The Unpleasant Tuesday and a Crabby Toddler

Sleep deprivation, a bad word in a public place, and a child refusing to go into school. Read about it in todays latest post here!

Today has been a complete pain in my ass! I feel like time has just swallowed me up and I’m trying to break through just to be able to breathe clearly.

I’ve been rushed off my feet and feel rushed doing everything I’m having to do. It doesn’t help when I haven’t had much sleep either.

Aurora woke up at 1am, and as much as I’d like to be one of those people who can fall back to sleep straight away, it just doesn’t happen to me. Instead I’m sat thinking about the things I have to do the following day. Arghh life of a Mummy!

I managed to get some shut eye around 2am and then Kiiara had been tossing and turning, and swapping boobs after that throughout the rest of the night.

Morning came and I had to get the children ready for school. It was quite a breeze until we got to the school itself.

Faith didn’t want to go into school again today. She threw every excuse at me going and even tried guilt tripping me so I didn’t have to send her in.

“I’m going to miss you though.”

“I know but I will be picking you up later.”

“You just want to get rid of me!”

“No I don’t, but you have to go to school to learn and see your friends.”

I even attempted closing my eyes and counting so she could go in before I opened them again, and would be in school – She just looked at me and said “nope”.

After about 10 minutes of attempting to get her into school, she finally went in and we went to drop Wyatt off quickly. We had to head home and get everything else done that we needed to.

Aurora has certainly hit her ‘terrible two’s’ recently, and has added to our chaos for today. She’s a very grumpy moo who doesn’t know what she wants, and don’t get me started with her bloody socks and shoes – She is currently obsessed with taking them off and wanting them back on again. Of course Mummy and Daddy have to be the ones to keep putting them back on for her, just to remove them again. Bloody Toddlers!

I’ve come to the decision that I might have to hide her shoes and socks, and pray she doesn’t find them until we need them again….

We had an appointment earlier and there was quite a few people around. Aurora was chatting away in her pram. She was also whining to get out, but out of nowhere said “naan bread”, which of course doesn’t actually come out as that but instead comes out as “knobhead” (Talk about embarrassing).

Mummy cringe moment as I tried to get her to say ‘orange’ or ‘chicken’ instead hoping nobody heard our little girlie recite a bad word.

With still a million and one things to do and nearly time to pick up the children, I will probably end up passing out by around 10pm tonight. I just need to breath and remind myself that tomorrow could be a better day.

As I write this Aurora is having a major meltdown because we had stopped her playing with plug sockets. She is certainly not a happy bunny today.

I think this Mummy will be needing a nice glass of wine by the end of tonight!

Being a parent is hard work at times, so i’m sending love to all the Mama’s or Daddy’s out there having a similar day! We’ve got this ladies and gents, even if it feels like the total opposite!


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Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

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