An Unexpected Arrival

Last meal with the kids before the move – A visitor this weekend – And find out whether the kids actually behaved for us.. Read about it here!

Weekends are a good time to spend with your family and friends (that’s if you’re not working ofcourse). The kids aren’t in school so that allows for quality bonding time with them.

This weekend the kids chose to begin it off with an early morning, waking Zoe and I up intentionally so we could make them breakfast – it was 7am. I’d rather not have to wake up that early on a weekend, more so to make the kids breakfasts at that time – they could wait!

Morning coffee had to be consumed before I was to deal with them.

This was the last weekend we’d spend with the kids before we’d move. They were to set off for their Dads on Monday for 2 weeks. As a way of getting the kids to behave over the last few days with us, he explained to them over the phone that if they were to achieve more than 3 green dojos by the time they were to arrive at his, he’d reward them with a present (a new Shopkins set I believe).

This set out a mission for the kids to listen and get along. They did really well – more Faith than Wyatt however.

Wyatt would continue tormenting Aurora and Faith, so dojo’s were taken from him instead. I think his special-needs had showed more this weekend than it has in a while – he showed an absent short-term memory often, and his common sense would not kick-in.

For example – I’d tell him to go upstairs to open his curtains. He’d go upstairs and return back down afterwards, with the curtains still shut. I’d ask him what I told him to go and do, and he’d say ‘I can’t remember’. There were many occasions this would happen on, not just with his curtains, but even the simplest of tasks.

I fear for his future if he continues going in the direction he’s going. I am hoping when we move back to Wales he will get the special support he needs to progress and get better.

A Visit From A Friend

We had a call from our friend on Friday. She wanted to come visit us.

She came over the following day bringing her girlfriend and her girlfriends’ child over too. It was nice to have some company for a change. Since we’ve been here in Liverpool we haven’t connected with many people and felt quite isolated away from the world.

It’s quite a different place to what we’re used to in Wales. We’re used to bumping into people we knew in town, having a chat, inviting friends over and seeing our families regularly. But now we’re away from everyone, it’s a completely different world to us, and is one of the reasons why we had decided to move back.

Seeing our friend brought laughter and smiles to our faces. It had cheered us up and boosted our moods ready for our move back.

The Following Day

Morning came, and the kids actually let us have a bit of a lie-in this time. Faith took it into consideration that we liked our sleep on a Sunday and remained quiet when she and Wyatt woke up.

Zoe woke up with stomach pains. This wasn’t good. An unexpected arrival. She came down with a bug.

All day she didn’t feel right, but she had been looking forward to eating a roast dinner that I had made for her later that day. This was the final meal we’d have before the kids were to leave for their Dads.

Sunday night approached and the pains continued to worsen. She was feeding Kiiara in our bed and then requested a bowl immediately. I knew that was it.. She had vomited. I was lucky enough to get the bowl to her on time. The roast dinner she had enjoyed eating, all back up again (it wasn’t my cooking before you mention anything).

More through the night she had been getting up to vomit. I felt really bad for her. What could I do? 

Even today she hasn’t been feeling too well and henceforth why I have taken over to write this. I’m hoping she returns back to her old self soon.


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Author: Liam Plimley

Dad of 4. Happily cohabiting with my partner. Have a background in Video and Film Production.

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