Full-On Friday

It’s been a busy day today – Many visitors for many reasons. Find out who’s been to visit and why here!

It’s Friday and the children decided to have a bit of a lie-in. Mummy and Daddy on the other hand had to be up early because today was the day everyone was coming round to get some stuff sorted- from the handyman, the electrician, Argos and a Sky engineer too.

My morning started off with a coffee that of course Mummy had to make even though it was definitely Daddys turn this time!

I got myself ready whilst all the little monsters slept in, and then it was time to get the youngest little monkey sorted. She woke up very smiley and then whilst I was in the middle of changing her, she’d piddled all over the bed.

Mummy had to change the bed.

I then heard a grumble. She had her morning poop and got it all up her back – a ‘poonami‘ right up to her neck!

Another change of clothes, and then it was Auroras turn. She shouted “Mummy”. 

I went to collect her out of her bedroom whilst Liam was downstairs talking to Argos about the delivery of the cooker.

They wouldn’t bring it up the stairs (something about ‘Health and Safety’) so Liam was left to do the heavy lifting with my Mum again, but at least we finally have a cooker now – we just have to wait for the electrician to come to fit it in.

The Sky engineer also showed up first thing this morning to take a look whether he could fit the Sky dish. At first he didn’t think he would be able to but we were put at ease after he realised he could put it out in the backyard instead of the front of the building.

We were also looking for our master phone socket which of course is in the toilet room of all places. The engineer had to take a picture to show his colleagues as he has never seen one in the toilet room before. This is certainly a strange building!

The good news we received today is that the landlord from our old address has approved for us to receive our full deposit back – this will help buy curtains and other furniture for this place, yippee!

We have still got to wait for the handyman and Sky engineer to arrive, and the electrician too but at least we will have a less to sort out and worry about afterwards.

We are off to Llandudno tomorrow to enjoy the views and maybe get a cheeky Mcdonalds whilst we are there, and of course get the children some new school uniforms – well at least part of them as the rest have to be purchased from the school itself.

I know we haven’t had much to share with you this week but we are just trying to find our feet in the new place at the moment. Watch this space for new adventures to be had with the ‘Me You and The Mini Zoo crew’!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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Mummy Confessions: Entry 6

Diary entry No. 6 of a stressed-out mum dealing with 4 kids. What it’s like and how it feels to deal with them all at once!

As you may know the children returned back from their Dads on Tuesday. We took a walk to collect them. I was full of excitement to see them. It had been a while and even though I spoke to them on the phone the day before, it just wasn’t the same.

I rang the buzzer, and shortly after Faith was the first one to the door. She ran and jumped on me. It was a nice surprise being as she’s more of a Daddy’s girl usually. I was expecting her to dive onto Liam first before she even acknowledges me –  that’s how it usually goes anyway.

Wyatt was the second one out the door. Wyatt being ‘Wyatt’ just said “Hi Mum” and presented me with his toy ball. I had to pull him into an embrace. He looked at me as if I was crazy. Typical boy aye.

When we arrived back home, Faith was a little upset because there’s was a lot of stairs leading up to our place, and because everybody had to go up first and I was left at the bottom with Kiiara in the pram, she thought they had to leave me behind. It then started Aurora off (I must be loved after all!).

The children were excited to see the new place and their rooms of course. Wyatt got stuck right in with unpacking his toys and sorting out his bedroom just the way he wanted it. He was so proud of himself when he’d finished and got us all to come and have a look too.

Faith on the other hand was completely different. I’ve never known such a messy little moo. She unpacked her boxes then got bored. She ummed and arred and said “I’ll sort it out later”.

She would much rather watch a DVD and scoff her face with chocolate Easter eggs. (Which of course she had to share with Mummy – she did not like that at all).

Even though I’ve got so much more to do since they’ve returned, I must admit I felt a sense of fulfilment, like we could be happy here. I was glad to have them back where they belong – with me.

The washing has certainly increased though. There was less when they weren’t here. Joys of being a Mum – the work is never done!

I also feel like their behaviour isn’t as bad as it was in Liverpool, but we will see on that one – I’ve only had them back a few days. According to their Dad, Wyatt has been the trouble maker whilst they were at his, but he’s been good as gold here.

Don’t get me wrong he woke up really early this morning and is still quite grumpy because of it, but other than that there hasn’t been any major problems. Faith’s still got her ‘sassy’ attitude but i’ve come to the conclusion that that’s just her age.

My Mum also pointed out that I was exactly the same at her age. I honestly can’t see it myself – I was so well behaved as a child!

They will be starting school next week so I’m sure they will be happy to be back with their old friends and their cousins too.

Aurora seems to be happy having her brother and sister back especially when there is mischief to be had.

It Didn’t Last


Their behaviour that is.

I have found myself screaming like a crazy banshee at Faith and Wyatt. They haven’t listened to a word I’ve said all day and have trashed our place knowing we still have so much more unpacking to do.

It looks like they have brought their behaviour back with them from Liverpool. I am so stressed out today – My head is banging and I could quite happily lock the older two under the stairs (I think I may have watched too much Harry Potter).

I just need to remember to breath and not to self-combust. Tomorrow may be a better day but all I’m waiting for is bed time just so I can curl up and read my new book.

I know as every night I sit and get Mum guilt thinking I’m too hard on them, but if I’m honest that Mum guilt can f**k off. I’m trying not to raise assholes and right now today that is exactly what they have been!

I know most of it is because they have been with their Dad and I know he’s a bit of a push over when parenting the children, so this mama bear needs to be stern and get her kiddies back to the well-behaved, less asshole-like kids even if that means I’ll be classed as a ‘raging crazy Mummy’.

I may be pulling my hair out by the end of the week but hopefully I can find my feet in this place and start up a routine again to deal with the 4 crazy kiddies, because at the moment this Mummy is so out-of-whack.


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Solar Life

Solar energy is FREE energy to me. Harnessing the power of the Sun to power our everyday electricals seems very logical. I share my thoughts about Solar power in today’s latest post here!

Since moving into the new place, we’ve been exposed to much more Sun than our previous house in Liverpool (as much as you can in Wales anyway). The Sun moves from East to West over the course of the day, and our yard area seems to cover most of that.

Whilst in the process of moving-in last week, battered by the rain and the wind, I was thinking of how efficient it might be to purchase a solar panel to place in our backyard (for when we’re not battered by wind and rain of course). It could power some of our electricals, or cut down our electricity bill just that little bit.

Not only will this cut down our bill, it will help provide us with an alternative source of electricity in case of a power cut – Without electricity, I wouldn’t be able to blog about it!

