Roman Day & A Diva Daughter

Having to dress up for school seems like fun, but when they ask you to make it from scratch in a short amount of time – it’s nearing impossible. Having to deal with a grumpy daughter is the result of this. Find out what happened here!

It was Roman day at school for Faith’s year yesterday.

We received a last minute letter about making a roman costume. I looked at the letter and thought to myself “Oh God. I can’t even sew, let alone make a complete outfit in two days!” That’s more of a Liam thing but we just didn’t know where to start and we didn’t have anything to use either.

We spoke to Faith about this disclosing that we would have attempted to make her a costume if we had the materials to make it and actually understood what kind of costume we had to make. I’m thinking it was meant to be a Roman soldier because they had made shields out of cardboard in school earlier that week.

This sweet little girl of ours wasn’t happy that we didn’t make her a costume. She threw out suggestions of what we could use, which if I’m honest were fairly inventive suggestions but we just didn’t have any paint for it.

After explaining this she became to act like a grumpy teenager (I’m really starting to wonder whether she is one but in a 7 year old’s body). She went to her room removing cardboard that she was using to make things with and threw it in the hallway saying,

“Well I don’t need this then if I can’t do anything with it.”

She then stomped off back into her room. Liam and I looked at each other and laughed. She can be a stroppy mare when she wants to be.

She then came back out not even 5 minutes later saying,

“I don’t get why you can’t just make me a costume. It’s not hard. You could use a pillowcase or that cardboard.”

We replied,

“We don’t have the paint for it but you can always do it next year and there is going to be plenty of opportunities to dress up at school because they usually do events throughout the year, such as for Christmas, Easter and more.”

She pouted at us and uttered “fine” while stomping back into her room. She was still complaining about us in her bedroom and how it wasn’t fair. I opened her bedroom door and asked “what?”. Attempting to suppress a giggle, she shouted “go away!” and closed the door once again.

I pushed the door open slightly and asked “what?” again. I must admit I was tormenting her. I know what she’s like, she’s just like me down to a T. Her attitude was exactly the same as mine when I was younger. It’s really funny to see yourself radiating from another human being.

As I opened the door she shouted “get out!” With a little giggle I knew she couldn’t stay mad for long. She attempted to use the door stop to lock us out but Liam went in this time. She was sulking behind the door.

I asked her for a cuddle and she said,

“No. I’m too upset.”

I then asked,

“Will you give daddy a cuddle?”

She got straight up and went over to Liam and gave him a huge hug with a massive grin on her face. In this household Liam is the favourite when it comes to Faith. She looks up to him and enjoys spending time with him. I even get told off if Liam and I are messing around. She sticks up for her Daddy everytime, to his amusement of course!

You see I know how Faith works. Don’t get me wrong she can be a complete cow when she wants to be, but she’s mostly just a grumpy sod and I won’t tell her off for that, as you may have read the post I wrote about kids dealing with their emotions themselves (you can read it here).

In my eyes she has to learn how to deal with her feelings and be able to calm herself down. It obviously worked after she had a cuddle off Liam, she soon cheered up and showed us a picture she had been working on using kids nail varnish (non toxic of course).

When I was Faith’s age I remember getting annoyed if my parents ever said no to something I really wanted to do. I remember stomping off into my room and doing exactly the same thing as Faith did. I even came out grumping at my Mum and Dad!

I even remember them laughing about it and I soon softened and ending up laughing as well, finally cheering myself up. It’s almost like deja-vu.

It’s a very strange feeling looking at a mini you that acts just the same way as you did when you were younger. I’m just hoping she doesn’t make the same mistakes as I did as a teenager. I don’t think i’m ready for that, especially how much worry I put on my parents throughout.

I am really proud of our little girl. She’s growing up to be such independent little lady even if she has a big attitude. I wouldn’t change her for the world. It’s just who she is and I hope as she grows, she will use that big personality of hers for something good.


I’d love to hear any stories from you about your diva daughters or son’s with sassy attitudes and what usually sets them off. How do you deal with it? I’d also like to hear some funny stories too!

Parenting is exhausting sometimes so remember if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Enjoy the sass before they grow up to become proper teenagers – they aren’t as easy to get around with a playful giggle and a cuddle then.


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