Survival Guide To A Toddlers Terrible Twos

Terrible twos have started early for our little beauty. Surviving it is our top priority! What do we do to stop prevent us from pulling our hair out? How do we calm her down? Find this out and more here!

Oh the joys of the terrible twos.

They’ve finally hit our darling daughter who is not yet two until May. It’s as if she had woken up two days ago with a diva attitude, and a bad one at that! I forgot what it was like having a toddler around the house when they hit the ‘toddlers terrible twos‘ stage. Help Me!

She has had her tantrums before now but not as bad as this. She’s a little terror bag with a innocent little face. Since she has woken up this morning all she has done is scream blue murder because she was in her cot wanting to get out and wouldn’t wait for me to get dressed first. I gave her a bottle of milk and she played with her blocks to keep herself entertained whilst I got myself sorted.

It lasted all of two minutes before she started screaming again. The good news was that at least Kiki was cooperating, playing happily in her bouncer.

Liam brought her downstairs for her breakfast. She was very much happy for the time being out of her cot until, BAM! She saw her shoes – OH NO, another meltdown.

Aurora was adamant that she wanted her shoes on. We managed to calm her eventually. It was finally time for her to sit and eat her porridge whilst I was sat down feeding Kiiara.

Usually Aurora will just eat her porridge quite happily in the morning, but not today. Instead she wanted her football on the highchair with her.

She then dropped her juice, and threw her ball away.

Soon after she didn’t want her porridge and started shouting for toast instead. WHAT DOES SHE ACTUALLY WANT!? 

Aurora’s final request for a packet of crisps and a blanket – I’m assuming she didn’t have any idea what she wanted this morning.

Once taken out of her highchair, Aurora was a happy little toddler again. She presented Kiiara with all of her toys and appeared to be all sweet and innocent. Toddler’s are certainly strange little creatures – happy one minute, meltdown-the-next over the tiniest of things.

How To Deal With Terrible Twos

Usually Auroras ‘moments’ can be quite easily dealt with if I know what’s up with her. Most of the time she’s just tired, and we simply take her up for a nap.

I’ve also had a tantrum back at her and stamped my feet to show her what she looks like doing it.

She replied “Shhh Mummy” or “Naughty Mummy” on most occasions.

Sometimes laughing it off helps. She will look at me as if I’m a little crazy and usually cheers herself up.

If not, giving her a cuddle will make her feel reassured that everything is okay.

I believe that letting her express herself is a good way of learning to cope with her emotions, even if that means sometimes Mummy loses her sanity, but she’s only little and I know its her normal development.

Just like us, she’s okay to get frustrated, angry, or upset. I wouldn’t have her any other way.

She is full of sass, a little crazy (gets that from her Dad ladies) and a real cutie. She’s usually quite a happy child but as every other person has, she has her bad days too. Hearing her say “I love you Mummy” makes it all worth it though.

So ladies, if you have a grumpy, tantrumy toddler at home and feel like ripping your hair out, just remember it’s perfectly normal for them to do it at this stage – they’ll soon calm down. Just keep it up because you’re doing a fab job!

I know some days can be hard but we’re made for this, so chin up and take a breather. The little human will probably cheer up within 5 minutes or so, and forget why they were so frustrated in the first place….. Or in Auroras case, get frustrated with me because I refuse to give her my phone.

I can tell this day is going to be a fun one, especially with the mood swings from our little girlie. At least this Mummy has chocolate in the house – My survival guide to having children includes eating lots and lots of chocolate!


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Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

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