Does Loving Superheroes Make Oneself a Geek?

Loving superheroes, especially at the moment is a common trait, though it wasn’t always like that. Does loving superheroes mean you’re a geek? Find this out and more here!

I always get teased by my partner over this. I enjoy watching superhero movies and aspire to be one (doesn’t everyone?).

When I become hyped up after watching a superhero movie, she smiles and says:

“You’re such a nerd!”

I don’t take it to heart – I was a bit of a geek in high school (though apparently geeks and nerds aren’t the same funnily enough).

Geek definition according to the Cambridge Dictionary: ‘someone who is intelligent but not fashionable or popular.Or someone who is very interested in a particular subject and knows a lot about it.’

Nerd definition according to the Cambridge Dictionary: ‘a person, especially a man, who is not attractive and is awkward or socially embarrassing…. Or a person who is extremely interested in one subject, especially computers, and knows a lot of facts about it’

I think I’d much prefer to be called a geek than a nerd if that’s what they mean!

I digress however. Superhero movies are very much popular in today’s day and age. They fill people with hope, enjoyment and inspiration. My kids love superheroes just as much as I do. It seems to affect a large age range, generation after generation.

I never used to read comic books as a child – I never had the luxury of a comic book shop locally as opposed to countries like the United States where comic book culture is very vast. Instead I had a lot of superhero action figures I used to play with. This included Wolverine (and a few other X-Men with the X-Jet too!), Hercules, Power Rangers, Masked Rider, Knight Rider, Superman, Batman, Street Sharks, Biker Mice From Mars, and many more.

I really enjoyed playing with them, using my imagination and crossing over superhero universes for the ultimate battles. In my opinion I believe this is a great way to grow up – using your imagination, learning new things, and solving problems. I’d rather that than playing a game watching a screen – this could certainly affect a child’s eyesight in the future (I don’t have anything against playing video games or portable games devices. Just pointing out a possible problem).

When you’re a child growing up I’ve also found it’s important to go outside, get some fresh air and to play sports. This encourages development and growth. I had that as a child, but not so much when I was a young teen.

When I was a teenager I spent a lot of my time searching the web learning new things. There’s nothing wrong with that, however I should have also spent a great deal of my time outdoors too. Does this make me a nerd/geek? 

One could simply answer “Yes, yes it does” without understanding the whole picture. Yes I may have spent a lot of time in front of the computer learning new things, but I also enjoyed things that wouldn’t exactly make me a ‘nerd’ too, like for example: weight lifting, supercars, fit women, building things, basketball and other sports, and so on. Does that still make me a nerd/geek?

I don’t know to be honest. And frankly I don’t care now. Nowadays nerdy or geeky topics have become popular culture so whether I like that stuff or not, it’s not something to be embarrassed about anymore.

With Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 breaking box office records last weekend, there’s no saying superheroes are any more nerdy or geeky as any other popular topic today – It’s now simply a common favourite!


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Dealing With Emotion – Allowing Your Child To Express Themselves

Kids can be very expressive and jump from happy to sad over the simplest of things. But when things do go south, how far do you let them go before it becomes unacceptable behaviour? I talk about this and more here!

This is a subject close to my heart. When I was growing up I felt frustrated that I got into trouble for letting out my emotions and frustrations, and I felt like nobody listened!

I did have a good relationship with my parents and I was really close with my Dad but being young, understanding the world was difficult. I followed the rules sometimes and broke them as you do, but my point of question is how far is too far for your children to express themselves before we call it naughty behaviour?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I would say I’m quite a strict parent but I can also be quite lenient at times. I feel that the children should be able to express how they are feeling and be able to come to talk to me if they feel the need to instead of worrying that they will get into trouble.

I see it as even though they are younger and have less worries than adults, we are all human and they can get angry and annoyed just like us. Especially toddlers, jeez!

In my opinion as long as the children aren’t screaming at me or smashing the house up or physically fighting with their siblings, then I will let them express their emotions. Just the other day Faith wasn’t happy that I said “NO!” She turned into a mini teenager, stropping around.

Her usual line,

“I’m going to bed”

as she stomps off to her room.

5 minutes later she came out of her room uttering,

“You said boys are hard work. Girls are flipping harder!”

Liam, Lisa and I we’re in fits of giggles. Perhaps it was not the best way to react but to me, she wasn’t doing any harm – she was just expressing how she felt. She soon calmed down, came over to me and asked whether I still love her.

My reply was

“Yes of course. Have you calmed down now?”

She replied


And gave me a big cuddle. She then said


and I didn’t hear a peep out of her after that until the morning.

You see she reminds me of me when I was little. I mean she could be a clone, and looking back on my childhood how I dealt with my emotions, that had me thinking why it’s so important for her to let hers out too.

I don’t agree with her back chatting me though. In my eyes she’s an amazing little girl who’s just learning the way of the world and getting to know herself as she grows up. I don’t think I should be the one to withhold her from that but she needs to learn how to deal with her anger herself and learn how to calm herself down because she will need to know this when she’s an adult.

I will teach them right from wrong, and when it’s not acceptable to let them emotions out if its going to hurt other people’s feelings.

Now Wyatt is a total different kettle of fish altogether. I believe that he too can let out his feelings but because of Wyatts learning difficulties, he struggles with dealing with his emotions and tends to become angry and lash out.

Even though I would like him to learn how to deal with them himself, I usually have to get involved to calm him down otherwise it begins to turn into naughty behaviour – It certainly isn’t acceptable.

For example: He’ll answer back, slam doors, breaks toys and trashes his room. He sometime lashes out hitting or even doing things that can seriously hurt himself too!

My questions to you all –

-Do you let your children express themselves?

-How far is too far?

-When does it become unacceptable behaviour?


I would love to hear some of your stories of how your children deal with their emotions and whether they have said anything funny out of frustration!

Love a thoughtful Mama.



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A Mother’s Intuition & Date Night

Ever had a gut feeling your child is in trouble when you are away from them to find they WERE actually in trouble? That’s motherly instinct. I had it over the weekend. Read more about it here!

Since living in Liverpool Liam and I hadn’t had a date night in OVER 6 MONTHS.

Our lives consisted in just looking after the children day in day out and we didn’t make time for ourselves as a couple. It certainly took a bit of a toll on us.

As much as we loved spending time with the children it’s important for our relationship to spend time together just me and him, but it wasn’t possible when we lived there.

Since moving back to Wales we’ve been out a lot more and realised just how much we had actually missed it.

