UK Armed Forces Day & Ants in my Pants

As it was UK Armed Forces day over the weekend, we decided to take a look. Air displays, marching bands, a chinook helicopter, food stalls, flight simulators, a Royal & Prime guest, & much much more were present. Read all about it here!

It was UK Armed Forces Day on Saturday, so we decided to take a trip to Llandudno to go and see what all the excitement was about.It was estimated to be at least 100,000 people attending the event and the Prime Minister was in attendance too.

When we arrived, Llandudno was jam-packed with people. I’ve never seen the place so busy despite being a popular holiday resort. There were parades going on, a lot of military presence, and even a chinook was stationary on a field for people to take a look inside – Liam was one of those people of course. He loves helicopters and planes. It’s been passed down from his Dad to him and now Aurora too. She absolutely loves them! However a few times before now she has called them boats.

IMG_4089 (2)
The Royal Lancaster escorted by Spitfires

The Red Arrows display team were doing an air display as well to showcase their skills. It was pretty amazing to see the coloured smoke and the tricks they were doing. The look on Auroras face was priceless and Liam’s too. It’s nice to see them share something in common and get excited about it together.

IMG_3954 (2)IMG_3994 (2)


After the Red Arrows finished, the Typhoon came on shortly after doing tricks too but it was definitely much louder than the Red Arrows. Aurora didn’t like the noise of it too much. We had to cover her ears because she got really upset. It could of been a combination of things though such as the sun, already being tired, and the noisy plane as well.

IMG_4136 (2)
The Typhoon

We heard cheers behind us as we saw unmarked police cars and police on  motorbikes. The Prime Minister was in one of those cars. She briefly appeared showing support for Armed Forces day before she took off back home in a private helicopter. I wouldn’t say i’m a big fan of her to be honest but some people seemed happy to see her there.

IMG_4182 (2)
Prime Minister Theresa May getting into a car

There was much more festivities going on from food stalls, fairground rides and even a tank full of water with a scuba diver inside. Two men above it were spraying people with water guns as they passed to keep people cool. It was scorching hot over the weekend so it was nice to get out of routine and enjoy the sunshine.

IMG_4202 (2)IMG_3950 (2)


We thought we’d head to McDonald’s to get some lunch because I was starting to get ‘hangry’ (Angry because I was hungry). I don’t do well being hot and hungry – I get my grumpy Mama on.

It was extremely busy everywhere. They ended up turning the drive-through to a walk-through so they could keep up with the customers. We found ourselves sat next to a tree on the grass to settle down and eat our lunch until I ended up with ants in my pants, and I don’t mean the term we use for fidgeting children, I mean actual ants in my pants! (literally speaking). It is not the nicest feeling getting nibbled by tiny creatures. As I was itching and smacking my legs to stop them biting me, I may have looked just a little bit crazy doing it, but that’s nothing unusual at all.

We popped into a few shops before we headed back to the festivities of the day. This Mama needed wine. I picked out a cherry sparkling rose. I couldn’t wait to get back and enjoy a glass of wine. Having been out 6 hours in the sun, I needed something refreshing.

Just before we went to ride the bus back home, we came across a plane that had paratroopers jumping out of it. It was the RAF Falcons! They also released different coloured smoke making patterns in the sky until they finally landed into the field with many people surrounding them. Everyone clapped and cheered.


The atmosphere of Llandudno that day was buzzing. People were happy and enjoying themselves with family and friends, and this is the reason I love North Wales. I guess it’s just in the heart of me with it’s beautiful views and feeling like being home where I belong.

We finally arrived home after a knackering but fun day with awful sunburn (not the girls of course) and our usual bits and bobs we get on the weekends. I thought that I would help myself to a glass of wine after such a long day. This didn’t go to plan. As it was hot and had been bouncing around under the pram for an hour or so, as I opened it, the whole thing exploded on me and went everywhere. It even reached the ceiling! Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea after all. I ended up choosing a cold pepsi instead.

Over all we had a great day. It’s great to make family memories we can cherish especially as the children grow older, we can look back on the pictures together and show them all the things they did when they were younger.

How’s the weather where you are? Did you do anything fun this weekend? I’d love to hear what you have been up to and whether you had any mishaps happen!


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