Snow Angel and the Lost Keys

Woke up to a lovely surprise blanketed by snow this morning. School’s closed which meant one thing – FUN IN THE SNOW WITH THE KIDS! Read our latest post about our fun antics in the snow today!

I was prised awake by the sound of Aurora shouting this morning. It must have been around half 5. I hid under the duvet, not ready to clamber out of bed and I knew that within a few minutes all three of them would be awake shouting and banging.

As I lay there not entirely conscious, my phone buzzed. Who would be texting me this early in the morning?

I reached around for my phone on the floor with my eyes still partly closed to uncover a text message from the children’s school that read:

‘We are sorry. Due to adverse weather conditions we are closing the school. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.’

My first thought, ‘What weather conditions? It was raining yesterday.’

I rolled over and informed Liam that the school had closed due to the adverse weather. He jumped out of bed to discover the street had been blanketed in snow.

Astonished by the surprise, he ran to see the children.

‘Have you seen outside guys? There’s no school today.’

Faith was the first one to scream with excitement then they all mimicked just on cue. I must admit I was excited that we finally had snow but I think my fatigue won. I hid under the duvet right until Faith and Wyatt burst in not even 5 minutes later, bouncing around and yelling,

‘Mummy mummy, can we go to the park now and play in the snow?’

To my reply

‘Yes but I need a coffee first. It’s only 8 o clock!’

I wasn’t ready to go and freeze my titties off just yet, at least not without having my usual morning coffee.

We got all the kids sorted ready to go and managed to leave the house around half 10. It’s never as simple as just leaving the house though. Wyatt had to take his ribbet, Faith her teddy, Aurora her milk and finally Kiiara needed a quick feed.

We took a stroll towards the park. Well I say stroll, the kids ice skated in their wellies along the footpaths, soaking me along the way. I must admit the sight of the snow was beautiful and I felt the child-in-me come alive (was pumped and ready for a snowball fight!).

_MG_2764 (2)

The children have never seen snow before so hearing their excitement as they ran through this white glistening blanket was like music to my ears. This is what childhood should be like, full of fun and wonder and complete innocence.

It was me that started it, the snowball fight that is. Liam was going to get it! As he crouched to collect snow to make a snowman, I threw one at him. This was going to be fun.

He turned around assuming it was our dearest daughter but displaying a wicked grin on my face, he knew it was me. That’s when all the fun began – All Out WAR.

IMG_2766 (2)

We all burst into laughter as we chased each other around throwing snowballs at one another. At one point all 3 of them decided to target me. Wyatt on one side, Faith on the other and Liam in-between (no way was this playing fair!).

IMG_2783 (2)

All of a sudden Liam dropped to the floor and decided to make a snow angel. This is one of the reasons I love this man – he’s not afraid to be just one of the kids.

_MG_2789 (2)

Faith looked at him but decided against rolling around in the snow like a loon. Instead she chose to throw more snowballs at me.

_MG_2767 (2)

She was definitely enjoying herself until she fell over and obtained snow in her wellies.

Then came along the tears

‘I’m cold I want to go home’.

_MG_2768 (2)

I think she was finally tired after getting up so early in the morning. We went to make our way home, Faith advancing very very slowly because she was cold (I’ve never got the logic in this. They always seem to walk slower when in bad weather).

Just when I thought everything was going great, right on cue the drama started. Wyatt lost his ‘ribbet’ whilst he was playing around in the snow and had a major meltdown.

Liam went to help him look. 5 minutes later we had discovered it was actually in his pocket (meltdown averted). Take 2. Time to slowly trudge home.

Nope, Wait! Liam lost the door keys in the snow somewhere. He had to run back to the park to attempt to find them. He found them quite quickly as he had established he might have lost them in his snow angel that he made.

As he came running back we thought we’d make the most of the snow day.

Popped to the shop to get some chocolate for us all and cream of course for the hot chocolates we were going to make. The kids snuggled on the sofa to watch a DVD under a blanket in their pjs because, why not? It was a special day after all!


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Author: Zoe

Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

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