One Step Closer to a Diagnosis

Slow progress is being made, but we’ve finally started to get the ball rolling. Wyatt’s suspected autism is getting worse and worse each day, and harder to deal with. Read all about our difficulties with him and the progress that is being made for an assessment here!

As most of you know, we have been trying to get a confirmation of Wyatts autism.

It’s been a long road of ups and downs and even attempting to get a doctors appointment has been deemed difficult. It took over 3 weeks just to be seen.

I recently spoke to Wyatts speech therapist about my concerns which seemed quite easy for me to elaborate on. I think because she’s been Wyatts speech therapist on and off since he was in Nursery, I felt comfortable and confident in speaking with her, but seeing the doctor yesterday, despite seeming nice enough, I felt nervous speaking about his problems to a complete stranger. In the end I just gave her the list of bullet points I had written down previously with everything we have observed about him.

The doctor let me know that she will write a letter to a community pediatrician which we should then hear from them with an appointment but it could take a few weeks before we see anybody. What’s a few more weeks anyhow? I finally feel some relief that we have finally got the ball rolling. Wyatt needs extra support and if i’m honest, so do we in order to be able to learn tactics of how to deal with his unruly behaviours.

Today’s been a hard day for Wyatt and us parents from the moment he woke up this morning. He decided to go on the search for food. It was still the middle of the night. He just doesn’t seem to need sleep – well very little of it anyway. He thought he’d help himself to some crisps which are stored on the top of the fridge, a chocolate mousse and some jelly stored inside the child-locked fridge that he managed to open.

He seemed to be in a foul mood yesterday morning. It might have had something to do with telling him he couldn’t have biscuits before he went to school because he had already been on a munching spree.

That’s when the temper kicked in. He attempted to trip Faith down the stairs. He also broke Auroras princess tent the morning before, that she received for her birthday. He ripped a huge hole in the bottom. When I asked him why, he just replied

“I don’t know. I’m always angry.”

I know exactly why he’s angry. It’s because when we tell him “no” he doesn’t like it, but whether he’s got autism or not he needs to follow the rules and learn right from wrong just like his siblings have to. I may have to just try a different approach with him.

I’m hoping now that we have finally seen a doctor and have took that first step towards getting support, things will get easier because quite frankly how are you supposed to discipline a child who doesn’t understand what he’s doing is wrong? He simply changes the subject.

For example: He will randomly say “Banana” or talk about what he did at school days ago when you’re telling him off. It’s frustrating for us as well, not just Wyatt.

He did manage to earn a dojo point which he hasn’t done in a long time so he was very pleased with himself. I was very happy that he finally listened and did as he was told.

He’s not a bad kid and I love him very much but somedays are harder than others so with this next step that’s finally been taken, hopefully we can get the help and support with understanding each other better and learn some tips & tricks to manage his behaviour in the future.

I will keep you all updated on Wyatts journey. It may be a long road but we will get there eventually.

On a good note however, I managed to get a giggle out of him which is quite rare. He always seems to be the grumpy one. It’s amazing how getting some toothpaste on his nose and saying “Oops. There’s no teeth up there” can make a boy laugh so much. It was a nice Mummy and Son moment. They are very rare so I definitely cherish them when they do happen.


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