Spark of Light

A while ago back in Liverpool, I thought it would have been nice to decorate our back yard and put up some solar powered garden lights to make it look reasonably pretty (for a terraced yard anyway). I never got around to setting them up in the yard but thought it could be used effectively in our new place.

It can get rather dark in mine and Zoe’s bedroom at night time, so rather than using a lamp, we set up the solar garden lights around our cupboard doors – charging through the day and lighting up when it begins to get dark. It usually stays on until the early hours of the morning, so it works pretty well.

We thought perhaps purchasing more of these as night lights for the kids’ bedrooms.

Faith usually doesn’t like sleeping without a night light on, and this would be perfect! It wouldn’t add anything to our electricity bill, and it doesn’t even require direct sunlight to charge either (just standard daylight, even overcast can make it work too!).

IMG_2885 (2)

Though Solar Panels are fairly costly (for decent ones anyway), I believe they are a good investment providing you are exposed to a good area of sunlight.

Solar Heaters

It can get rather chilly in the new place on a bad day, especially during the mornings, and we’re having to turn on our storage heaters to heat the place up throughout the day. This again is quite cost-heavy on our electricity bill, so I would like to avoid using them if possible.

I started a bit of digging around on the internet and found another solar invention that could possibly help.

It’s called a SOLAR HEATER.

Basically it consists of a black panel with black metal inside. Cold air goes in one end, the Sun heats up the metal inside the panel, and the hot air gets sucked out the other end.

Many people have made these as an alternative way to heat up a room and seeing as how the Sun peers into our yard most of the day, it just seems logical to make.

For the inside of the panel, beer cans or steel food cans can be used (just needs connecting together and painting black).

The frame can be made from wood big enough for the cans to fit inside. You can add as many cans as you like, but a few tutorials I’ve seen base around 24 cans – 4 columns, 6 cans in each column.

I need to start gathering the materials together for this, and if I do end up making something like it, I shall post up some images for you all to have a look at.

It seems like a nice idea to run off the power of the Sun, especially because the new place runs solely off electricity – It can help cut down the cost of the electricity bills, and is environmentally-friendly. That seems like a WIN-WIN situation to me. Hopefully if the conditions remain solid (a lot of sunlight) from now on, then one day i’ll lead a ‘Solar Life‘ like many others do too!


If you are living a ‘Solar Life’ and have your own solar panels, wish to share your thoughts on them, or are thinking about building a solar project of your own, please let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to hear your stories!

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Unusual Familiarity & A Teething Baby

An unusual sense of familiarity – a river a drool – and a toddler asks “Why?”. Find out more in todays latest post here!

I woke up this morning feeling slightly out-of-sorts. As if we had gone back in time….

It felt like when Liam and I first starting dating and I stayed over at his Dads with him. The room looks very similar to his old bedroom – it’s strange. We’re still trying to get used to the layout of this place.

Liam and I spoke about the things we needed to do before the children returned back from their Dads, and so far we haven’t got much done other then putting locks on cupboard doors in Auroras room to stop her escaping and hiding in the roof.

We were meant to pop out to get everyone registered at the doctors, but because we needed proof of address, and we haven’t had our copy of the tenancy agreement yet, we haven’t been able to do that.


So far today I’ve had a very grumpy Kiiara on my hands. She’s teething at the moment so she’s not her usual self. The pools of dribble coming from her little mouth is ridiculous!

I honestly don’t remember Aurora suffering as much as Kiiara has with her teething. She seemed to just take it in her stride. It’s amazing how different children can be dealing with their own normal development.

I’ve stocked up on teething gel which usually seems to ease it for a little while and I’ve have ‘Calpol’ handy just in case.

With everything else having to be sorted out, dealing with a very upset clingy baby is making things a little bit harder to do. I’m hoping her first tooth will break through soon and hopefully the others will follow without any trouble.

I’ve been looking up about ‘teething bracelets‘ and ‘teething necklaces‘ but they look rather dangerous to me. I’m assuming they are probably safe, but as i’m a bit of a worrier, I’ll just stick with teething gel and extra cuddles.

I feel completely exhausted today as Kiiara wouldn’t settle last night. She was swapping from one boob to the other all night, which meant frequent tossing and turning for me, but that’s the joys of co-sleeping.

To top off our day Aurora has officially turned into a little sh**. As amusing as it is occasionally, she is now asking “why?” to everything.

She also utters for me to go away. The joys of having kiddies! No matter how hard it gets though, they are a massive blessing to me.

I’m hoping things will be a little easier tomorrow and we manage to settle in better than what we’ve done so so far. It feels like we’re on a holiday, and it doesn’t seem to have sunk in that we’re actually back just yet.

I’m looking forward to seeing my older babies – it’s been two weeks since I’ve seen them. I know it’s going to be super busy going from two kids back to four but hopefully they might assist me in getting things organised again (wishful thinking).

We have a busy few days ahead, but I’m looking forward to the Weekend again to be able to go out and enjoy the sun, and the beautiful sights of Llandudno. I just need to remember to take the ‘teething gel’ and ‘Calpol’ – things could go south if I forget them!


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The Weekend Back Home

We’re slowly getting settled in, but with boxes still everywhere and the older kids returning tomorrow, much more is needing to be done. Read more about our after-move here!

It was Easter over the Weekend, not that we’ve had much time to celebrate it this year.

We had finally arrived back in Wales last week and have spent the weekend trying to get everything organised – moving all the heavy objects where we want them to go.

I had a moment of madness and thought i’d take a heavy desk up the stairs with my Mum. It had been raining so the desk was wet and I got stuck half way up the stairs and nearly dropped the desk on my Mum.

The funny noises I was howling while trying to heave this desk up the stairs, had the rest of the household in hysterics. Well at least I made them laugh, even if it was at my own expense.

We finally got it up the stairs after much profanity. I decided perhaps the heavy lifting should be left to ‘the men’ next time before I cause an injury to myself or to someone else.

We are progressing slowly sorting our place out. There is so much needing to be done and there just doesn’t seem like there is enough time in the day to do it all.

The eldest children are back from their Dads tomorrow so we had to go and get some food in before they arrive. We don’t get our cooker delivered until Friday, so we’re having to live off microwave meals until then.

Over the weekend we had two grumpy children to contend with. I don’t think Kiiara was too well and she just wouldn’t settle. Liam’s sister Lisa came over to assist with the kids while I helped Liam figure out where we we’re going to put things, and to get the children’s bedrooms sorted before they arrive.

