Knowing Your Child: The Accusations vs The Truth

I was approached on Friday by Faiths teacher accusing her of misbehaving in school. I know Faith, and this doesn’t normally happen. Something must be wrong. Find out what’s been going on and more here!

It was Friday afternoon and time to collect the children from school. It was their last day before they broke up for half term. They usually do something fun on the last day, in which this time there was a workshop taking place called ‘Bright Sparks’.

It was to show the kids how electricity works and allow them to attempt little experiments with sounds  and more. Sounds fun right?

The thing is though Faith missed it and got made to sit in a classroom and do work whilst the rest of her class went to enjoy the workshop because she’s classed as a ‘naughty child’.

As you can imagine I wasn’t happy, so lets start with the back story shall we…

…It was a normal day. The usual school run took place. Wyatt came out first and then we had to wait an extra 10 minutes for Faith’s class to finish. As we saw Faith waiting with her teacher, we waved which would usually signal her to come over and join us, but not today. The teacher held her back. She needed to speak to me. At that point I didn’t know what happened. I assumed she had been in an accident with another child playing on the yard, perhaps bumped heads. But to our surprise the teacher said that Faith had missed the ‘Bright Sparks’ workshop because of her behaviour.

According to the class teacher Faith had answered canteen staff back, and wouldn’t move off the chair when they told her to. She apparently runs around the classroom in the middle of lessons and is nasty to the other children. They said her behaviour is deteriorating and if it carries on they will have to call us in for a meeting.

Liam and I looked at each other. This did not sound like our daughter at all. She’s by no means a saint and has a big personality with a big attitude, but she can sit for hours colouring, she enjoys practicing her writing, and copies from story books. She has even asked for a notebook for her birthday so she can write stories.

There was no way she would get up and run around the classroom randomly. We said to Faith’s teacher that we would have words with Faith and try to reign in her behaviour.

As we were saying this, a child Faith had mentioned a few times before then was chasing her around outside the school. I called her over and said that she needs to behave at school. She got upset and went to stand by the wall. The said child that was chasing her told her to run away from me and ignore me. I must admit I was fuming.

I grabbed my daughter and said to the little boy “Go away you little troublemaker!”

I swear if his mum wasn’t speaking to the head teacher at that time, I think I would have flipped at her – I’ve never been so angry (this same boy has followed my daughter into the girls toilets previously attempting to get into the cubicle with her).

I spoke to my daughter on the way home about what happened for her to get into trouble so badly. She was in pieces. To Liam and I something just didn’t seem right about what they we’re saying about her. You see Faith tells me when she’s been in trouble and what’s happened that day, and there’s always the same kids name’s that keep coming up.

On asking her about Friday on the walk home, she said that the canteen staff said she had 10 minutes to finish her dinner otherwise it would go in the bin. Faith explained that she got upset and they wanted her to move seats, but because she was upset she didn’t budge (she is only 7 and quite sensitive sometimes). We’ve had her hide under the table at her old school before now because she was poorly and was forced to miss a school trip.

With them accusing her of running around the classroom, I questioned Faith about that too. She told me that she got chased around by the same child I mentioned earlier – she doesn’t just get up and run around.

The nastiness to other children is the one thing I couldn’t believe. Yes I have told her that she needs to stick up for herself if anybody hits her or calls her names but she knows better than to be a bully.

I told her what the teacher said to us and through the tears, she told us that this girl that had also been mentioned a few times by Faith, attacks her on the yard at break times and call her names. I honestly want to know how the teachers are missing this and Faith is getting the blame for all of it instead? With the answering back I honestly think she’s trying to explain her side of the story, but they are ignoring her and classing it as answering back. She said the teacher’s just don’t listen.

I’m not one of these parents who think that their children can’t do no wrong. Believe me if they do something they are not supposed to, they definitely know about it! I want them to be respectful and not become bullies, but I also want them to be themselves and not be punished for it. Faith does have a big personality for such a small person but it makes her who she is. She doesn’t answer us back at home but she does try and explain her side. She can be hyperactive and silly but she’s not a ‘naughty child’. She’s asked to be moved from the children that are distracting her at school but the teacher has simply refused.

My point in this post is that I know children can act differently when they are not with their parents, but you know your child more than others and if it doesn’t make sense to you about what people are saying about your child, then it’s best to dig a little deeper and find out the root of the problem. Don’t just take what others are saying about your child and sweep it under the carpet.

I’m welcome to the idea of a meeting with the school and I will be taking Faith in the meeting with me so she can explain her version of the events as well. I know she doesn’t act up unless there is a reason to. I will be telling this to the teachers and logging down all the incidents with the other children to show them at the meeting.

So ladies, if something doesn’t seem right what people are saying about your child, then follow your instinct – it’s usually right! And kick ass until you get to the bottom of it – you know your little one better than anybody!

I will be defending my daughter 100%

Luckily enough it’s half term now so she doesn’t have to worry about school for a week.


I would love to hear if any of you have had anything similar happen with your child, or maybe you can relate with how you felt in school being labeled as the problem. Let us know in the comments section below!


Love a protective mama bear


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