The new Avengers movie (Infinity War Part 1) came out on Friday and Liam is a massive fan. I must say so myself that they are pretty cool films. He got all hyped up wanting to go to watch it, so we thought we would go to see it as our first date night in months.

At first I was quite nervous about leaving little Kiiara for 2 and a half hours, but I knew the girls would be safe with their Auntie Lisa – she’s been a proper star, and to be honest I wouldn’t know what I’d do without her.

We had everything sorted ready to go including having pumped, sterilised the bottles and getting Aurora ready and into bed. It finally was time to head off and the girls were both content. Kiiara was still awake but she had a feed before we left and had enough milk just incase she got hungry in-between.

It’s a strange feeling being without the kids, even though it was only for a short while. We felt like we we’re forgetting something but it was nice to be able to hold hands instead of always pushing prams.

We arrived at the cinema, got our ‘Tango Ice Blast‘ and popcorn, and made our way to the screening. It felt like forever before the film started.

We sat watching the film and everything seemed fine until I got this strange feeling come over me. At first I thought it was worry, but I’d call it mother’s intuition. I just knew that Kiiara wasn’t settling and that she was crying despite having enough milk and had been tired when I left. I mentioned it to Liam and he said I’m sure she’s fine, but not 5 minutes later I got a text from Lisa saying Kiiara was crying and Aurora was up crying asking for Mummy and Daddy too.

Kiiara just wouldn’t take the bottle. I suggested changing the teat size just incase it was slow but still no success – she just wasn’t a happy bunny. The film had nearly finished so we headed home straight after. Kiiara must have finally settled to sleep within the last 5 minutes before we got home.

It honestly truly amazes me how I knew she wasn’t settling despite being so far away from her. The bond between a Mother and their child is an amazing thing and I feel blessed to feel that connection. To top it off though, the film was completely awesome! (No spoilers, I promise!)

It was nice to be able to spend time with the Mr and be able to have couple time. It certainly does a relationship good to take some time out together.


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Early Education – Pushing for a Head Start

Pushing your kids to learn things about life early on isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Developing knowledge earlier than average means a head start in life to achieve greatness sometime in the future. Read more about it in todays latest post here!

I’ve been thinking about my kids development lately and how I want them to grow up to be successful human beings in the future, so I thought i’d talk about self-educating your children at home. 

The standard educational system here in the UK works quite well – teaching kids the basics of everyday life, the planet we live on and what’s beyond our planet too. Basic maths skills help teach the kids about money, and calculating formulas to solve problems.

When the kids return home from school, I like to listen to the kids reading to me – help them with any words they are stuck on and provide encouragement so they know they are doing the right thing.

Aurora is nearly 2 years old. Liam likes to teach her new words and get her to associate them with certain things, whether it be an object, gesture, animal and so on. I believe this is a good way to start off our kids early, knowing when they are older they already know that stuff and seek to educate themselves further with more advanced information.

Faith and Wyatt both read books now and again, but they sometimes lack the motivation and just want to play instead. I’m not going to stop them from having a childhood – they’re only children once!

I don’t want to push the kids too far with their education – they get enough of that at school, but I want to make sure they understand basic things in life so one day when they are much older, they can go off into the world themselves and know how to deal with things.

Back in Liverpool Liam set up a game for the kids to play involving paper money to teach the kids about buying and selling, to see who was better off at the end of it. Liam was the seller, Faith the buyer and Wyatt the wholesaler.

Liam bought in bulk from Wyatt and sold things individually to Faith at a higher price than what he bought them for. This made him better off at the end of the game. It helped Faith and Wyatt understand how to deal with money, and the basics of a marketplace.

Games like this help teach the kids things without appearing boring to them (as we know kids have short attention spans). I think it’s a good way to educate them and so shall be playing more like it in the future!

It breaks my heart thinking that one day my little babies will grow up to then leave to live their own lives, but for now they are still under my wing and have plenty of time to cherish with them and teach them about the crazy world ahead.

Things I would have liked to have learned in school to prepare me for the real world include:

  • What tax is and how to deal with it.
  • What a pension is and what I need to do to prepare for it.
  • Different ways to make money.
  • How to drive
  • Budgeting

There’s probably more I could add to that list, but that’s a few main examples that could have given me a head-start in life if I knew about them beforehand.


Do you educate your children at home? What things would you have liked to have been taught in school to give you a head start in life?  Drop us a comment in the comments section below to let us know! 


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Rising Out Of The Nest

That first moment you know you have a baby growing inside of you, until the day they leave to go off into the world themselves. Time to cherish what we have now before it’s too late. Read more about it here!

Do you remember that first ‘oops I’m late’ moment?

From the first little line on that pregnancy test to establish a little human is growing inside of you.

That first time you tell your friends and family that you’re expecting a little bundle of joy.

To the 12 week scan when you find out whether there is one or two, and of course when you’re due!

Before you know it, it’s then the 20 week scan to check whether baby is growing like they’re supposed to, and finding out the gender if you wished. And of course those first movements that despite being rather uncomfortable occasionally or feel strange at first, they fill you with this amazing warmth and unconditional love for them.

This little human you have felt moving and twisting inside you, keeping you awake whilst you run to the toilet countless of times throughout the night, will be ready to make his or her appearance either through a natural birth or a c-section. Whilst the nervousness and pain and sheer fear of it all sets in, you may also feel excited to see your child for the first time, overjoyed and perhaps rendered speechless by their first cry.

I remember those feelings so well with all my children like it was just yesterday. All of my pregnancies were different but I still remember that pure fear, pain and joy of seeing each and every one of them take their first breath.

I believe every child is a blessing whether planned or not. It’s also amazing how different they all are – their personalities show through. I could throttle them sometimes (metaphorically speaking) but watching them grow every single day and seeing how much they change, taking in every detail of their little faces – it’s like a breath of fresh air.

These little pain in the bums have stolen my heart completely and I couldn’t be prouder to be their Mummy! I must admit however, as much as I enjoy watching them grow into their personalities, i’m also filled with an overwhelming sadness to realise that they will soon grow up to be adults and live their own lives.

Being a parent is hard work and you’ve probably seen from my Mummy Confessions posts that I have bad days and days even worse than bad days, but I do also have good days too.

I started thinking to myself today as Faith visited me upstairs to help her with her tie. I realised how much this baby of mine has grown and I see myself in her so much. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing but I really studied her as she spoke and noticed how grown up she has become alongside the little freckles on her face.

This first born of mine is nearly 8 years old and even though she’s a ‘mini teenager’, i’m so proud of who she’s becoming and how well she’s coming along with her reading and handwriting.

