats. Just making sure they are correctly installed and safety belts are secured properly can save your child’s life if you ever did have an accident in the car.

Many of these products can be bought cheaply from any hardware or home store, so there’s no excuses. It’s an investment that could save you and your toddler trips to the hospital!


If there’s a safety feature I may not have included in this post that you wish to share, please feel free to drop it in the comments section below! 


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