One of the problems living on the top floor is the stairs. It’s a pain trying to get the two prams up and down the stairs especially with shopping bags. The school run is going to be a lot of fun too (not looking forward to it at all!).

I must admit it was strange the first time we walked around our home town again. We thought it wouldn’t have changed too much in the last 6 months, but to our surprise new shops have been opened.

People who we used to say “Hi” to thought that we were visiting. It felt a little strange to be back but also feels good. It’s an unusual feeling that seems hard to explain (as if we’re both here, and we’re not. Like we’re home, but something doesn’t feel too homely about it anymore… anyone else ever felt like that?).

When Aurora first saw the new place, she was a little uncertain whether she could leave a room she was in, but soon realised its much more fun running around the place enjoying her freedom – It’s lovely to see. I’m intrigued to see what the other two think when they return.

It will be nice to make this place a home – just might take a little while for us.

We’re waiting for the weather to become slightly warmer now, and then the fun can begin!

I have also yet to get the children registered at the doctors which I’m hoping to do tomorrow. Kiiara is far overdue for her injections, due to the medical centre she was registered in in Liverpool. I’m hoping they can get them done as soon as possible because I fear she may become poorly without them.

We would like to say thank you to all the people that have made our lives that little bit easier with the move. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you! You know who you are!

Hopefully we can get the things that need to be done as soon as possible then we can start enjoying the great outdoors and be able to share our journey with you all along the way!


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We’ve Arrived!

A lengthy and daunting task moving back, but WE DID IT! We escaped the clutches of England and moved back to our hometown. Read more about our journey and struggles with our move here!

We made it, we are now finally back in Wales! We are glad to be back but I must admit we didn’t enjoy the move – So much to do and it knackered everybody out.

We woke up at 6am ready for the busy day ahead. I grumbled as he turned the light on. I wasn’t ready to haul my ass out of bed that early but it had to be done. Liam’s Dad showed up at 10 to 7 because they had to go and collect the van. The children we’re still asleep so I managed to do last-minute packing upstairs whilst they were flat out.

That’s when the fun began. It was time to load everything in the van.

IMG_2871 (2)

While I looked after Aurora and Kiiara, the ‘men’ were lugging the sofa, washing machine, fridge and every other big piece of furniture that needed to be taken out to the van.

Aurora was so behaved while they were progressing ahead with the move. Kiiara on the other hand was a grumpy little moo.

IMG_2875 (2)

It took around 4 and a half hours to pack it all up ready to leave. I got a phone call off the estate agents in Liverpool wanting the keys back by 4 o’clock, and we had to bring them to the office.

That didn’t help our situation as we now had a time limit, and they weren’t very friendly about it either. (I guess they’re friendly if they know they’re going to get money from you, but move out and they’re free to show their true colours). We didn’t know what time we would pack everything up by.

Things took an unexpected turn. The landlord showed up at the house informing us that he was moving back in, and he wanted to move his stuff in. Luckily we were able to just give him the keys.

The estate agents weren’t too happy about him moving back in as they had viewings arranged, but they couldn’t say much as it was the landlord moving into his own property.

We finally left Liverpool at 10 past 2 to journey an hour and a half to the new place. WE WERE BACK IN WALES!

IMG_0490 (2)


We met with the new estate agent to hand over the tenancy agreement and to receive our keys. It was the first time seeing the new place after it had been done up, and I can honestly say we like it!

After unloading the car of the little bits we had in there, It was time to start unloading the van whilst me and Liam’s Sister Lisa helped putting things away.

It was difficult attempting to get things done when Kiiara wouldn’t settle. Lisa and I had to take it in turns to move things whilst look after the children. After I settled Kiiara from her screaming fit, Lisa took over with the children and I called my Mum and Sister to come and give us a hand as well.

It took them around 6 hours to unload the van, and it also began to rain as soon as the heavier items needed taking up. Liam and his Dad had trouble getting the washing machine up some stairs, so we are hoping that with an extra two pairs of hands we can finally get it in our property.

It was a total nightmare yesterday and we still have loads to unpack but the main thing is we are finally back where we belong.

We will just have to take one step at a time now to make this place a home. I’m sure we will get there eventually. I must admit it’s nice to be around family and friends again. Let the fun times begin!


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What I Learnt From Moving Away

MOVING DAY! As we’re actually moving over to the new place currently, I thought i’d share with you what I learnt from moving away in the first place. Read about it here!

As you all know we came from a little town in North Wales, which is where we are moving back to today.

When we first decided to leave Wales we thought there would be so much more opportunities and adventures to be had in Liverpool, but we hadn’t moved into the city itself, only in the outskirts in an area called Bootle.

At first it was exciting to be living somewhere different – a fresh start for us all. I had also wanted to prove something to myself, which was that I could move away somewhere completely different with my partner.

At first I was nervous leaving all my friends and family behind but I thought it would do us some good, especially since I had memories of my Dad everywhere I went – I felt like I needed to escape whilst it was still a fresh wound.

When we arrived it was pure excitement, the endless things we could do as a family. We had a car in which we could travel with the children to places they have never been before. We went to the museum and the children really enjoyed themselves. It was a great family day out.

We had also gone to the Liverpool River Of Light Firework Display on the seafront which was pretty amazing to say the least, but as a few months passed things changed for us.

  • The insurance for the car skyrocketed so we couldn’t afford the payments and had to give the car up, meaning we would have to either travel by train or walk everywhere.
  • The train fare was expensive for us all, plus with 2 older children and two prams it was hard to get around.
  • All that was left was to walk places, but there was absolutely nothing within walking distance for the kids to do besides visits to the park.

Things started to spiral downwards. The children were frustrated and bored so their behaviour worsened. Faith was getting bullied at school but the teacher’s weren’t having any of it and believed differently. This made Faith very angry and she brought that anger back home with her which ended in raised voices and heaps of stress.

Liam and I weren’t happy here either and we both got very stressed out often and felt rather down in the dumps most of the time. It was like we were totally different people than we used to be – It was even affecting the children in a negative way. We decided that we had to leave – it wasn’t doing us any good as a family. Things had to change.

We went on to look for places back in Wales but it was proving to be difficult to find anywhere until Liam’s Dad mentioned a place that was empty nearby, and that’s when we got the ball rolling and contacted the landlord directly. Even though we are moving from a house to a flat, we knew we had to do this for our own sanity and for the well-being of our family.

I hadn’t made any new friends around here which had also put a downer on my mood. I was used to simply bumping into people in the street and having conversations, but instead had nothing but the school run and to look after the children, and also talking to my partner. We became very isolated very quickly.