Today I’d finally stopped, and rather than thinking of how stressed I was and how I couldn’t wait until bedtime, I really looked at my children and thought to myself how much of a lucky person I am to be their Mummy.

They grow too fast, and within a blink of an eye they will be going off to college and finally have a family of their own.

Hold on to the memories because even though they will always hold your heart, they only hold your hand for a short while.

Love, A Sentimental Mama


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Why I’ve Put My Filmmaking Career on Hold

Chasing a childhood dream when you are an adult can be extremely difficult if you do not have the resources or opportunities to pursue it. What do you do? Do you give up? Let go of your dreams to open something else up? Read about this and more here!

Though I’ve put it on hold, I haven’t quite given up yet. Times are changing. Things are cheaper and easily accessible.

Why haven’t I given up yet?

I don’t believe in giving up on my dreams, and If I do, I’d feel like a failure.

Having my own children has put it in perspective for me how important it is to become a role model – someone who they can look up to, who is there to protect them, raise them and provide for them.

I’ve been passionate about filmmaking since high school. I had big plans then on to pursue a filmmaking career and follow after the ‘Greats’ of cinema!

I was all set, following the educational system through to the end point in order to come out of it with a career. LIFE IS NEVER THAT SIMPLE THOUGH.

I completed University with a BA (Hons) Degree in my chosen field, but there wasn’t any job openings or opportunities for me to pursue after that, so I had to return home and begin my research.

Where could I possible go to chase after my dreams?

London? Manchester? Leeds? Sheffield?

I was torn. The most likely place in the UK to find film production opportunities was in the capital – London. I knew I had to go there. In the meantime I was caught up in a part-time job raising money to go ahead with my plan.

But then I met a girl who I fell in love with. Not to say she stopped me from moving to London, but I put it on hold for the time being until I could convince her to come with me.

Time flew by and we decided to have a baby together. This was a BIG step for us, but I knew she was ‘the one’. I became a Daddy. Our baby needed me, so we couldn’t do a big move just yet.

We had researched into possible opportunities that I could get into if we did move, and had contacted many companies for work, but very few got back to me. It was a very competitive marketplace, and very few look to hire entry level staff.

This had me worried. I wasn’t getting anywhere. I even looked in to the National Film & Television School for a Masters Course in my chosen field. It looked rather interesting, but housing for a family of 5 at the time would have been very expensive, so I had to cross that off my list.

I looked at other cities where there may have been a film production presence. Manchester was my next target, until I found out that it had more of a music scene than film.

Liverpool was our final choice. This is where we had moved to in order to pursue my dreams. We arrived there in October. I had contacted companies in and around Liverpool to open up the possibility of work within the industry, and again NOTHING. The closest I got to was freelance work, and even so was unreliable and very little work came my way.

Since Liverpool I figured the film production industry barely exists in the UK. When big film companies do film here, they usually come over from America and provide their own crew, so need very little local crew to hire. Besides that, there are independent companies who hire on a freelancing basis when the work comes in (so getting a regular average paycheck is unlikely).

Having children makes it harder to go off and work either around the country or on a freelancing basis because of the time away from the family and needing to provide money to support the family, and not just myself.

I haven’t completely dismissed the idea of going back into the film industry further on in life, but for now I need to be able to work at something else which will provide a good income and stability. I’ve also felt that pursuing a creative career doesn’t make me feel like I’m contributing to society in a productive way.

  • Manufacturers on their production lines make things that people use everyday.
  • Lawyers protect the innocent from going to jail.
  • Scientists research into all sorts of things to understand life better etc etc.

I want to feel like i’m doing something that MATTERS.

So I am looking to start my own business (not a film related business either)- one that I can work from at home (so no need to be away from family), and will seek to grow throughout the year. I’m in my research phase at the moment so hope to launch it very soon!


If you feel the same way and wish to share your thoughts or frustrations, please drop us a comment in the comments section below! 

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Mummy Confessions: Entry 7

Diary entry No. 7 of a stressed-out mum dealing with 4 kids. What it’s like and how it feels to deal with them all at once!

I was woken by Liam watching a film trailer on his phone this morning.

“What time is it?”

He replied,

“20 past 7”

I must of not heard the alarm go off. I jumped out of bed snapping at Liam as I got up.

“Why didn’t you wake me!?”

I made my way down stairs to make a much-needed coffee. I felt completely exhausted this morning but I’m trying to start some kind of ‘new’ routine to make it easier for us as a family to get things done and much more organised.

Everything still feels up in the air. There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day especially since we were out most of the day yesterday – from food shopping, to the school run and a trip back to the doctors as well.

The good news though is that I’ve managed to get my contraception that I’m currently on (Desomono) – well the prescription anyway. Apparently most chemist’s don’t seem to stock it and has to be ordered in.

We had to pop back to the doctors this morning too because Kiiara had to have her immunisations. They are much needed as she’s late for them. I hate the fact needles inflict pain on her – it makes me an emotional wreck seeing her tear up and weep after having been jabbed by one! Lots of extra cuddles will be needed!

If I’m honest I’m feeling a little down in the dumps today. I think it’s because I haven’t been sleeping properly lately.

I feel quite selfish just wanting an hour of my own company, just myself to relax and try to get myself out of this grumpy mood.

I feel emotionally and mentally drained at the moment, like everything’s getting on top of me. I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way with tiny humans and a partner to keep occupied and take care of, but I’m only human and I’m guessing some parents probably feel the same way sometimes too.

It’s difficult to try and keep everybody happy sometimes. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to do. I’ve either annoyed my partner, the toddler is being a grumpy moo, or i’m the ‘worst mum in the world’ with the other two because I sent Faith into school when she didn’t want to go in, or I said “no” to the only little man in the house.

Parenting doesn’t come with a manual and I’ve seen all the children’s programs where parents are always smiling – never shouting and their children are like ‘little angels’ who never misbehave.

Ideal family life, right. But come on, that’s not reality!

Us parents lose our shit! The children can sometimes turn demonic without any warning and we can all get exhausted and just want abit of adult time to be ourselves, or perhaps to simply take a nap.

I’m not ashamed that I have days like these but I do feel guilty sometimes thinking how I should be doing this – perhaps needing to try and change myself, and envision the perfect mother that you see on the TV programs.

Feeling this way can knock your confidence as a parent, human being and somebody’s partner.

I love my family, there’s no doubt in that, but somedays are harder than others and I do struggle occasionally. I’ve realised it’s OK to feel like this sometimes –  we are all doing the best for our children and we won’t give up even on the bad days. They are worth it after all!

