Faiths Birthday Bash

It was Faith’s 8th Birthday! She had lots of presents, a lovely birthday cake and a nice meal out. Find out more about her special day here!

It was Faith’s 8th birthday yesterday. 8 years old! I don’t know where the time has gone. It makes me feel old having an 8 year old.

She woke up early and had her bedroom tidy before I even made my morning coffee. The only downfall of yesterday was that she had to spend her birthday in school. We let her open one of her presents and a card in the morning before school.

She even had a badge to wear too. When we collected her later on that day, it turned out she had a really good day. They even sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. She admitted of how nervous that made her feel though.

Birthdays always make days extra busy. We were to take her to Pizza Hut as a birthday treat after school, so I had to get everything done before we left. I was running around like a headless chicken to make sure everybody was ready to leave and didn’t have anything to do when I returned home besides collapse onto the bed and rest.

When we got home Faiths’ Nana and Aunties surprised her, waiting outside with a balloon and birthday cake. Faith’s face lit up. She was really overjoyed.

IMG_3863 (2)

We got everybody in. It was time to open her presents but Faith being Faith wanted to get changed into her dress first that she was to wear to Pizza Hut. We were all sat waiting on her – this is a regular occurrence with Faith (typical girl ayy).

She finally entered the room and opened up her presents. She was pleased with them all. Some of the faces she had pulled were hilarious. She is an oddball, bless her.

Wyatt became upset because he wanted to open some presents too. I tried explaining to him that it was Faith’s birthday and they were hers to open, which led to a huge meltdown. In the end Faith allowed Wyatt to open some. Turns out they can be nice to each other when they want to be.

IMG_3909 (2)

It was birthday cake time! We bought Faith a sparkler candle with the number 8. As Liam lit it, it burnt out really quickly before Faith managed to blow it out herself. I wouldn’t recommend getting the sparkler candles unless you light them in the same room as the birthday girl/ boy. She said she made her birthday wish though.

IMG_3915 (2)

It was time to get all the children ready to go out. They all needed to be showered, Faith wanted her hair curled, and I was preparing to add a little bit of makeup on her. We had to leave by half 5 and Liam had to do two trips in the car to get us all there.

As I took her upstairs to get her all ‘girlied’ up, the curlers just didn’t seem to want to curl her hair. We were running out of time so in the end she wore it up with the new bow she got for her birthday.

It was finally time to leave. Liam, myself, Lisa and the youngest girls went in the first car ride whilst Grandad waited behind with Faith and Wyatt. Liam came back for them.

Shockingly enough the children behaved really well when we were out. I was a little nervous about whether they would listen and behave themselves especially because they can become silly sometimes, but that came after they had a bowl of ice-cream. They turned into hyperactive guinea pigs, but by that point it was time to get the bill and leave so I couldn’t really complain.

I asked Faith whether she enjoyed her day, to which she replied “I’ve had the best birthday ever!” So we are definitely in her good books at the moment.

It will be Wyatts birthday next but I’ve still got another 5 months before I have to even think about the preparations and presents that need to be sorted.

I’m really glad she enjoyed her day – it was really nice to go out as a family and spend quality time together. I think it’s really important to make memories for the children to remember for when they grow up.

I’m definitely feeling exhausted today though!


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