Personality Traits – Unique & Predetermined?

Every child is different. What makes them different? Is is how they’ve been brought up? Or is it predetermined before they were born? I talk about this and more here!

Since Faith turned 8 the other day, it had me thinking of when she was Auroras age and how little things she did at that age shaped who she is today.

I haven’t really noticed it before but recently I found a video of when Faith was 2 and Wyatt 1. It was nice to reminisce of how little they once were but as I watched this video I noticed that Faiths and Wyatts characters had shown through even then.

The little things they did they still do now, such as when Faith was 2, she wasn’t girlie one little bit. She used to pick her nose and eat it which always made me cringe, but even to this day she still does it despite telling her it’s gross. She just giggles and does it infront of me anyway.

It was the same with Wyatt. The things he did when he was younger he also does now, such as going off on his own and using his imagination. The only difference is that he just speaks now instead of just making slight noises like when he was younger.

This had me thinking whether as adults we still have the same traits of when we were younger, or whether we have grown out of them. Are we born with our unique personalities already that shine through as we grow?

I know everybody is different but I thought that it was taught behaviour from our parents that made us who we are. It’s a factor that contributes to it as we grow, but now I believe that we were all born how we were meant to be with our own unique personalities stemming from our specific DNA and the mechanics of our brains.

You see i’ve noticed all of the children are different. They all seem to enjoy different things and as a parent you get to know your children and how different things affect them. You learn about their personalities.

It might sound silly but it amazes me how even from a baby, the personality of your child is already decided. Even as they grow and their personalities change a little, they still have those same traits they started with in the beginning.

I look at Faith and I can see myself in her when I was younger – the way she mimics me completely. I know that’s the reason I can understand her moods and frustrations, and why she acts the way she does sometimes because I was exactly the same.

It worries me a little because when I was a teen, I wasn’t the easiest teenager and if Faith’s the same as me when she becomes one, I don’t want her to get into the same mischief as I did at that age. I’m hoping that she doesn’t follow in my footsteps too much and becomes much wiser, and isn’t easily led astray.

Wyatt has more of a personality like his biological Dad. It can be frustrating sometimes as me and his Dad are complete opposites and never really got along. I love Wyatt either way – he’s my son and he’s got a little part of me too (I’m also secretly hoping he grows out of it).

I also believe this is why Faith and Wyatt don’t get along so well because they are complete opposites – one is like me and the other one is like their biological Dad.

Now Aurora’s personality is completely different to Faith, Wyatts and even Kiiara’s. She’s more like her Dad but she’s also very girlie. I’m not to sure where she gets that from. I’m not exactly a girly girl myself.

Then there is Kiiara. Shes much quieter than Aurora used to be at her age. She can be quite vocal when she wants to be but not as much as Aurora used to be. Their laughs are completely different too. I’m excited to see what Kiiara’s full personality will be like when she’s a little older and determine whether she’s anything like her sisters and brother, or she’s more like her Daddy or Mummy. Or just completely unique.

I’m not certain of the theory myself but I believe that factors of our parents shine through to us. I also believe that our personality is also set in stone from when we are conceived. It’s just who we are.

I’d love to hear if there is any traits that your child has kept from a younger age that they still show now. What are those traits? Whether you still show traits of yourself when you were younger? Or you could be a completely different person now than you were when you were younger. I’d love to hear your input on my theories!


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Featured Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels


Author: Zoe

Hi! I'm Zoe Williams. I am a mum of 4 children and I am in a happy relationship with my partner Liam. I like reading, writing and various other activities. I like spending time with the kids and now I am here to blog about it.

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