Our Super Saturday!

We enjoyed a great Saturday at an event in our local area called ‘Prom Xtra’. There were funfair rides, free activities, helicopter rides and more. Read all about it here!

There is an event that happens every year in our home town called ‘Prom Xtra’.

Many people come far and wide to visit, and there is a lot of things to do with the children. There’s fairground rides, food stalls, free activities (like mini quad bikes on the sand, beach rugby, segways etc) and creative tents.

We decided to get up early and get out the house by quarter past 10. I must say that’s quite an achievement on the weekend – we rarely leave by 11am! We made our way to the beach where this event was held to have a look around. They have shrunk it over the years – there used to be much more going on when we were younger but it was good nonetheless.

There were rides for the younger children, stalls, bouncy castles, real owls, meerkats, live performances, hovercrafts, helicopter rides and ofcourse rides for the bigger kids too!

Liam decided to take advantage of the quiet and had a go on the hovercraft before the queues started to appear. He looked like he enjoyed himself.

Photo Courtesy of Plimley Media (That isn’t Liam by the way. I didn’t manage to take a photo of him on it unfortunately)

We decided to get the older children to meet us down there with their Dad. We didn’t want them missing out as its only on once a year, and besides they have never been on any rides before.

It took forever before he arrived. We were waiting around for at least an hour before they got there. He was a complete idiot to go the long way round, but in the meantime whilst we were waiting, Liam got some photos of the helicopter taking off and landing.

We were hoping to go in the helicopter ourselves but we missed it. They had to leave early to sort out a crash elsewhere. To be honest I was quite disappointed. I’m terrified of heights but it would have been great to face my fears once and for all.

We took the children on some rides. They we’re really excited. Wyatt was a little hesitant on what rides he wanted to go on because he said most of them were scary. He settled on a train ride and a motorbike ride that just went around in a loop.

Faith was a little braver and went on a little balloon ride. She asked for Liam to go on with her. It was a heart melting moment – they do really have a great bond. They even took a selfie together!

Faith also wanted to go on a swing ride. She was the only one on there. I’m starting to think that I should have gone on with her because as it started to swing she got scared and ended up crying. There was nothing we could do until the ride stopped. We felt awful trying to reassure her it was ok. As soon as the ride stopped she jumped off and ran straight to Liam.

“Daddy, it scared me.”


She soon calmed down and went on another ride. They went on the mini quad bikes on the sand. It was a long queue but they seemed to really enjoy themselves when they had their turn. Wyatt nearly knocked over the man at one point. He had such a serious face on him – it was really funny to watch him.

Liam and I went on a few rides ourselves. Everytime this event has been on in the past 2 years i’ve always been pregnant – not this time though. So it was definitely play time. We went on ‘DJ Bounce’ and the ‘Sizzlers’. It was fun to be a kid for a few hours!

The only downfall of our day was that we all ended up sunburnt, even Aurora. I felt awful because I forgot the sun lotion. We didn’t realise it would get as hot as it did later on in the day. I will make sure I don’t forget it next time that’s for sure!

We spent the whole day at ‘Prom Xtra’. It was a very fun-filled Saturday. We were completely shattered when we got back home but of course there wasn’t any rest for the wicked as I had all the housework to do.

Friday and Saturday were very long days indeed and Sunday was too. We went birthday shopping for Faith this time, but I have got all her presents now. She just needs to get her ears pierced closer to her birthday. It does pay off to be organised sometimes.


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Author: Zoe

Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

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