So what I’ve learnt about moving away is that being around family and friends is really important. You don’t realise how much you miss their company until it’s just not there anymore.

I’m glad that I proved to myself that I could move away with Liam. I was a Welsh girl at heart who was quite content with just staying in one place but I’ve learnt there is more to life than just living day-to-day standard routine.

There are adventures to be had and even though we are moving back to our home town, I still intend to make new memories, go on new adventures, and let the children enjoy a fun-filled childhood along the way.

Life is made for living and honestly despite knowing it was a mistake moving to this place at that time, we had no idea how our life would pan out.

..But we took a step in a different direction. I realised that you shouldn’t be afraid of new adventures and possible risks, and even if they seem frightening, just go for it! You only live once, and it may be the best thing you’d ever do in the end. If not, go back and start again.


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Sleep-Tight Nan

I had to attend my Nans funeral today. She lived a full-life and now she’s united once again with her husband. Read my story here – celebrating a life and my fondest memories of my Nan.

My Nan passed away last month. It was a grim way to end off February and I wasn’t expecting it at all. 

I haven’t seen my Nan since my Sisters wedding over a year ago. She was very drunk at the time and full of joy and happiness. She was much loved by all of my family and we enjoyed every moment we spent with her (when we did see her of course).

Unlike some Grandparents I know whom are both still together, her husband (my Grandfather) had passed away many years ago when I was a young child, so she’s been pressing on without him in the company of my Uncle.

Death is something that will eventually happen to us all. There’s no way of stopping it. But it’s not something that should restrict us from doing anything either. It should give us more reason to go out and make the most of the short time we have on this planet whilst we still can.

I’ve been unfortunate to have had to attend two funerals in 1 year. The first being Zoe’s Dads funeral (you can read Zoe’s story here).

My Nan lived a full life. She was 90 years old when she passed away. I’d like to say it was old age that took her life, but it wasn’t (though for her age that could have been a likely scenario). She had been suffering for a little while with diabetes, and for the last few weeks of her life had breathing difficulties.

I wasn’t able to see her before she died, but my Dad visited her often, especially when she went into hospital after collapsing in her nursing home.

I urged my Dad to get a photo with her together incase something might happen (I know from experience – ensuring you get a photo memory whilst you have a chance).

Luckily one of the last visits he made with my Sister, he captured a photo with her. Not long afterwards, she passed away…

Dad and Nan

I believe it’s important to prepare your last memories of a person to be positive ones. If you have to watch them suffer, it will end up haunting you for the rest of your life – not something anyone should have to experience.

Funerals, though an unfortunate circumstance, can be a nice get together with the entire family including family members you haven’t seen for a very long while. A get together like this one is a good time to celebrate the person’s life – share memories – stories of that person, and find out things you may not have previously known about that person.

As a child when my parents were still together, around Christmas time we always used to travel over to see my Nan. It felt like a long drive back then, but now it doesn’t seem that far away. She lived on the Wirral (not far from where I’m currently residing at the moment).

Sometimes on our journeys over, i’d see frost blanketed over flat endless fields rolling off into the distance. I felt a mild excitement knowing Christmas was coming soon and I’d get to visit my family once again this time of year.

We’d pull up onto her street, old war built houses either side. Out of the car and into her house. There she was, my Nan. She always made us feel welcome. Before she passed too, my Aunty Avril would live there too, sat in her corner in the living room. I don’t remember too much about her, but I can still picture her face in my mind.

This house was very old, and still had a toilet in the shed out in the back garden. The garden itself had a vegetable patch and a greenhouse alongside it with a massive tree in the far corner towering and shadowing over it.

After spending time with my Nan, we’d also visit my Aunty Gwynneth, who lived not even 5 minutes away in a Cul-de-sac at the time. Christmas was special there too with decorations everywhere and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

I loved visiting my Nan as a child. I have very fond memories of her, and ones I’ll keep forever. She is now with my Granddad, and can now spend the rest of eternity together.

Rest in peace Nan.


In Loving Memory of Beryl Mary Plimley 



The Countdown Continues: 2 Days TO GO!

With only 2 days left, things are starting to become hectic as final touches and thorough cleaning is underway. Continue the journey with us for our move back to Wales here!

It’s nearly moving day with only 2 days remaining!

We’ve been running around aimlessly while stopping in between to sort out the children.

I have had a little helper today. As I was cleaning out the cupboards Aurora thought she’d join in with a cloth in hand to wipe things down with me – she was extra cuddly with me and I got some kisses too! It made cleaning that little bit easier to tolerate.

We have finally got most of the things packed away and Liam’s Dad had kindly come to collect a few boxes in his car to make it easier for the move on Thursday. It’s definitely a big help, and we’re hoping it will make our move a bit quicker with only just the big things to load into the van. The only things we have left to pack is the last minute items we need for the next two days.

I wasn’t sure whether we would get it all done on time but we spent the whole weekend cramming things into boxes and getting rid of the things that were broken and didn’t need any more. It actually felt good decluttering the place.

Even though it’s been a busy week it feels like things are coming together. I’m excited to be going back to Wales!

We’re just hoping the weather holds out for us on the day. Thursday is going to be a hectic day especially as I got a phone call from the estate agents for this place yesterday – They had asked when they could come to collect the keys and gave me specific times, but realistically speaking I don’t have a clue when we are going to be finished loading the van – How can you put a time of when you’ll be finished loading by? Could take 2 hours, could take 4.. Who knows?

I explained this on the phone and they told us to drop the keys off instead which is perfectly fine if it wasn’t in the total different direction than we needed to go to head back to Wales.

Who says moving is always plain sailing? Hey, even if its planned down to the T, there’s always something that creeps up on you!

So regarding this place we are just blitzing the house and then we should be done to say our final goodbyes (Yay good riddance!).

When we arrive back in Wales with the van, we then have to ring the new estate agent to collect our keys and hand in the new, signed tenancy agreement.

We haven’t seen the flat just yet other than pictures sent over to us from Liam’s Dad. It will be a nice surprise to see what they have done to the place after doing it all up whilst we were waiting to move in.

It feels good to be able to plan what we’re going to do when we’re back. I’ve already spoken to one of my friends about joining a fitness class called ‘boogie bounce‘.

It’s just the endless opportunities we are able to do as a family that makes me happy to return, and you can follow along with all our new adventures too!

We will be sharing our journey back to our hometown, so keep an eye out for updates on the homepage!


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How I Deal With Grief

Coping with a lost one can certainly be difficult. I share my experiences and ways of dealing with the loss of my Dad. Read about it here!

