Celebrating Aurora’s Birthday – It’s Party Time!

Aurora had her birthday last Friday. She thoroughly enjoyed it. How I still can’t believe she’s 2 years old now. Read about her birthday and her birthday party here!

It was Aurora’s birthday on Friday. She’s finally 2 years old and boy don’t we know it.

The terrible twos have hit hard. Liam now calls her banshee as she has a blood curdling scream if she doesn’t get her own way and jeez, the tantrums – I’m surprised her head doesn’t spin round!

Anyhow she had a fun filled birthday. She enjoyed opening her presents and all the attention she was getting. This Mama even cried – my little baby isn’t so little anymore.

She got a princess tent and absolutely loved it! At first she was a little bit hesitant to go in it, so Daddy went in just to show her it was safe and fun to play in.

Auntie Lisa popped over to bring her some prezzies and spent the day with us. She helped out with the kids whilst I dashed round to clean the house before the rest of our visitors came along after the school run. Liam was running around getting the decorations put up. It’s amazing how quickly I got the housework done without any children under my feet.

IMG_3237 (2)

We went and collected the children from school. Then it was a mad dash back to get the party food cooking before everyone arrived. It was one hell of a busy day. We didn’t stop from the minute we woke up until bedtime.

While Liam sorted out the party food I was making sure the children didn’t end up bickering over Auroras new toys, but they seemed to have played nicely together besides a few warnings thrown at them.

Aunty Emma arrived with her eldest two children. Lisa went to let her in. Then the screaming started – Aurora wanted to go downstairs with Lisa. The screams coming from her literally sounded like she was in agony, but she just wanted to see her cousins. We explained that they will be up in a minute but there is no reasoning with a grumpy, tired over excited toddler!


IMG_3256 (2)

When they finally arrived up the mountain of stairs you have to climb to get to our place, Aurora soon cheered up and they went off playing together. I might sound completely nuts but i’ve always loved a house full of kids (when they are behaving of course).

We had sandwiches made, cakes (woohoo! I love cake!), chicken strips, duck spring rolls and of course we couldn’t forget the mini sausage rolls. Aurora loves them and mini pizzas too. Everybody seemed to have a good time, especially the children.

IMG_3258 (2)

Even though it was only a small get together with family It was a great day. The adult’s chatted away amoungst each other whilst the kids went wild.

Even Nana, Grandad (Liam’s Dad), and Aunty Tiff came over.

IMG_3250 (2)

When it’s a special occasion I usually let the oldest two children enjoy a fizzy drink. They were really excited about it. They got very hyper from the sugar but seeing as how it was a special occasion, I thought why not? And besides, they we’re going to their Dads later on so he was the one who had to deal with their craziness for a bit!

All in all we had a really fun day. Aurora was shattered by the end of the night but she still ended up waking at 6:50am the next morning.

Now our little demon angel is two, it will soon be time to begin potty training her. I’ll have to convince her to actually sit on it instead of cuddling it as if it’s a teddy. I have some work cut out for me I think.


What do you usually do for your childs birthday? Do you go out somewhere nice? Or have a family get-together? I’d love to hear about it! Please let us know in the comments section below!


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