Getting Sporty: Part 2 – Faiths Sports Day

As the sun continues to shine, it was Faiths turn to compete in her sports day. Races, long jumps, sack races and more. Read about what she did and how well she competed all here!

If you read our post from a couple of days ago (if not, you can read it here), it was Wyatt’s sports day on Tuesday. This time it was Faiths sports day and I was excited to see her compete in her races.

She had a long jump event on at half 10 in the morning but we couldn’t make it to that because of having to sort out the other girls, but instead turned at 1pm for the main event. I asked Auntie Lisa to take a video of Faith doing her long jump so I didn’t have to miss it entirely.

When we showed up to get seated with the other parents, we bumped into Faith coming out of school crying hysterically. The teacher apparently sent her to find her glasses and sun hat but she couldn’t find them so she thought she’d get into trouble for not having them. I managed to calm her down and get her to join back into her group ready for the fun to begin.

Faith did 3 races in total – the first one she had to do was 2 laps of the field with a group of children from the same year. The PE teacher also joined in too leading them all round.

The second race she did was a sprint in which she came first place. The smile on her face was priceless. She was so proud of herself and we were proud of her too.


After a few different year groups did their races, it came back to Faiths final race which was the sack race. Kiiara needed feeding at this point and where I was sat I couldn’t really see it but Liam managed to get some photos for me. Faith came third place and got stuck in the bean bag. She ended up losing her shoes within it which she found funny.


The sports day finally finished at around quarter past 3. I was very proud of my little mini me. She did really well and seeing the smile on her face made it all worth the sunburn that I currently have after being out in the sun for so long. 27 degrees celsius is certainly too hot for me to handle, and especially the poor children too (we’re not used to this scorching weather here in the UK so when it does emerge, we’re not prepared for it).

It was staff training day today so we are having a long weekend. Faith and Wyatt have gone to their Dads until Sunday. I’m looking forward to what the weekend has in mind for us.

I may as well enjoy the sun while we have it but I best remember the sun cream otherwise this mama is going to become a lobster by next week!


If you are in the UK right now, how are you enjoying the nice weather? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Featured Photo by Juan Salamanca from Pexels


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