Trying Something New – Boogie Bounce Xtreme!

I hadn’t done anything like this before. As it approaches Summer, I thought it’d be a good time to start getting back into shape. Zoe dragged me to a Boogie Bounce class yesterday. Read more about it here!

It was dark. Lights shone upon me. The music grew louder and I was panting like a dog. Up, down, up, down. No, I wasn’t in the middle of an intimate moment with my partner. I was at Boogie Bounce Xtreme!

She dragged me along with her. She had planned on going with her friend, but something came up and was unable to go.

She seeked to find someone else to go with, but then thought of me.

“Do you want to go with me instead?”

“Only if you can’t find anyone else to go with. I don’t want you missing out.”

…and that was it. She set her mind upon me as a companion and convinced me to tag along with her. I was unsure whether this was something I would be comfortable doing – more so because more women attend than men.

I had to set up an online account. First lesson was free as a trial basis (to see whether you like it or not). I filled out the online application. On the disclosure, it stated: ‘Risk of death’. This didn’t exactly fill me with any confidence, but I went ahead anyway.

‘7:30pm 17th April – Booked’. That was it, I couldn’t back out now.

I had to get my gym clothes ready beforehand. I hadn’t been in my sports gear for a very long time, so I had to dig through my boxes just to find them. Jogging bottoms or shorts? 

I began thinking which of those would be better to bounce around in. On one hand the jogging bottoms would be ideal to keep my legs warm, but on the other hand they can be quite restricting. So instead I went for my shorts – they provide good air flow and I could get a good range of motion in them!

Once back from the school run, we were in a rush to get the kids bathed and fed ready for bed later on. My sister Lisa was to come round to babysit for us. Zoe had to pump in case Kiiara needed feeding when we were out.

7 o’clock arrived and it was almost time to leave. We got our last minute preparation sorted and out the door we left at nearly 20 past 7. We jumped in the car and off I drove. I roughly knew where I was going, but had never been there before so I was expecting to go to the wrong place.

7:30pm and we found it! Parked up and walked in.

A long room with 12 individual trampolines laid out to choose from. Women hanging about ready to start the session, with no men in sight. I WAS THE ONLY MAN THERE! AWKWARD!

I plucked up the courage to walk on and found two trampolines side-by-side for Zoe and I. This was it. Time to get started!

The instructor began with some warm up exercises. They were quite intense and in-time with the music. Running rapidly on the trampoline. Damn that woke my legs up. 

We continued on, up and down, bouncing on the trampoline following different movements the instructor was showing us. It was really fun – I was certainly enjoying myself. It was difficult to get into the rhythm of the movements in-time with the music, but I got there after a few tries.

Towards the end of the session, the instructor got us to do some cool-down exercises and stretches. This included some press-ups off and up onto the trampoline again, leg lifts, and some yoga positions. I enjoyed doing the stretches at the end – they made me feel refreshed and personally I think it helps to prevent aches the following day.

We had a lot of fun at Boogie Bounce Xtreme. It was something different and something we wouldn’t have normally tried. I’m glad I went with Zoe, and I think she enjoyed my company too (or atleast I hope so anyway).

It would be nice to continue doing some couple fitness activities in the future to spend some quality time together, have more to share with you all, and i’m sure it’s very healthy too!

As the weather heats up this week here in the UK, it’s probably a good time to start getting in shape for the Summer!


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Author: Liam Plimley

Dad of 4. Happily cohabiting with my partner. Have a background in Video and Film Production.

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