Siblings & The Green-Eyed Monster!

Only child? New sibling? Feel intruded? This is exactly how Faith felt the first time her brother came into her life. Find out about her story of jealousy and more in today’s latest post here!

Being a Mum of more than one can sometimes put stress upon the elder children where they are having to get used to idea of transitioning from an only child to include an extra sibling in the family.

I reveal what it’s like for my oldest daughter Faith to have been in that position, and what had happened when she had a little brother for the first time.

Faith was an only child until she was 17 months old so she got all the attention and was spoilt rotten, but when Wyatt was brought along she showed some jealousy towards him.

She came round to the idea of being a big sister and they got along really well – they had always played together. Having them close together in age was a blessing.

Now they are older all they do is bicker, but I have noticed recently her jealousy has worsened, and much so from what I saw yesterday.

Wyatt received a Student-Of-The-Month Award, so being the proud Mummy I was, I snapped up a photo and set his certificate on the fridge.

28821990_10156336069990799_16988966_o_LI (2)

Faith was troubled by this. She pouted at me and uttered,

‘You’ve never done that with me’ (I have done it with her many times before now).

To my reply,

‘I have when you’ve had an award from school!’

Not long afterwards we had a giggle in the kitchen the 3 of us and it prompted us to take some photos together.

Faith became dispirited over this too and expressed how unfair it was despite being involved in the pictures – she didn’t like that I took a picture of me and Wyatt first instead of her.

She had a pouty moment, but I managed to sort the situation out. I didn’t realise how much I could annoy a child so much by taking a simple photograph.

I’m not sure where her jealousy stemmed from. Perhaps as there were 2 of them and now there’s 4, she’s unhappy as she doesn’t receive as much attention as she used to.

I try to split my time between them all and I know it will get easier when Kiiara becomes older, but for now its like I’m trying to split myself into 6 different pieces. One for my partner, some time for me and every other piece for the children.

It’s like a constant competition with the older two. If one gets praised the other one gets furious and recites how unfair it is. They are constantly trying to get each other into trouble. Is it just a sibling thing I wonder?

Faiths jealousy doesn’t extend much towards Aurora. She has never shown any jealousy towards her even when Aurora was a little baby. She enjoyed having another little girl to play with.

This time however I noticed the green-eyed monster gawked its ugly head at Wyatt instead. He gets very jealous of his younger sister. I think perhaps that was because despite having an older sister, he has to now contend with a younger one too.

Wyatt is now very close to Aurora but he can also be very mischievous and sly towards her. It happens often by winding her up and taking her toys away from her whilst she plays with them (Wyatt certainly knows about this when he does. Aurora doesn’t let him get away with it!). Who would think such a little person could have such a massive scream!

Throwing Kiiara into the mix rattled the routine slightly, but to be honest there hasn’t been an awful amount of jealousy occurring from any of them, not even from Aurora which to my surprise I thought there might have been some.

Saying that though, Aurora is a Daddy’s girl and she knows as soon as I put Kiiara down she can have cuddles with me and be picked up.

It’s quite an experience going from two to four children. There is a lot to shuffle around and days don’t always go to plan, kids argue, toddler screaming and baby crying can sometimes lead to a Mummy hiding (shhhh).

Even though it’s hard work, I’m hoping the jealousy subsides and they all become little angels and learn to get along (wishful thinking).

Faith’s birthday is coming up in June so I’m hoping for one-to-one time with her. Getting her hair done will make her realise that no matter how many kids there are I still love her just the same as the other 3, and she will also always be my baby!


I would love to hear any of your stories of jealousy between siblings in the comments section below, and whether you managed to iron it all out.


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Author: Zoe

Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

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