Days can get better and it won’t feel like this forever. They will fly the nest one day and we will miss the noise and chaos of them all.

Love a tired, grumpy Mama.


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A Weekend Back in the 1940’s

Exploring wartime Britain last weekend as we enjoyed the 40’s Festival. War planes – Military vehicles – Soldiers and more in today’s latest post. Check it out now!

The weekend had finally arrived and there was lots to do, beginning with the ‘Forties Festival’!

I wouldn’t say there was much to do with the children besides looking around at the old military vehicles, a life-sized plane, exploring the food stands, and popping in to the ‘solar powered cinema’ (which was quite cool to be fair, they even gave out free popcorn!). There was a hand cranked merry-go-round for the younger children too!

We walked around observing how other people lived their lives in wartime Britain in the 1940’s whilst live music was playing in the background. People had even dressed up in military uniforms and some ladies wore 1940’s garments. It was nice to see so many people enjoying the day!

There was also a 1940’s style bus taking people for a ride over to Rhos On Sea for more festivities.

IMG_3074 (2)

We spent the weekend with Liam’s sister Lisa and his niece too. As it was such a warm day we also took a stroll down to the beach to make the most of the sunshine.

As we got half way down the beach, I thought it would be a good idea to let Aurora walk along with us. She seemed to be enjoying herself running along holding my hand until she got brave and let go – she wanted to run away. She ended up tripping up and grazing her knee but it didn’t seem to faze her too much – she just got back up and carried on.

Then the tantrum hit. She wouldn’t hold onto my hand and she kept running in completely the opposite direction. I tried to put her back into the pram. Toddlers seem to get awfully strong when they don’t want to do something!

I managed to get the demonic creature back into her pram by distracting her with a dog that was close by. The man with the dog even brought him over to stop her from crying. It worked for about 5 minutes until he left with the dog.

She finally cheered up in the end though.

We stood and watched people sailing on the sea and practicing watersports. It looked like so much fun. Liam mentioned that he would like to try some water sports himself during the Summer.

IMG_3005 (2)

We saw a stand advertising it. Liam had enquired about paddle boarding. I’m sure he will enjoy it. On the other hand though despite looking rather fun, I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to water sports. Hopefully i’ll face my fears one day and give it a try.

On the way back from the beach I waddled up the road like a penguin with Liam’s niece. I enjoy being a kid with children sometimes, instead of having to just be the ‘mean Mummy’.

I must have looked like a right numpty, but we were enjoying ourselves – that was the main thing so I didn’t care what other people thought.

I thought my penguining was quite impressive. I certainly learnt how to waddle after having four children.

We have had a fun filled weekend. I’ve certainly missed the beautiful views and the odd stroll by the sea. More to come again soon!


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An Uncooperative BBQ and a Sleepless Night

Taking advantage of the Sunny weather with a lovely BBQ – what could possibly go wrong? Find out more here!

We had a BBQ last night. The children were really excited. We had planned it a week earlier but the weather took a turn and we couldn’t do it.

So as we picked them up from school, they we’re happy to hear we were finally going to be having one!

Liam and his Dad had been attempting to get the BBQ lit, which turned into quite a chore because no matter what they tried, it just wouldn’t work (We forgot to get some fire lighters from the shop. Didn’t think it would be so difficult to start a fire!).

They tried allsorts, from burning newspaper to using flammable spray as a flame thrower – it just wouldn’t stay lit!

An hour or so passed and still with no success we decided to have an indoor BBQ simply using the cooker. The children were still happy all the same as they got their burgers, sausages and chicken.

After we all ate our food, Liam went to check on the BBQ to find it was actually burning and extremely hot just 2 hours late. We had to laugh – just our luck for that to happen.


Nevertheless the food was nice and I enjoyed having Liam’s Sister and Dad over. I do enjoy having little family get-togethers no matter how small.

Liam’s Sister has been a Godsend recently, helping me out with the children so I can get some housework done or just to have a 5 minute break. Especially since Kiiara has been rather clingy lately and doesn’t like to be put down for too long. It just makes it so difficult to get everything done.

We got the children to bed later than usual but we thought we’d make the most of the evening. When we finally got them all settled, we made our way upstairs to bed and I settled down to read my book, attempting to finish it so I can start another.

I’ve got 6 more to choose from. Not quite sure where to start. I usually let Liam pick because I can never make my mind up. Reading is my quiet, wind down time where I can get lost in a story, and I certainly look forward to that time of a night after a busy day with the children.

After nearly finishing the book that I was currently reading, it finally hit me how exhausted I was and I must have conked out about half 9. I got at least an hour sleep in before I woke myself up randomly. I’ve been having this problem a lot recently where I fall asleep early and wake up around 11ish, then I struggle to go to sleep again – it drives me batty!

I will be staring at the ceiling thinking about what I’ve got to do the next day or just waiting for the alarm to go off in the morning.

Last night was the worst nights sleep I’ve had in a long time. Mostly because my youngest monkey continued tossing and turning throughout the night, but when I finally settled her, I still couldn’t seem to drop off no matter how hard I tried! I even tried counting sheep but I think that just makes me think more but about fluffy animals that sound “bahhhh”.

Anyway enough about my awful sleeping habits. We have the ‘Forties Festival‘ on over the weekend which should be exciting (a festival event dedicated to the 1940’s wartime – they do ballroom dancing, showcase military vehicles from that era, a live gunfire display amongst several other things too!)

We can’t wait to share our weekend adventures with you all, so stay tuned for next week’s posts!


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A Bright Appearance & a Problematic Pill

Who knew the mini pill was a difficult contraception to obtain? Trying to get the right one for you tends to be trial and error. In today’s post I talk about my experience attempting to top-up before it all runs out! Check it out here!

It was hot and Sunny this morning. I got myself up, got all the children ready for the school run, and off we went enjoying the nice weather for a change!

We had a lot of paperwork and forms to fill out, so after returning home I got Kiiara and Aurora fed straight away. I thought I would ring up the doctors to see whether I could get my contraceptive mini pill too.

I’m currently on ‘Desomono’, which so far seems to go without any side effects for me other than a small bleed at the beginning when I first started taking it. It has suited me quite well otherwise.

I managed to get an appointment for today. It was fine by me even though it was a little bit of a walk. I’m on my last week of pills so I needed to get some ASAP – No more babies for me!

As we arrived at the doctors we had to wait a while to be seen. I spoke to the doctor about what pill I’ve been on recently and how I’d like to remain on it. I thought it would be as simple as that, but to my surprise it didn’t go that way. Apparently she had never heard of it! I explained that we moved from England and that’s where I originally obtained it from.