I was sat thinking yesterday how time flies-by so quickly – You blink and 8 months have passed by. I was having one of those days where I was missing my Dad. I do every day but some days are worse than others.

If you haven’t already, you can read about the loss of my Dad here first. 

Liam got the brunt of it but he knows what I’m like so he’s used to it. I didn’t want to cry but instead I became angry and frustrated, and very snappy. I’m just guessing that’s a normal part of dealing with grief.

Losing my Dad turned my world upside down even more so knowing he wouldn’t get to meet his granddaughter, which was a big thing for me. He passed away 10 days before my scan date to find out whether she was a girl or a boy.

As I was saying I have my good days and bad days when I come to miss my Dad but on the good days I manage to deal with it by pretending that he’s ok and I just haven’t seen or spoke to him for a while.

I’m not crazy, I do know what happened on that terrible day of July 7th but it’s my way of dealing with his absence. It helps me a great deal thinking this way rather than actually thinking about the reality of it all every day.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard for anyone who has been through it – from losing a child, a friend, a sister, a parent and grandparent etc. Whoever you may have lost, there is always going to be that void – almost like a piece of you is missing.

I have found that it’s easier to talk about my Dad’s passing without turning into a blubbering mess everytime I mention it. Each time makes it easier to talk about. I have very fond memories of my Dad and it always helps to think about the times we had together whilst I was growing up.

I’ve only just recently opened up to Liam about MY WAY of dealing with my grief because at first I felt silly. Doing it this way has helped my sanity.

I’ve heard some people still talk to their loved one’s who have passed away as if they are still around with them – It may be that they are still around in spirit. If it helps then why not? Nobody should tell you how to grieve. Everyone deals with it in their own way.

I’ve often spoken to my Mum and she’s told me that she still feels my Dad’s presence around the house, and that he’s even moved objects or turned on lights. That would be my Dad for you – he loved playing tricks and winding my Mother up when he was alive, so he’s still doing it in spirit too!

I’m not sure what other people believe but I believe that he’s watching over me and making sure that I’m ok.

Grief is a bizarre thing – it’s always there with you but you find your own ways of managing it.

I know my Dad wouldn’t want me breaking down all the time and would just want me to be happy and make the most of my life. I aspire to be the best parent I can be just like he was to me. If I’m anything like him then I know I will make him proud.


If you have a particular way of dealing with grief after losing a loved one, I would like to hear from you. Feel free to comment in the comments section below.


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Survival Guide To A Toddlers Terrible Twos

Terrible twos have started early for our little beauty. Surviving it is our top priority! What do we do to stop prevent us from pulling our hair out? How do we calm her down? Find this out and more here!

Oh the joys of the terrible twos.

They’ve finally hit our darling daughter who is not yet two until May. It’s as if she had woken up two days ago with a diva attitude, and a bad one at that! I forgot what it was like having a toddler around the house when they hit the ‘toddlers terrible twos‘ stage. Help Me!

She has had her tantrums before now but not as bad as this. She’s a little terror bag with a innocent little face. Since she has woken up this morning all she has done is scream blue murder because she was in her cot wanting to get out and wouldn’t wait for me to get dressed first. I gave her a bottle of milk and she played with her blocks to keep herself entertained whilst I got myself sorted.

It lasted all of two minutes before she started screaming again. The good news was that at least Kiki was cooperating, playing happily in her bouncer.

Liam brought her downstairs for her breakfast. She was very much happy for the time being out of her cot until, BAM! She saw her shoes – OH NO, another meltdown.

Aurora was adamant that she wanted her shoes on. We managed to calm her eventually. It was finally time for her to sit and eat her porridge whilst I was sat down feeding Kiiara.

Usually Aurora will just eat her porridge quite happily in the morning, but not today. Instead she wanted her football on the highchair with her.

She then dropped her juice, and threw her ball away.

Soon after she didn’t want her porridge and started shouting for toast instead. WHAT DOES SHE ACTUALLY WANT!? 

Aurora’s final request for a packet of crisps and a blanket – I’m assuming she didn’t have any idea what she wanted this morning.

Once taken out of her highchair, Aurora was a happy little toddler again. She presented Kiiara with all of her toys and appeared to be all sweet and innocent. Toddler’s are certainly strange little creatures – happy one minute, meltdown-the-next over the tiniest of things.

How To Deal With Terrible Twos

Usually Auroras ‘moments’ can be quite easily dealt with if I know what’s up with her. Most of the time she’s just tired, and we simply take her up for a nap.

I’ve also had a tantrum back at her and stamped my feet to show her what she looks like doing it.

She replied “Shhh Mummy” or “Naughty Mummy” on most occasions.

Sometimes laughing it off helps. She will look at me as if I’m a little crazy and usually cheers herself up.

If not, giving her a cuddle will make her feel reassured that everything is okay.

I believe that letting her express herself is a good way of learning to cope with her emotions, even if that means sometimes Mummy loses her sanity, but she’s only little and I know its her normal development.

Just like us, she’s okay to get frustrated, angry, or upset. I wouldn’t have her any other way.

She is full of sass, a little crazy (gets that from her Dad ladies) and a real cutie. She’s usually quite a happy child but as every other person has, she has her bad days too. Hearing her say “I love you Mummy” makes it all worth it though.

So ladies, if you have a grumpy, tantrumy toddler at home and feel like ripping your hair out, just remember it’s perfectly normal for them to do it at this stage – they’ll soon calm down. Just keep it up because you’re doing a fab job!

I know some days can be hard but we’re made for this, so chin up and take a breather. The little human will probably cheer up within 5 minutes or so, and forget why they were so frustrated in the first place….. Or in Auroras case, get frustrated with me because I refuse to give her my phone.

I can tell this day is going to be a fun one, especially with the mood swings from our little girlie. At least this Mummy has chocolate in the house – My survival guide to having children includes eating lots and lots of chocolate!


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Only ONE WEEK Remaining!

The countdown continues with less than a week to go before the big move. Find out our progress so far and follow our journey here…

If you haven’t already, read the beginning of our exciting journey here and make sure you follow us in the lead up to our move to keep updated of our progress! 

One week = 7 Days = 168 hours = 10080 minutes.

Just one week to go before moving day and do you know what? I feel like we’re running around like headless chickens getting absolutely nothing done. It’s just so daunting especially with two little one’s to take care of at the same time attempting to do everything else as well.

You see, Liam has been the one packing things up. Most of the time I feel completely useless. There’s so much I want to get done and it’s all there in my head, but I can’t do any of it, and it’s hard because both Kiiara and Aurora are both poorly.

