Getting Sporty – Wyatt’s Sports Day

As the temperatures rise and it becomes Summer, it’s time for the kids annual sports day. Today Wyatt had his. Find out how well he did and what happened to him here!

The weather was scorching yesterday here in the United Kingdom and it was the day Wyatt had his sports day.

He was excited about being able to do some running. It’s his favourite way to burn off that crazy energy he always seems to have. He woke up at half 5 this morning. It amazes me how he doesn’t seem to need that much sleep and yet he can keep going for hours.

We showed up to sports day at around 1pm. The gates didn’t open till 1:10pm so there was a queue of parents building waiting to see their little ones win some races.

Luckily enough the school had gazebos for the children and some of the parents sat under one too, me included to avoid the heat.

Wyatts year did three races in total – a normal boys race, a bean bag race and then finally the relay race. Wyatt spotted us in the crowd waving, smiling and shouting “Mummy” and “Nana”.

As he did the first race, he seemed to just speed off. I’m not sure if he came first or not as Wyatt had lost his stickers that he won shortly after it finished.

We had to wait for the other year groups to do their races before Wyatt did his second race, which was the ‘bean bag’ race.

36274721_10156648219730799_6242498359282630656_n (2)

I remember Faith a few years ago cheated on this race and held the bean bag all the way to the finish line. I thought Wyatt might do the same but instead he ran with one hand behind his back and had the bean bag on the bat right until just before the finishing line where it fell off. He came third. He seemed quite happy with himself.


After a few more races from the other year groups, it was time for the last race of the afternoon which was the ‘relay race’ where they had to run to the finish line and back to give a baton to another child so they could run and do the same.

Wyatt was last in his line and as he made the run, his legs buckled underneath him half way through. He looked back then burst into tears. It broke his little heart. I watched as one of the teachers picked him up and carried him to a chair and retrieved his water bottle. After a few minutes Wyatt calmed down and seemed back to his usual self, and because of the hot weather all the children got given an ice lolly when they had finished.

Overall Wyatt had a good sports day and it was nice to be able to sit out in the sun watching him enjoy himself. It was definitely a proud Mummy moment.

I’ve got it all to come again with Faiths sports day on Thursday. It is definitely going to be a busy week!


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Featured Photo by Fabricio Trujillo from Pexels


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