She rang up the chemist to see whether they had that mini pill available. They did but as she tried to prescribe me that pill, she told me that she wasn’t allowed to. Guess why… because it costs a little bit more for that one instead of the one she tends to hand out regularly called ‘Cerelle’.

I couldn’t believe my ears. It’s all to do with money! How can people’s health be based on money? It didn’t seem right to me as she was telling me. I explained that the cheaper alternative had caused  major side effects whilst I was on it after having Aurora.

I ended up with a painful cyst, migraines, blurry vision, and I just didn’t feel well at all. The doctor just replied,

“Try it, they are all the same!”

If that was the case, why would I have problems with one and not the other? and if they were all the same why aren’t they the same price?

In all honesty she was just trying to fob me off. I went to the chemist and also explained my predicament and asked whether there was any way they could give me the ‘Desomono’ mini pill that i’m currently on instead – I even offered to pay for it!

Apparently you can’t do that either, so basically you have to get what you’re given and deal with it.

I honestly felt like crying. They weren’t listening to me – they just wanted to save money instead.

When we returned home I checked the ingredients from the Desomono mini pill against the new one I had been given. The ingredients are completely different apart from the main ingredient ‘Degesterol’.

The ingredients from the new pill are the same as the mini pill that I previously had bad side effects with, so I’m really worried that i’m going to have the same issues as last time.

I’m going to try a last resort by going to the family-planning clinic to see if I can get my original mini pill from them instead. I’m hoping I am able to, otherwise I will have to see if I can find a plan-b contraception – something I didn’t want to do in the first place.

One stressed out mama today and a grumpy defiant little toddler on my hands too.

We are planning on having a BBQ tonight with the children and Liam’s Sister and Dad. I’m sure that will cheer me up – food is definitely a way to my heart, especially if its chocolate!


I would like to hear any stories you have about contraception and whether you experienced any side effects using different ones in the comments section below!


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Trying Something New – Boogie Bounce Xtreme!

I hadn’t done anything like this before. As it approaches Summer, I thought it’d be a good time to start getting back into shape. Zoe dragged me to a Boogie Bounce class yesterday. Read more about it here!

It was dark. Lights shone upon me. The music grew louder and I was panting like a dog. Up, down, up, down. No, I wasn’t in the middle of an intimate moment with my partner. I was at Boogie Bounce Xtreme!

She dragged me along with her. She had planned on going with her friend, but something came up and was unable to go.

She seeked to find someone else to go with, but then thought of me.

“Do you want to go with me instead?”

“Only if you can’t find anyone else to go with. I don’t want you missing out.”

…and that was it. She set her mind upon me as a companion and convinced me to tag along with her. I was unsure whether this was something I would be comfortable doing – more so because more women attend than men.

I had to set up an online account. First lesson was free as a trial basis (to see whether you like it or not). I filled out the online application. On the disclosure, it stated: ‘Risk of death’. This didn’t exactly fill me with any confidence, but I went ahead anyway.

‘7:30pm 17th April – Booked’. That was it, I couldn’t back out now.

I had to get my gym clothes ready beforehand. I hadn’t been in my sports gear for a very long time, so I had to dig through my boxes just to find them. Jogging bottoms or shorts? 

I began thinking which of those would be better to bounce around in. On one hand the jogging bottoms would be ideal to keep my legs warm, but on the other hand they can be quite restricting. So instead I went for my shorts – they provide good air flow and I could get a good range of motion in them!

Once back from the school run, we were in a rush to get the kids bathed and fed ready for bed later on. My sister Lisa was to come round to babysit for us. Zoe had to pump in case Kiiara needed feeding when we were out.

7 o’clock arrived and it was almost time to leave. We got our last minute preparation sorted and out the door we left at nearly 20 past 7. We jumped in the car and off I drove. I roughly knew where I was going, but had never been there before so I was expecting to go to the wrong place.

7:30pm and we found it! Parked up and walked in.

A long room with 12 individual trampolines laid out to choose from. Women hanging about ready to start the session, with no men in sight. I WAS THE ONLY MAN THERE! AWKWARD!

I plucked up the courage to walk on and found two trampolines side-by-side for Zoe and I. This was it. Time to get started!

The instructor began with some warm up exercises. They were quite intense and in-time with the music. Running rapidly on the trampoline. Damn that woke my legs up. 

We continued on, up and down, bouncing on the trampoline following different movements the instructor was showing us. It was really fun – I was certainly enjoying myself. It was difficult to get into the rhythm of the movements in-time with the music, but I got there after a few tries.

Towards the end of the session, the instructor got us to do some cool-down exercises and stretches. This included some press-ups off and up onto the trampoline again, leg lifts, and some yoga positions. I enjoyed doing the stretches at the end – they made me feel refreshed and personally I think it helps to prevent aches the following day.

We had a lot of fun at Boogie Bounce Xtreme. It was something different and something we wouldn’t have normally tried. I’m glad I went with Zoe, and I think she enjoyed my company too (or atleast I hope so anyway).

It would be nice to continue doing some couple fitness activities in the future to spend some quality time together, have more to share with you all, and i’m sure it’s very healthy too!

As the weather heats up this week here in the UK, it’s probably a good time to start getting in shape for the Summer!


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If you reside in North Wales and would like to find out more about the Boogie Bounce classes we went to, please drop us a message on our contact page and we’ll get back to you with more information.



The Unpleasant Tuesday and a Crabby Toddler

Sleep deprivation, a bad word in a public place, and a child refusing to go into school. Read about it in todays latest post here!

Today has been a complete pain in my ass! I feel like time has just swallowed me up and I’m trying to break through just to be able to breathe clearly.

I’ve been rushed off my feet and feel rushed doing everything I’m having to do. It doesn’t help when I haven’t had much sleep either.

Aurora woke up at 1am, and as much as I’d like to be one of those people who can fall back to sleep straight away, it just doesn’t happen to me. Instead I’m sat thinking about the things I have to do the following day. Arghh life of a Mummy!

I managed to get some shut eye around 2am and then Kiiara had been tossing and turning, and swapping boobs after that throughout the rest of the night.

Morning came and I had to get the children ready for school. It was quite a breeze until we got to the school itself.

Faith didn’t want to go into school again today. She threw every excuse at me going and even tried guilt tripping me so I didn’t have to send her in.

“I’m going to miss you though.”

“I know but I will be picking you up later.”

“You just want to get rid of me!”

