Creative Kids & Quiet Colouring

Getting creative – drawing, colouring, and a FREE surprise in today’s post!

My kids always request blank paper from me to draw on. It’s nice they like to draw, but they end up with a pile of scribbled-on paper in their rooms, without a place and gathering dust.

I’d like to say they produce works of art, though hopefully that will come later in life. I still enjoy seeing their artwork despite not being able to make out exactly what they had drawn – practice makes perfect ayy.

IMG_2437 (2)

Colouring books are usually a stocking filler we get them for Christmas or a side present we get them for their birthdays.


A large book full of pages to colour on which you’d expect to take them a while to complete, and a nice long quiet break from the kids for Zoe and I, but that’s too easy. Is it even possible to have nice, settled children who’d spend days or even weeks colouring without so much as a peep out of them? 

Here’s how it goes down:

Hands over the colouring book.

“Thanks Mummy and Daddy!”

Kids run off upstairs into their rooms.

Hears a slight hustle and bustle upstairs.

(Fairly muted) “I want that pen! Give me that pen!”.

“No I need it! Ouch, Wyatt!”

“Ouch, Faith. You hurt me!” 

This goes on for a little while. What seems like 10 minutes later (how time flies when the kids aren’t in your hair) the kids scramble down the stairs.


(Surprised) “What!? That’s an entire book. Probably around 150 pages full to colour! Surely you couldn’t have finished it all?”

“Yes. Have a look.”

They present their books to me. Every page filled with colour, though not how I wanted them to fill it out like. Every page filled with scribbles, barely any colour within the set lines.

I sigh.

My peace and quiet from the kids merely lasted about 10 minutes even though it was intended to last weeks. Oh how I was wrong, so wrong. If I calculate it accordingly, 150 pages = 10 minutes, so 1500 pages should last around 100 minutes theoretically.

Just over an hour and a half will do. But somehow I just know that will never be the case……..

I used to colour as a kid too, so I know how fun it can be. I’d always try my best to keep within the lines so my picture would emulate a ‘piece-of-art’ in my mind once completed.

IMG_2436 (2)

What pictures did you used to colour-in as a child? 

I had an idea a little while back of designing my own colouring page that the kids could have a go at colouring in themselves.

I put my skills to the test and made one. I printed off 2 copies of it and let the kids colour them in.

_MG_2763 (2)

They seemed to enjoy doing it. They liked the design and they read what the text said on it. ME, YOU & OUR MINI ZOO.

As a little gift to you, I am giving this coloring page away for FREE so that you can print it off yourselves and let your kids have a go at colouring them!

MYMZ Colouring Printable JPEG

Thought it would be a nice gesture to give back to our followers as a Thank You for supporting our blog.

You can find the PDF download file via this link or you can simply ‘Right-Click’ and choose ‘Save Link As’.

Me, You & Our Mini Zoo Colouring Printable


If you had any favourite colouring pages you used to colour as a kid, please share with us in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about them!


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Author: Liam Plimley

Dad of 4. Happily cohabiting with my partner. Have a background in Video and Film Production.

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