Adventurer At Heart

It runs through my blood, it’s in my mind, and I love doing it. Exploring, climbing and cycling is what I used to do before I had kids. What’s life like now I have kids? Find out this and insights into my life here!

I wasn’t always with Zoe. There was a time I was single and getting on with life as a sole individual, doing what guys usually do – going out with friends, drinking, exercising, travelling and more.

I used to climb mountains and cycle around my local area. North Wales has spectacular mountainscapes and lovely cycle routes, so this was an ideal opportunity to execute in my spare time.


I had worked in Iceland retail at that time. It was a part-time job that had kept me going, supplying me with a basic wage to get on with my life. When I wasn’t working I was out and about exploring and enjoying the sunshine.




Walking from my hometown to Llandudno was a nice achievement – though may not seem like a great distance, it would have taken me about an hour and a half to reach. This was because occasionally I would take the scenic route and climb to the top of the ‘Little Orme’ on the way.

Me on the little orme

The stunning 360 degree views could show you as far as Anglesey on one side and all the way to Rhyl from the other on a good day. I felt ALIVE, FREE and ON TOP OF THE WORLD – Nothing could drag me down!


I was adamant during my time at Iceland retail that I wanted the complete package. Job – Car – Girl. I had a job. I just needed the car, and then the girl would follow. This was my theory anyway.

After a year of driving lessons and a couple of girlfriends later (who didn’t turn out to be the right ones), I passed my test and bought my first car. I got into another sort-of relationship after that, which ended up falling apart so I wasn’t looking out for another one so soon.

My First Car

But soon enough though I met Zoe and started hanging out with her whilst her and her friends were doing up her new flat to move into. I’ll spare you the details because the rest is history….

Including Zoe

When I became involved with Zoe we found out how much we had in common, but also how little she’d actually experienced because of having kids at such a young age. This had me thinking about taking her on my little expeditions, trekking up mountains and enjoying spending time together.

As Faith and Wyatt spent the weekends at their Dads, this was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of.

We had explored my favourite viewpoints, as well as other mountainpoints I hadn’t previously trekked up. It was a great feeling taking her up with me, cherishing the views together – someone to share it with. This is what I wanted. I was living the dream.


Having Kids Of My Own

Things changed when we had kids together. We weren’t able to do the things we had been doing before – well not as much atleast. That meant no more climbing mountains with Zoe, no more running about just the two of us acting like fools.

I love my kids, I really do, and I don’t regret having them. I may not be able to do much of what I used to be able to, but that won’t stop me from doing it when they are a little older. It’s still a part of me. It runs through my blood, and it probably runs through theirs too.

This takes me on to what I want to do with them when they are old enough. I have plans for when they are capable, to hike up mountains with me and Zoe, go cycling along unexplored routes, play basketball and football, take them to the beach for water sports activities, go canoeing and much more.

I think it’s important to include them in the activities I had enjoyed prior to their lives so that they can also enjoy it too. They haven’t dragged me down, but opened up more opportunities in the future to partake with them.

I still carry my dreams from when I was a child and wish to achieve them in the future. After all, we only live once and we should try our hardest to get everything we want – no one else is going to do that for us.

If I ever had the chance I would travel the world to explore new places and different cultures, own a sports car (I’m not having a midlife crisis yet I hope, I’m still quite young), fly in a private jet (Always wanted to. Even more so, want to get my own pilots license), and generally live a worry-free life – financial security (doesn’t everyone). Very achievable goals if I prepare for them now and set actionable targets.

I’d like to think success comes from working really really hard at something, so working my ass off and being consistent will help achieve those dreams of mine…. Hopefully.


I’d like to hear about your dreams, achievements or success stories, so please drop a comment in the comments section below!


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Author: Liam Plimley

Dad of 4. Happily cohabiting with my partner. Have a background in Video and Film Production.

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