“No I don’t, but you have to go to school to learn and see your friends.”

I even attempted closing my eyes and counting so she could go in before I opened them again, and would be in school – She just looked at me and said “nope”.

After about 10 minutes of attempting to get her into school, she finally went in and we went to drop Wyatt off quickly. We had to head home and get everything else done that we needed to.

Aurora has certainly hit her ‘terrible two’s’ recently, and has added to our chaos for today. She’s a very grumpy moo who doesn’t know what she wants, and don’t get me started with her bloody socks and shoes – She is currently obsessed with taking them off and wanting them back on again. Of course Mummy and Daddy have to be the ones to keep putting them back on for her, just to remove them again. Bloody Toddlers!

I’ve come to the decision that I might have to hide her shoes and socks, and pray she doesn’t find them until we need them again….

We had an appointment earlier and there was quite a few people around. Aurora was chatting away in her pram. She was also whining to get out, but out of nowhere said “naan bread”, which of course doesn’t actually come out as that but instead comes out as “knobhead” (Talk about embarrassing).

Mummy cringe moment as I tried to get her to say ‘orange’ or ‘chicken’ instead hoping nobody heard our little girlie recite a bad word.

With still a million and one things to do and nearly time to pick up the children, I will probably end up passing out by around 10pm tonight. I just need to breath and remind myself that tomorrow could be a better day.

As I write this Aurora is having a major meltdown because we had stopped her playing with plug sockets. She is certainly not a happy bunny today.

I think this Mummy will be needing a nice glass of wine by the end of tonight!

Being a parent is hard work at times, so i’m sending love to all the Mama’s or Daddy’s out there having a similar day! We’ve got this ladies and gents, even if it feels like the total opposite!


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Birthday Preparations & A Battered Mars Bar

With less than a month to go, we have been preparing for our little girls 2nd birthday. The banquet awaits for our little princess! Read more about it here!

Aurora’s birthday is coming up soon!

She’s going to be 2! I can’t believe it! I don’t know where the time has gone.

We headed out on the weekend to get some birthday presents for her. It’s best to be organised – soon rather than later, and especially when Faiths birthday is coming up 3 weeks after.

I can’t express how excited I was just to go birthday shopping for her. I love spoiling them on their birthdays!

Off we went to Llandudno and we actually had some sunshine this time too, which always puts us in a good mood.

We went to a few shops to get the essentials first such as nappies, wipes etc. Then took a trip to B&M to look for some toys. I can’t believe the bargains they had in there for FisherPrice’ toys too!

I came across a dancing musical dog that teaches letters, numbers and phrases. It also plays music that she can dance along to.

Aurora loves to dance, so it was looking good. I went to show it her just in case she didn’t like the noise or the movement, and in case it scared her – a few toys I’ve presented to her she has been unsure about, so because of this I was hesitant. Instead she smiled, took it off me and said “mine”.

At least she liked it. Hey, that’s one present bought!

As we were looking around we came across a interactive elephant which was on a clearance sale for £15.00. Not bad at all. It’s nice to also save money – you kind of have to when you have 4 children in your household.

We then headed over to Primark. It’s really great for bargain clothes, but there’s always a mass of people shopping in there. It’s one of the downsides to shopping in there, but I guess that’s what happens with a popular shop!

I just had too suck it up. We found some cute little clothes for Aurora – it was well worth going in there, especially with the prices of some of the t-shirts – £1.30 each – you can’t go wrong really.

So basically Aurora’s birthday is near enough sorted besides her birthday cake and party food. I’ve still got to find those first pair of boots but with just under a month left, I’m sure I will find them closer to the time!

Overall we had a pretty good weekend. It’s nice to be able to get out the house for a bit instead of being stuck in all the time like we were in Liverpool.

We went to get a Chinese takeaway for dinner from our favourite Chinese restaurant, and also bought a ‘Battered Mars Bar’ for pudding too. (If you haven’t tried one yet, you’re so missing out!)

Now it’s back to reality and the children are back at school. There isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done so I’m going to be a very busy mama after picking up my monkey’s.

The good news though is that i’ve managed to book that ‘Boogie Bounce’ class for tomorrow. I’m determined to get my identity back piece-by-piece, and the bonus is that I get to see one of my friends who I haven’t seen for 6 months.

I’m really excited for it, but just not looking forward to the aches and pains afterwards.


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Sharing a Bed – The Co-sleeping Mama!

There has been discussions on the internet about Co-sleeping – the good and the bad. I share my experiences and thoughts having done this with all my children. Read more about it here!

Today I thought I’d talk about co-sleeping and the stigma behind it all.

I recently came across a post that a husband posted up about his wife – how he supports his wife co-sleeping with their children as they aren’t little for long.

He wanted her to enjoy closeness with her children before they grow and not want to share their bed anymore.

The post was very touching but as I read down the comments, I was shocked to see some horrible ones. Some comments cited that they were being stupid – that they are going to spoil them, kill their child by rolling onto them during the night or suffocating them.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but it winds me up how people feel the need to judge others parenting skills.

I know when you first have a baby the health visitor will go through their textbook rules telling you not to do this that and the other, and the risks of doing it, including SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

I understand people’s worries and why some parents don’t do it but I also believe that parents that do do it, know what they are doing and how their children respond.

There is also the stigma of the Dad not being as maternal as the Mother, and he may roll onto the child not knowing they are there. I think it’s a little degrading to Dads – as long as you follow the basic rules when co-sleeping, you should be safe enough!

The rules usually include:

  • Not drinking if you are going to have the baby in the bed.
  • Drugs shouldn’t be taken either (can lead to a deep sleep).
  • Smoking is also mentioned. As I’m a smoker and I’ve co-slept with all of mine and my kiddies came out perfectly fine, I don’t see a big issue there unless you smoke heavily and breathe it onto your baby.

Back to our previous discussion – Dads not being as maternal as Mothers and unable to notice a baby in bed with them.

Liam has NEVER NOT noticed Aurora or Kiiara in bed when they were babies. It’s hard not to – they usually make their presence known!

I’ve always co-slept with my children when they were little. It’s just a personal choice of mine. Even though they say moses baskets are safer, I’ve always felt safer knowing they were next to me snug and warm enough. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep properly worrying about them in a different bed from me despite being in the same room.

Even though Faith and Wyatt weren’t breastfed, I enjoyed our closeness when cuddled up with them. They stayed in my bed until they turned 14 months old, then they went into their own beds.

Wyatt got to the point where he didn’t want Mummy in the bed with him anymore and more or less kicked me out! It was fine by me because it meant there wasn’t as much of a struggle transitioning him into his own bed.

