DIY Daddy

Being a Dad comes with more responsibility than just raising a child – it includes the small print nobody warned you about – The Daddy DIY jobs! If you’re a Daddy stuck on DIY duty, why not give this a read here!

Grab your hammer, fetch your toolbox and spread your ladder. Your misses needs you to fix her the skirting board – Guess what? YOU’RE A DIY DADDY!

I didn’t think I’d ever be in this position so soon. I left high school, completed college and graduated University. Years later here I am – 4 kids and a misses who rely on me to protect them, provide for them, and acquire a stable household to live in.

One of the benefits about being a Dad is that your kids look up to you, and if you do do a good job of something they asked you to do, they notice and praise you for it (probably happens about 70% of the time).

Moving into our new place here in the beautiful North Wales has been great so far – it’s close by to necessities, the beach, and a short drive away from the mountain vistas in Snowdonia. It has plenty of space, it’s been done up for us (including new carpets, kitchen and more) and great views of the seafront!

As with any place you move into though, there is always something that needs a DIYers touch.

Currently our bathroom door gets jammed when attempting to close it shut as it’s been painted over recently. This is one thing I’ve been trying to sort out since we’ve moved in – last thing I want is for the kids to walk in when one of us is having a shower (talk about traumatic for the poor kids).

Having sanded it and planed it down, it now shuts and can lock with a bit of hardened push. It’ll do for now >> DIY job No.1 Complete!

I put up stair gates for our little toddler a week or so ago – this was a main priority as we didn’t want her climbing the stairs. I also installed one just outside her bedroom door so that she could play in her room without us worrying she’ll come flying down the stairs. (Don’t think Tinkerbell will ever pay us a visit again – she caught me uttering “I don’t believe in fairies” – whoops)   >>DIY job No.2 Completed

One thing I’ve noticed, and i’m sure many Dads can vouch for me on this one, is that THE WORK IS NEVER DONE!

More work is added to the list even before you’ve finished completing the work she asked you to do before that!

For all you Dads out there who have been exhausted from DIY jobs around the house, don’t be afraid to tell your partner that you’ll get round to it another time. I mean she’s only been asking you for 6 months, she can wait longer can’t she? 

Solar Project Update

If you read last weeks post ‘Solar Life‘ you’d know I had planned on building a solar heater. As a little update, the frame has been built and i’ve put in the insulation. I’m just gathering the rest of the materials in order to resume the project.

I have roughly calculated that I should be able to fit around 42 cans inside the frame as opposed to the 24 that I had originally mentioned. This should hopefully warm our place up better – it gets very cold here on an overcast day!

More on this project will be posted as I progress further and will include photographs of the build, so keep an eye out for them!


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Author: Liam Plimley

Dad of 4. Happily cohabiting with my partner. Have a background in Video and Film Production.

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  1. True story!! –> “One thing I’ve noticed, and i’m sure many Dads can vouch for me on this one, is that THE WORK IS NEVER DONE!”

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