As I write this Kiiara is sat on my knee unsettled because she’s snotty and tired whilst my head circulates with things I could be helping him with. He understands I have Kiiara to feed and the children need my attention, but I feel dreadful just leaving him to do it alone especially with how much we have to do. It’s not just the packing that needs to be done, it’s the blitzing of the house as well!

I’m starting to worry whether we will get it all done on time but that’s me – I just overthink and worry about everything far too much.

Yesterday we managed to sort Faith’s room and some of Wyatt’s room out as well. I miss those two but having them be at their Dad’s has certainly helped as we don’t have them to contend with as well as the packing, cleaning and dealing with our poorly kiddies here.

IMG_2847 (2)

I think I’m going to start poking at visitors with sticks to make sure they’re not poorly when they pop over – The last thing we need is more illness in this house. It usually comes at the most inappropriate times too.

So far today we have been out to grab some shopping which is usually a 25 minute walk either way. When we arrived home, Aurora drank so much juice while we were out that she had a saggy nappy which had leaked, and Kiiara was screaming because she had pooped and wanted ‘the milk machine’.

As soon as we got in I had to sort out the crying baby. Then run upstairs to get spare clothes for Aurora as well.

The children had been both sorted and I still felt like I hadn’t got anything done. Liam was building boxes in the front room. We had written down a to-do list and was going to take it one step at a time.

It’s the weekend soon so hopefully since we haven’t planned anywhere to go, we can sort a majority of it all out just in the knick-of-time.

Kiiara was screaming her little head off earlier and she just wouldn’t settle. Aurora was frustrated over some shoes in the corner (not even her shoes either). I felt overwhelmed with it all and wouldn’t have minded just 5 minutes peace to breath or go for a cigarette at least, but I just had to crack on with it.

I can’t wait for all this packing and moving to be over and done with – It’s so much stress for such a little person like me.

Liam is absolutely brilliant. He doesn’t grumble at how much he has to do while I’m sat feeding the baby. Even with all my grumbling about this move, I’m sure we will get it done as a team and we will feel so much better when we have settled into the new place.

It’s just going to take plenty of coffee and chocolate to get through the rest of the week.

Wish us luck, I think we’re going to need it.


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Adventurer At Heart

It runs through my blood, it’s in my mind, and I love doing it. Exploring, climbing and cycling is what I used to do before I had kids. What’s life like now I have kids? Find out this and insights into my life here!

I wasn’t always with Zoe. There was a time I was single and getting on with life as a sole individual, doing what guys usually do – going out with friends, drinking, exercising, travelling and more.

I used to climb mountains and cycle around my local area. North Wales has spectacular mountainscapes and lovely cycle routes, so this was an ideal opportunity to execute in my spare time.


I had worked in Iceland retail at that time. It was a part-time job that had kept me going, supplying me with a basic wage to get on with my life. When I wasn’t working I was out and about exploring and enjoying the sunshine.




Walking from my hometown to Llandudno was a nice achievement – though may not seem like a great distance, it would have taken me about an hour and a half to reach. This was because occasionally I would take the scenic route and climb to the top of the ‘Little Orme’ on the way.

Me on the little orme

The stunning 360 degree views could show you as far as Anglesey on one side and all the way to Rhyl from the other on a good day. I felt ALIVE, FREE and ON TOP OF THE WORLD – Nothing could drag me down!


I was adamant during my time at Iceland retail that I wanted the complete package. Job – Car – Girl. I had a job. I just needed the car, and then the girl would follow. This was my theory anyway.

After a year of driving lessons and a couple of girlfriends later (who didn’t turn out to be the right ones), I passed my test and bought my first car. I got into another sort-of relationship after that, which ended up falling apart so I wasn’t looking out for another one so soon.

My First Car

But soon enough though I met Zoe and started hanging out with her whilst her and her friends were doing up her new flat to move into. I’ll spare you the details because the rest is history….

Including Zoe

When I became involved with Zoe we found out how much we had in common, but also how little she’d actually experienced because of having kids at such a young age. This had me thinking about taking her on my little expeditions, trekking up mountains and enjoying spending time together.

As Faith and Wyatt spent the weekends at their Dads, this was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of.

We had explored my favourite viewpoints, as well as other mountainpoints I hadn’t previously trekked up. It was a great feeling taking her up with me, cherishing the views together – someone to share it with. This is what I wanted. I was living the dream.


Having Kids Of My Own

Things changed when we had kids together. We weren’t able to do the things we had been doing before – well not as much atleast. That meant no more climbing mountains with Zoe, no more running about just the two of us acting like fools.

I love my kids, I really do, and I don’t regret having them. I may not be able to do much of what I used to be able to, but that won’t stop me from doing it when they are a little older. It’s still a part of me. It runs through my blood, and it probably runs through theirs too.

This takes me on to what I want to do with them when they are old enough. I have plans for when they are capable, to hike up mountains with me and Zoe, go cycling along unexplored routes, play basketball and football, take them to the beach for water sports activities, go canoeing and much more.

I think it’s important to include them in the activities I had enjoyed prior to their lives so that they can also enjoy it too. They haven’t dragged me down, but opened up more opportunities in the future to partake with them.

I still carry my dreams from when I was a child and wish to achieve them in the future. After all, we only live once and we should try our hardest to get everything we want – no one else is going to do that for us.

If I ever had the chance I would travel the world to explore new places and different cultures, own a sports car (I’m not having a midlife crisis yet I hope, I’m still quite young), fly in a private jet (Always wanted to. Even more so, want to get my own pilots license), and generally live a worry-free life – financial security (doesn’t everyone). Very achievable goals if I prepare for them now and set actionable targets.

I’d like to think success comes from working really really hard at something, so working my ass off and being consistent will help achieve those dreams of mine…. Hopefully.


I’d like to hear about your dreams, achievements or success stories, so please drop a comment in the comments section below!


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The Next Step Back

One step closer to our move. Preparing, packing and organising. Continue to follow our journey back to the beautiful North Wales with today’s latest blog post!

If you read yesterday’s post, you would have found out this mama was really poorly. I’m feeling much better now and more of myself.

I’m so grateful for such an amazing man who looked after all the kids while I was stuck in bed. I had Kiiara in bed with me because I had to breastfeed her, but generally speaking I didn’t have to do anything yesterday.

I felt rather guilty not being able to do my usual things. I woke up around half 6 in the afternoon to find that the whole house was sorted – There was literally nothing for me to do.

Being the type of person I am, I felt guilt leaving my partner to do everything and not being able to spend time with the kids.

