A Day Out In The Park With The Monkeys

Enjoying the sunshine on a lovely weekend at the park!

The kids woke up at silly o’clock on Sunday morning (OMG WHY!?), but on every school day it’s completely different – they like to sleep in and procrastinate.

They woke up full of energy like they’ve been on a sugar high the night before with a shot of coffee prior to entering my bedroom.

This is just how they wake up in the morning. I wish I had that much energy first thing in the morning! I look just like a sloth crawling out of bed!

We got ourselves dressed ready to start the day. The noise of the boisterous kids shouting at each other as they played tag or hide and seek – the thundering sound resounded through the house as we contained ourselves in our bedroom.

Liam and I glanced at each other thinking of ways we could burn their energy off without them destroying the house along the way.

We thought we’d take them to the park. This is never a simple task of simply getting dressed and leaving the house though – it’s more of

Mummy I can’t find my socks.’

‘I want my hat!’

‘Can I take my teddy?’

Aurora needs juice or her bum changed and Kiiara needs feeding well before we leave.

Then it’s time for Liam and I to get ready to leave.

It’s a mad dash to leave the house before one of them decides they need the toilet or they have forgotten something. We spent most of the morning looking for Wyatt’s ‘ribbet‘ (his new favourite toy frog).

IMG_2685 (2)

He had a major meltdown because Faith threw it and he couldn’t find it, and he was adamant he wanted to take it to the park with him.

Liam was looking all around the house for it but no sign until I spotted it right next to our bin in the kitchen. I’ve never seen Wyatt run so quick! He darted for the frog and shouted ‘yay ribbet!’.

Time For The Park

Finally it was time to get out the house. It felt like an eternity before we managed to step out the door (freedom!)

It was actually a really nice day but fairly chilly. The kids seemed to be happy they were out enjoying themselves, which is always nice to see. They ran all the way to the park still as hyperactive as they were before, ready to burn off all their energy (that’s what we were hoping for anyway).

Aurora had screamed with excitement as she saw a doggy along the way. I like family days out, even if it is just a stroll into the park. It certainly feels good to get out and about!

IMG_2670 (2)

We finally arrived at the park and Faith chose to play on the seesaw straight away. Wyatt was on the assault course so I had to be the one on the other end of the seesaw. I felt like a kid again – it was a lot of fun to be able to mess around and not be so grown up for the afternoon.

IMG_2692 (2)

The older two, after a while decided they wanted to go and explore the park themselves, so they went off together.

Whilst they were doing that, I tried getting Aurora onto a slide and soon after a swing. After a few pushes on the swing she didn’t like it and would much rather just run around, with me of course having to chase her so she didn’t go too far. Toddlers can definitely run when they want to get away from you!

We spent about an hour at the park before Kiiara needed feeding again (No way was I getting my boobs out – it was still chilly outside!).

We trekked off to the shop to get a few bits, and to get the children some chocolate for behaving. I of course got some for myself too!

On the way home the older two had a race. It seemed they still have a lot of energy to burn. We were hoping it would of knackered them out but that never seems to happen (some kind of magic at work here, must be).

We arrived home and I went over their homework with them as they scoffed their chocolate. Liam prepared a lovely roast dinner for us all to eat later that afternoon. All in all we had a fun – a nice relaxing Sunday (the older two were actually getting along for once, bonus!).


If you have any stories about your weekend with your little monkeys, I’d love to hear what you have been up to! 


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Author: Zoe

Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

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