A Brave Little Girl & The Teasing Mama

Faith was a brave little girl having her ears pierced as a pre-birthday treat, although something nearly went wrong. Find out what almost went wrong and more here!

It’s half term here and the children are driving me crazy.

Faith was having a hissy fit over us not knowing where her tablet charger was. We still haven’t fully unpacked at the moment.

She shouts,

“You should have packed it!”

I reply,

“We did, that’s why we can’t find it.”

I was in a wind up mood. I thought, well if they are driving me cuckoo, it’s time for this Mama to get her own back. This was going to be fun.

Her diva attitude came out in full force. I couldn’t help but laugh. If you don’t laugh you will cry. I decided to tickle her. She wasn’t in the mood at all.

She shouted,

“Stop it”

And stropped off. I called after her.

“I love you.”

Which she replied,

“No! Don’t you dare.”

This little ladies attitude is just like mine when I was her age.

My Mum was over and she couldn’t help but laugh as she said,

“Ooo. I remember this so well, it’s like deja vu.”

Faith was also moping about having to wait to get her ears pierced. I booked the appointment for after school because I forgot that it was half term this week.

It got to lunch time and I was surprised that I made it through the morning. They certainly all kept me on my toes. When we finally sat down for lunch, Wyatt brought his toy to the table which always starts a meltdown with Aurora. She will stop eating and scream for his toy.

I removed the toy so it couldn’t cause any more trouble and Wyatt pouted at me. I broke out in song singing ‘It’s a hard knock life’ from the film ‘Annie’. I must admit he didn’t look amused, but I was having fun. Pay back time kiddies. Mwahahaha!

As it came round to Faith’s appointment, I got all 4 children ready to leave the house, then we had a knock on the door 5 minutes before we needed to leave.

Someone came to fix our intercom so Liam had to stay behind until he finished. Luckily it only took 5 minutes and he soon caught up to us. It made Faith happy because she wanted Daddy to be the one to hold her hand while she had them done.

We finally got to the salon and Faith’s nerves starting showing through. She went very quiet but retained a smile on her face. She chose her earrings and went for the red gemmed ones.

The lady prepared the gun and did her first ear. I think Faith went into shock. She said “ouch” and began to cry. She got given a lolly and soon cheered up, but then it was time for her other ear.

Faith chose to have it pierced with a needle instead of the gun (thinking it was going to hurt less). I was a slightly nervous myself at this point. I wasn’t sure whether it would be a good idea but it was Faith’s decision.

As the lady did Faiths second ear, Faith panicked and started moving around with the needle still in her ear. She was sat on Liam’s lap at this point so they we’re both trying to get her to stay still. The lady had to work quickly to get the needle out and the earring in.

I was so proud of her. I honestly thought she wouldn’t go through with it or at least after having her first one done she would refuse to have her second, but she proved me wrong.

After the initial shock of having them done, she’s really pleased with them and glad she’s got them in. She’s a little nervous about me having to clean them, but I’ve told her it’s really important that I do it otherwise she could get an infection.

She wanted to do a little video for you all about her ear piercings, so I thought i’d share it below.

Yesterday was a very amusing day.

Today though, I could have screamed. The children had been arguing and fighting, and I was so stressed out with so much to do.

To top it off, the television had no satellite signal which meant I had really moody children to contend with. I couldn’t be saved by Teletubbies until I find a way to fix it.

Wish me luck! I will survive today.


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Author: Zoe

Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

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