They have left now to stay at their Dads for 2 weeks while Liam and I get everything packed for our big move in just 9 days!

We’ve literally not had anything packed yet, leaving it to the last minute. It’s probably not the best of idea’s but it was difficult to get anything done with 2 boisterous kids running about refusing to pack any of their toys away.

The excitement is finally starting to kick in now. I can’t wait to move back even though I know it’s going to be one-hell of a long day, but it’s certainly going to be worth it!

IMG_1493 (2)
Image provided by Plimley Media

The forms have finally been sent off for the school so hopefully the children will have got in. They won’t be starting until April though as it’s nearly Easter and they have 2 weeks off.

Aurora will be having her own room in the new place and we can’t wait to spruce it up with a princess-themed bedroom. Faith’s happy she won’t have to share with her younger sister anymore. Faith utters how annoying she is. Sibling love right there.

It might sound a little odd but living here has been stress-after-stress and I really don’t feel like myself. I don’t know whether it’s lack of engagement with family and friends, or missing the beautiful views and vistas of North Wales, but I’m definitely a Welsh girl by heart!

IMG_1511 (2)
Image provided by Plimley Media

I think if we decide that we want to get away from Wales next time, a little holiday would suffice instead of a move away again.

IMG_1452 (2)
Image provided by Plimley Media

The children are looking forward to seeing their old friends again, and so am I to be honest. It should be interesting being back there to see how much things have changed, if anything has changed.

Also not many people have met Kiiara in Wales other than her Grandad and Auntie Lisa. It will be nice for people to meet her as she is nearly 4 months old already.

She is currently teething so she’s a little unsettled but she’s coping quite well with it. She’s just a dribble monster – saliva soaked into her clothes. She’s also attempting to roll now and even though it’s amazing to watch my little girlie grow up, it’s also quite saddening because she’s the last one, and I would love to keep her a baby that little bit longer.

IMG_1503 (2)
Image provided by Plimley Media

I can’t wait to share with you all our journey back to North Wales. I’m looking forward to all the new adventures that we will have as a family, so keep checking out our site for all the latest updates!


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An Unexpected Arrival

Last meal with the kids before the move – A visitor this weekend – And find out whether the kids actually behaved for us.. Read about it here!

Weekends are a good time to spend with your family and friends (that’s if you’re not working ofcourse). The kids aren’t in school so that allows for quality bonding time with them.

This weekend the kids chose to begin it off with an early morning, waking Zoe and I up intentionally so we could make them breakfast – it was 7am. I’d rather not have to wake up that early on a weekend, more so to make the kids breakfasts at that time – they could wait!

Morning coffee had to be consumed before I was to deal with them.

This was the last weekend we’d spend with the kids before we’d move. They were to set off for their Dads on Monday for 2 weeks. As a way of getting the kids to behave over the last few days with us, he explained to them over the phone that if they were to achieve more than 3 green dojos by the time they were to arrive at his, he’d reward them with a present (a new Shopkins set I believe).

This set out a mission for the kids to listen and get along. They did really well – more Faith than Wyatt however.

Wyatt would continue tormenting Aurora and Faith, so dojo’s were taken from him instead. I think his special-needs had showed more this weekend than it has in a while – he showed an absent short-term memory often, and his common sense would not kick-in.

For example – I’d tell him to go upstairs to open his curtains. He’d go upstairs and return back down afterwards, with the curtains still shut. I’d ask him what I told him to go and do, and he’d say ‘I can’t remember’. There were many occasions this would happen on, not just with his curtains, but even the simplest of tasks.

I fear for his future if he continues going in the direction he’s going. I am hoping when we move back to Wales he will get the special support he needs to progress and get better.

A Visit From A Friend

We had a call from our friend on Friday. She wanted to come visit us.

She came over the following day bringing her girlfriend and her girlfriends’ child over too. It was nice to have some company for a change. Since we’ve been here in Liverpool we haven’t connected with many people and felt quite isolated away from the world.

It’s quite a different place to what we’re used to in Wales. We’re used to bumping into people we knew in town, having a chat, inviting friends over and seeing our families regularly. But now we’re away from everyone, it’s a completely different world to us, and is one of the reasons why we had decided to move back.

Seeing our friend brought laughter and smiles to our faces. It had cheered us up and boosted our moods ready for our move back.

The Following Day

Morning came, and the kids actually let us have a bit of a lie-in this time. Faith took it into consideration that we liked our sleep on a Sunday and remained quiet when she and Wyatt woke up.

Zoe woke up with stomach pains. This wasn’t good. An unexpected arrival. She came down with a bug.

All day she didn’t feel right, but she had been looking forward to eating a roast dinner that I had made for her later that day. This was the final meal we’d have before the kids were to leave for their Dads.

Sunday night approached and the pains continued to worsen. She was feeding Kiiara in our bed and then requested a bowl immediately. I knew that was it.. She had vomited. I was lucky enough to get the bowl to her on time. The roast dinner she had enjoyed eating, all back up again (it wasn’t my cooking before you mention anything).

More through the night she had been getting up to vomit. I felt really bad for her. What could I do? 

Even today she hasn’t been feeling too well and henceforth why I have taken over to write this. I’m hoping she returns back to her old self soon.


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When Your Son ‘Has A Moment’

When boys grow older, they begin to understand more of their bodies. I had an uncomfortable talk with my son recently. Find out more about it here!

After a long hectic day it finally hit bedtime – the busiest time of my day. I sent all the children upstairs ready for their baths. Wyatt first, Aurora, then Faith. I sorted the washing out in-between. It finally hit 8pm. I tucked all three of them in bed ready to get some shut eye. All that was left to do was to get Kiiara to sleep then I could relax and read my book.

It was all quiet so I popped to the toilet enjoying the fact that I could actually go without having any of the children knocking on the door to come and speak to me, or wanting something at the most inappropriate of times.

That’s when I heard it – a door creaked open. Wyatt came back out of his room. Footsteps drew louder as he approached the bathroom, and slowly opened the door. He had his onesie unzipped down to his ankles with his bum pushed out.

‘Mum, look! My privates wont go down.’

He looked panic stricken and I had to withhold myself from laughter – this was very uncomfortable. There was no way I was ready for this conversation.

I had to compose myself and I told him

‘It’s ok, it’s normal. That’s what happens to boys.’

I was wishing Liam would come to save me at this point. I didn’t think I’d be having this conversation any time soon with my 6 year old son.

I told him to just ignore it, go back to bed and it will be fine. I thought that would have been the end of the conversation but boy I was so wrong.