When Aurora came along I also co-slept with her too because I had to breastfeed her. She was up every hour and a half, and I was shattered especially after having to get up with the other children too!

Co-sleeping helped because she would just dream feed. I’d wake having to swap boobs through the night though, but we both slept much better doing it that way.

Trying to get Aurora into her cot after Co-sleeping was quite difficult. She would have to fall asleep with me, then we would have to move her into her cot. She would wake in the night wanting to come back into bed. It was a constant struggle until one day after I was heavily pregnant with Kiiara, we decided that it was time for Aurora to go into Faith’s room.

We were expecting a restless night or two before she got used to it, but to our surprise she slept through the night and has done ever since apart from occasionally wanting a bottle or after having a bad dream.

I soon realised that she was being sneaky and just wanted cuddles in the middle of the night!

I currently co-sleep with Kiiara too and she sleeps really well usually until the early hours of the morning when she dream feeds. It sometimes keeps me up having to swap boobs again but I don’t regret having any of them next to me when they’ve been little.

When Kiiara turns 1 it will be her turn to share a room with Aurora in a cot. I’m just hoping it’s an easy transition like it was when Aurora had shared with Faith.

Even though I enjoy having cuddles with Kiiara at night, I can’t wait to get my bed back – just me and Liam again and no more babies. Means couple time, lots of cuddles and lots of sex too!

So ladies whether you co-sleep or you don’t, we are all doing what we think is best for our children. We need to build each other up as parents instead of hating on each other. Parenting is certainly a tough job the best of times, so we don’t need to be brought down further by other people’s opinions.

Keep doing what you’re doing because you know what’s best for your family, nobody else.

Love, a co-sleeping mama!


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Frustrations & Altered Mindsets

Sneaky children, a stroppy girl, and a spoilt attitude. Today I delve into my frustrations with the kids and what they believe they can get when they are naughty. Read more here!

Yesterday was one of those days where I had to shout at my children for misbehaving and having not listened to a word I said. They even laughed at me when I was telling them off – that’s one thing that gets under my skin as a Mother!

The day started off having to get the children ready for school. They we’re excited for their first day.

Faith was slightly nervous and it took her a while to go in. She kept running back out uttering that she was scared. I eventually pushed her to go back in with the help of the teacher.

When it was time to pick them up, Faith came out with a smile on her face. That was until she wanted to go to a playcentre with her cousin and I said I couldn’t afford to take her at the moment.

She became stroppy and was very rude to Liam’s sister.

Well she can take us, she can pay.

I honestly haven’t felt so embarrassed in my life. She went of in a sulk and sat on the floor outside the school proclaiming that I don’t take her anywhere. I don’t think children get the concept of money.

I blame her ‘sperm donor’ father for her spoilt attitude. They always get what they want over at their Dads even if they’re naughty – it doesn’t help our situation at home as I then get made out to be the mean parent because I refuse to reward them for their bad behaviour.

We arrived back home with her having sulked all the way. I sent to her room until she had learnt not to get gobby back at me.

I let her out and she came to apologise. We then settled on the sofa to watch some cartoons with me and the other three monkeys.

It was almost tea time and it was Wyatt’s turn to play me up. He ran around the flat screaming, and despite having told him to calm down as Kiiara was in her bouncer on the floor, he blatantly ignored my instructions at least three times. I ended up sending him to his room until tea was ready.

They both calmed down whilst eating their tea, but because of their behaviour that day we chose not to reward them with pudding.

Wyatt did not like this one bit. He looked at me in disgrace.

“You don’t look after me properly and you want me to die.”

(a tad overdramatic don’t you think?)

I must admit it really hurt my feelings. I know he was only lashing out because he wasn’t getting his own way, but hearing things like that really pull on your heart strings and it makes me feel like a terrible parent.

I asked him,

“Why would you say such a thing?”

To his reply,

“You should give me crisps and treats even when I’m naughty.”

“It doesn’t work like that.”

It’s frustrating to think his mind works like this. Naughty = rewards. I need to knock it out of him!

It didn’t end there either….

After I sorted out the bedtime routine and got them all settled, he was in and out of his sisters room despite being late and past his bedtime.

Faith was fed up with him in the end and put the door stop under her door to keep him out. Liam sent him back to bed again after the third time.

It was finally quiet in the Mini Zoo that night, other than Kiiara and Aurora waking up for a bottle and the ‘Mummy milk-machine’.

Morning came and it was time to get the children ready for school. I woke Faith up first, sorted out her breakfast and left her to get ready.

I then went to wake Wyatt up to find he was already awake with an orange in hand.

“I was getting it ready for snack at school.”

I told him to get dressed and have his breakfast whilst I went to get the youngest two ready.

After the school run we arrived back at home to find that Wyatt has scraped off some of the paint from the wallpaper in the bathroom and helped himself to things out the fridge well before we had even woken up that morning. It included a chocolate yogurt that he knew was saved for his little sister as it was the last one.

As much as I love my children, I’m literally at my wits end with the pair of them. Sometimes I don’t know what to do – its emotionally draining shouting at them all the time.

I want to be able to have fun with them and enjoy them but at the moment I’m finding it difficult with the way they are acting.

I sometimes feel like a failure, that maybe I need to do more with them. Being a parent is definitely hard at times and I know I may get the backlash of it all for being so strict but I’m trying my best. Hopefully one day they will realise Mummy is giving them as much as she’s got.

I’m currently hoping after collecting them later I won’t have to shout or get cross, but i’m not going to hold my breath on that one!


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DIY Daddy

Being a Dad comes with more responsibility than just raising a child – it includes the small print nobody warned you about – The Daddy DIY jobs! If you’re a Daddy stuck on DIY duty, why not give this a read here!

Grab your hammer, fetch your toolbox and spread your ladder. Your misses needs you to fix her the skirting board – Guess what? YOU’RE A DIY DADDY!

I didn’t think I’d ever be in this position so soon. I left high school, completed college and graduated University. Years later here I am – 4 kids and a misses who rely on me to protect them, provide for them, and acquire a stable household to live in.

One of the benefits about being a Dad is that your kids look up to you, and if you do do a good job of something they asked you to do, they notice and praise you for it (probably happens about 70% of the time).

Moving into our new place here in the beautiful North Wales has been great so far – it’s close by to necessities, the beach, and a short drive away from the mountain vistas in Snowdonia. It has plenty of space, it’s been done up for us (including new carpets, kitchen and more) and great views of the seafront!

