Mummy Confessions: Entry 8

Diary entry No. 8 of a stressed-out mum dealing with 4 kids. What it’s like and how it feels to deal with them all at once!

Where do I start….

Yesterday was bloody stressful. I felt completely overwhelmed with it all. You’d think I would be used to it by now with raising 4 children and becoming a Mum at 18 years old, but I just couldn’t hack the stress.

I got up early to attempt to tidy some of the house before the children woke up, but as soon as I took a foot downstairs right on cue every morning, Aurora screamed as if somebody was murdering her.

I quickly jumped in the shower, then ran upstairs to get her out of her cot so she could play in her room before she woke the rest of the house and the neighbours up.

I ran around cleaning up the kitchen, bringing up the washing and waking Faith and Wyatt up to get ready for school. Even though I got up earlier, I still had a million and one jobs to do when I returned home. It turned out Aurora was a bit sick in her cot earlier that morning, so I had to change her bedding.

From the moment I got up I felt completely exhausted and to top it off I had one of those annoying headaches that just wouldn’t budge.

I’ve come up with a new technique so I can get the housework done whilst looking after the youngest two. You see it might sound easy but Kiiara is a very clingy baby and doesn’t like to be put down for too long. And well with Aurora being nearly 2 years old, she doesn’t leave her sister alone when she’s in her bouncer – I’m a worry wart leaving them alone together without myself in the room just in case there’s an accident.

So this new technique involves the pram. I put Kiiara in her pram and push her round the flat with me so I can get things done. I know things will get easier when she’s older but for now it’s something I have to do – as long as she sees me, she’s quite happy.

I think I might need to invest in a baby carrier. It might make it easier than lugging the pram around the flat.

Job One Done but still I felt overwhelmed with everything. Aurora turned into a demonic toddler by the afternoon (where’s the holy water when you need it?). I could have screamed! It was nearly time to pick the children up and it felt like I hadn’t done anything that I wanted to all day.

I could have quite happily gone back to bed and re-start the day again.

After getting the children home from school I lugged bin bags down the stairs, which then one ended up splitting and goo fell down my leg. Could this day get any worse? I returned to hear Kiiara screaming in her pram. She was asleep but Aurora woke her up.

Faith and Wyatt were both talking at me asking for crisps and also bickering with each other. All I wanted was a God damn coffee at the time!

It turned 5pm and I had to put the tea on. I chose to go with a pasta dish because… well it was quick and easy, the oldest two needed a shower and Aurora needed a bath too.

I sent Wyatt first which he then moaned at me because he wanted to finish watching a film with Faith. I managed to get him to move his butt after 5 to 10 minutes of constant nagging over and over (Why don’t they listen the first time!?).

I went to check on the tea whilst he was having a wash. I shouted

“Have you washed your hair?”

He replied,


I went to check to find his hair was still dry (A dry wash? I don’t think so!). This happens every night where I have to do his hair because he refuses to do it despite attempting to convince me he has.

Kiiara was beginning to get restless in my arm’s, Aurora was being cranky because she was overtired, and I had everything else to sort out. At least Faith is at the age where she will go in the shower herself and not need Mummys’ help. She just takes the longest to get out. Girls ayy!

It hit around 6pm and I managed to get the children sorted. They had their tea, brushed their teeth, got into their pjs and I can blatantly say I was eager to get them all to bed.

I still had all the dishes to wash, the washing to sort out, and get the kids to bed. Kiiara was not a happy bunny as she was overtired and ended up screaming. My ears certainly take a beating with the youngest two screaming a lot of the time!

I decided there and then that these kids of mine were going to bed early because this Mama couldn’t take anymore! I needed a break and some sleep. I was asleep by 8pm and to be honest I don’t feel guilty one-little-bit. Being a stay-at-home Mum is hard sometimes!

I still feel a little cranky today and still have the annoying lingering headache, but I’m hoping today will be a little easier than yesterday. If not, then I’ve always got a glass of wine to enjoy!


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Author: Zoe

Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

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