The Next Step Back

One step closer to our move. Preparing, packing and organising. Continue to follow our journey back to the beautiful North Wales with today’s latest blog post!

If you read yesterday’s post, you would have found out this mama was really poorly. I’m feeling much better now and more of myself.

I’m so grateful for such an amazing man who looked after all the kids while I was stuck in bed. I had Kiiara in bed with me because I had to breastfeed her, but generally speaking I didn’t have to do anything yesterday.

I felt rather guilty not being able to do my usual things. I woke up around half 6 in the afternoon to find that the whole house was sorted – There was literally nothing for me to do.

Being the type of person I am, I felt guilt leaving my partner to do everything and not being able to spend time with the kids.

They have left now to stay at their Dads for 2 weeks while Liam and I get everything packed for our big move in just 9 days!

We’ve literally not had anything packed yet, leaving it to the last minute. It’s probably not the best of idea’s but it was difficult to get anything done with 2 boisterous kids running about refusing to pack any of their toys away.

The excitement is finally starting to kick in now. I can’t wait to move back even though I know it’s going to be one-hell of a long day, but it’s certainly going to be worth it!

IMG_1493 (2)
Image provided by Plimley Media

The forms have finally been sent off for the school so hopefully the children will have got in. They won’t be starting until April though as it’s nearly Easter and they have 2 weeks off.

Aurora will be having her own room in the new place and we can’t wait to spruce it up with a princess-themed bedroom. Faith’s happy she won’t have to share with her younger sister anymore. Faith utters how annoying she is. Sibling love right there.

It might sound a little odd but living here has been stress-after-stress and I really don’t feel like myself. I don’t know whether it’s lack of engagement with family and friends, or missing the beautiful views and vistas of North Wales, but I’m definitely a Welsh girl by heart!

IMG_1511 (2)
Image provided by Plimley Media

I think if we decide that we want to get away from Wales next time, a little holiday would suffice instead of a move away again.

IMG_1452 (2)
Image provided by Plimley Media

The children are looking forward to seeing their old friends again, and so am I to be honest. It should be interesting being back there to see how much things have changed, if anything has changed.

Also not many people have met Kiiara in Wales other than her Grandad and Auntie Lisa. It will be nice for people to meet her as she is nearly 4 months old already.

She is currently teething so she’s a little unsettled but she’s coping quite well with it. She’s just a dribble monster – saliva soaked into her clothes. She’s also attempting to roll now and even though it’s amazing to watch my little girlie grow up, it’s also quite saddening because she’s the last one, and I would love to keep her a baby that little bit longer.

IMG_1503 (2)
Image provided by Plimley Media

I can’t wait to share with you all our journey back to North Wales. I’m looking forward to all the new adventures that we will have as a family, so keep checking out our site for all the latest updates!


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Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

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