As with any place you move into though, there is always something that needs a DIYers touch.

Currently our bathroom door gets jammed when attempting to close it shut as it’s been painted over recently. This is one thing I’ve been trying to sort out since we’ve moved in – last thing I want is for the kids to walk in when one of us is having a shower (talk about traumatic for the poor kids).

Having sanded it and planed it down, it now shuts and can lock with a bit of hardened push. It’ll do for now >> DIY job No.1 Complete!

I put up stair gates for our little toddler a week or so ago – this was a main priority as we didn’t want her climbing the stairs. I also installed one just outside her bedroom door so that she could play in her room without us worrying she’ll come flying down the stairs. (Don’t think Tinkerbell will ever pay us a visit again – she caught me uttering “I don’t believe in fairies” – whoops)   >>DIY job No.2 Completed

One thing I’ve noticed, and i’m sure many Dads can vouch for me on this one, is that THE WORK IS NEVER DONE!

More work is added to the list even before you’ve finished completing the work she asked you to do before that!

For all you Dads out there who have been exhausted from DIY jobs around the house, don’t be afraid to tell your partner that you’ll get round to it another time. I mean she’s only been asking you for 6 months, she can wait longer can’t she? 

Solar Project Update

If you read last weeks post ‘Solar Life‘ you’d know I had planned on building a solar heater. As a little update, the frame has been built and i’ve put in the insulation. I’m just gathering the rest of the materials in order to resume the project.

I have roughly calculated that I should be able to fit around 42 cans inside the frame as opposed to the 24 that I had originally mentioned. This should hopefully warm our place up better – it gets very cold here on an overcast day!

More on this project will be posted as I progress further and will include photographs of the build, so keep an eye out for them!


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A Trip Back To Our Weekend HotSpot

Hoping the weather would hold up, we took our first trip to Llandudno after our return from Liverpool. That and a lovely stroll on a Sunday lunchtime… Read more about our weekend here!

We decided to venture out the house on the weekend and head to Llandudno!

The weather wasn’t particularly in our favour, but we thought we would go to enjoy the views anyway.

We invited Liam’s sister along – it felt good to be able to just go for a ride in the car especially after living in Liverpool for little while and having been so isolated there.

While we were there we popped to Asda to get part of the children’s uniform, and of course popped for a cheeky McDonald’s cheese burger (we couldn’t resist).

On the way back we were taking in the views. You really don’t realise how much you’d actually miss it until you’ve moved away from it all!


Sunday came and the weather perked up – THE SUN CAME OUT. We took a walk down to the beach with the girls whilst Faith and Wyatt were with their Dad for the weekend.

It felt like old times just going out for a stroll again. As it was sunny we took a walk to Rhos-on-Sea and sat at one of Liam’s favourite spots to have some lunch and talk.


It was nice to feel relaxed and the tranquility of it all rather than the hussle bussle of living near a city.

There were many boats and jet skis on the water. I can’t wait until Summer as they always have family events on. I’m excited to be able to enjoy family days out again!


On the walk back from Rhos-on-Sea we saw a fleet of mopeds riding together heading along the prom – must have been a moped owners meet-up or something. They usually do this every year and everyone usually stops to watch them all pass by.

We had a nice relaxing weekend which we haven’t had in a long time. It’s amazing how things are so different here – I feel much more at ease, and enjoy life that little bit more.

Nature is certainly beautiful and I feel blessed to be near the beach and in a such a wonderful scenic country again.

It’s now Tuesday and the kids are driving me completely bonkers. They start their new school tomorrow, so i’m looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet. Woo Hoo! 


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Being a Mum Has Stolen My Identity!

I don’t know who I am. I’ve always been a Mum and doing my own things has never been an option. I talk about this and breaking free from the ‘Mummy shackles’ in todays latest post. Read more here!

I’ve been a Mum since the age of 18 and it’s all I’ve ever known after I had left education. As much as I enjoy being a Mum to four beautiful children (who drive me completely insane sometimes) I’ve been sat thinking recently about who I actually am as a person.

What makes me more than just a Mum? …………………… To be honest I don’t really know. Being a Mum has taken up pretty much all of my time so I haven’t really discovered myself yet.

I enjoy reading and there is so much more I would like to do but I’ve always put them aside because I feel guilty about spending time on myself and put that same effort into the children instead.

The children are my main priority but I have been thinking lately that maybe I should start doing things for myself. I just need to find the time to do it.

It’s hard to explain but because I’m slowly approaching 30, it’s just hit me that I don’t know who I am – I need to find my identity – Become Zoe again as well as being somebody’s Mummy and partner.

I opened up to Liam about what I want to do and it may take abit of time but I’m determined to learn to be Zoe again.

I’ve began with a plan to change my hairstyle and dye it a different colour. I then want to get a new tattoo of the girls names because I have only got the oldest two’s names so far.

Eventually get a new wardrobe with a different style than what I have now. My final plan is to get fit and join a class.

I honestly don’t know what made me want to do these things, perhaps a midlife crisis or just a realisation of what i’m actually doing with my life – I don’t actually know anything other than being a Mum. I think I owe it to myself to add to my own life experiences and do my best to achieve what I want.

I want to be able to feel sexy again. It’s been a while since I’ve felt that way. Perhaps some of you can relate too, especially when your life revolves around bringing up your children?

I don’t regret having my babies at a young age but as I see it now, I’m finally happy about living back in our hometown – being able to spend time with family and friends. I’ve found a man who is just perfect in my eyes and I know I don’t want anybody else.

I’ve got 4 little monkeys that make a beautiful family. I just now need to find myself and things will be perfect.

I’ve heard a saying that if Mummy is happy, then kiddies are happy too. This is something i’ll have to keep reminding myself whenever I feel guilty about bettering myself.

Eventually I would also like to finish my Teaching Assistant Course Level 2 and be able to become a TA, and then take up my driving lessons again.

Maybe one day I will achieve these things but I’m taking it one step at a time starting with a haircut and getting myself into shape for the Summer.

I’ve learnt that I can be a good Mum as well as taking time out to be a couple, and also to be myself too.

I feel like I’m finally getting my life together and I must admit it’s a great feeling to have. I just need to kick my awful smoking habit, but we will see on that one – I’ve been saying that for years (it’s harder than it looks).

So ladies if you feel that you need to take some of yourself back, then don’t hesitate to do it!

It doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent. We are all human and we need to take some time out for ourselves once in a while to learn to love ourselves again no matter what it is – whether fitness classes, studying something new or going to get your nails done.

We are all human and need a some ‘Me’ time now and again.


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