He started asking me questions

‘Why does it happen?’

To which I replied as calmly and as composed as I could

‘It happens to every boy. You’re ok, it’s nothing to worry about. Don’t mess and it will go down on its own.’

He replied back.

‘Does it happen to Daddy too?’

Really? Did this have to happen now?

I stayed as calm and collected as I could, and replied

‘Yes buddy it happens to all males.’

‘Well I’ve never seen Daddy’s do that.’

I stifled a laugh.

‘That’s because we keep privates private.’

I was sat on the toilet with no escape from this conversation. I wanted to run away and avoid the questions altogether.

He was finally happy with my answers and returned back to bed. I could finally breathe again. Making my way back to the bedroom, I heard him come out of his room again.

‘Mummy look!’

Oh no not again. He came over with his privates still hanging out.

‘Look Mum, it’s ok now. It’s gone back down!’

I put on a smile.

‘I told you it would. Go back to sleep now.’

He trotted off back to his bedroom.

I walked into my room and couldn’t hold it in any longer I burst out laughing. Liam confused as to why I was giggling my head off.

‘Oh God I can’t believe that happened.’

I told him what Wyatt had said. Liam laid his head in his hands. I was not expecting to have that conversation, especially while sat on the loo.

Kids come out with the strangest of things at the most inappropriate of times, but I’m glad so far today he hasn’t mentioned it again.

Considering he caught me completely off guard I managed to handle it well and composed myself until I returned into my bedroom.

Next time I think Daddy can answer the next set of questions if he has anymore. I’ll just deal with the girls when they come to ask about their bodies.

I think I forget sometimes how grown up they have become and still think of them as babies. I’m dreading their teenage years but I will leave that to the man of the house.


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The Independent Child

Allowing your child to do things for themselves can be both daunting but also rewarding. I talk about how it feels watching your children grow to become independent in this latest post. Read more about it here!

When I was younger at the age of around 14 I enjoyed helping my Mum and Dad around the house. I guess I was a little odd back then because most 14 year old’s didn’t want to do that sort of thing.

They let me help on occasion but I’d get in the way most of the time and my Dad used to tell me to go and do something I enjoyed instead. At the time it included drawing and listening to music, and of course singing my little heart out. I can’t sing to save my life now but I still burst out those tunes when the mood takes me.

I was quite an independent little lady and to be honest I don’t remember being any other way.

I think being that way had helped me grow up to be organised and prepared for later in life with 4 children. A thought had crossed my mind though – When do you let your children become independent? What age? Does it also depend on the child’s personality?

I have absolutely no clue but I have found my oldest, Faith, likes to be as independent as she can be. I’m not sure whether that’s because she’s like a mini version of myself or it’s just her personality in general.

Faith will be 8 in 3 months. She makes herself a drink, showers herself, and brushes her own teeth. She does however need reminding to tidy her room now and again.

In general though she’s a very independant little girl but there’s only so much that I allow her to do because my worries set in just in case she hurts herself. I also think it’s simply something to do with her growing up – it’s daunting to say the least. Who doesn’t want to hold on to their children a little longer?

I know at some point I will have to let go and let her become who she is to learn things for herself. I must admit this is very difficult for me. I’ve always been the type of person to want to take care of other people – it’s just my nature.

I must say though despite being a little madam at times, I’m very proud of her for the little lady she’s becoming.

Then there’s Wyatt who is completely different to his older sister. He tidies his room and makes his bed but isn’t near enough as independent. I’ve recently introduced him to showering himself on his own, but I still have to make sure he’s brushed his teeth properly and washed his hair.

He can play independently on his own – he seems to enjoy his own company and he has one-hell of an imagination. Simple tasks however, Wyatt prefers for either myself or Daddy to do it. For example: to get him his clothes, get him a drink, and sometimes help him put his own socks on.

This takes me back to what I was saying earlier. Is it based on a child’s personality to what age they decide to become independent?

It amazes me how different children can be from one another but that’s also what makes them so unique.

Watching them grow up is an amazing experience despite the stress, tiredness and the bad days where I’m having to shout. Being a Mum is everything I’ve known since I was 18.

I can’t really remember who I was before I became a Mum. I know I need to let my kids become who they’re meant to be but if I’m honest, I’m scared. Owning my independence from when I was younger has certainly helped me through life – pushing through every obstacle, so I know I need to suck it up and let them be the same.

I will just always be on the side lines to catch them if they fall.


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The Hands-On Dad

Watching your kids grow up is extraordinary. You only get one chance to raise them well. I talk about what it’s like to be a hands-on Dad. Read more about it here!

I wasn’t always a Dad believe it or not. I was a free man until I met my partner Zoe. She introduced me to the idea of being a Dad, and once I chose to become one, there was no turning back.

I have two beautiful little girlies right now who I wouldn’t change for the world. I DO NOT regret having any of them at all – they are my little princesses and I love them to bits.

I do however think about how different life would be not having my own children – where I’d be now, what I’d be doing, whether I’d still be happy. Surely, I’m not the only one who thinks about this sometimes.

From the first moment I saw Aurora, it was extraordinary. I couldn’t believe that I was a Dad. I knew from then on, I couldn’t let her or my partner down. I became what others might say a HANDS-ON DAD.

This meant doing most things a Mum would normally do – helping out with the housework, getting the kids dressed and ready, playing with the kids, preparing their meals, fixing anything they needed fixing (including an endless supply of batteries for their run-down toys) etc.

As Aurora has shown she is in fact a girlie girl, I have the temptation to spoil her with everything pink and princess-themed. When she’s older despite being a man (I don’t really care what others may think), I really want to play princess castles with her in a lovely pink princess-themed bedroom I want to design for her. She deserves to have a happy upbringing, so I shall try my hardest to make that happen!

Working With My Partner

A healthy relationship with kids involved includes working together with your partner to get through each and every day without killing one another. I was made aware of this when I started raising the oldest two with Zoe.

I knew then how difficult it could get when raising kids – the shouting, stressing, added responsibility, less money to spend on ourselves and much more. I was in it for the long haul, so I needed to master a way of getting through this without breaking.

This is when I started working with my partner. There’s no point leaving her to do all the heavy lifting – the housework, running about after the kids etc. No time will be left for you and your partner, and even if there is, she’ll be too exhausted to do anything anyway.

Helping her out with the housework by splitting it down the middle not only gets things done quicker, it also makes you feel accomplished – relief knowing you’ve completed a hefty task that you could have left for your partner to complete.

I love my partner very much and I don’t like seeing her struggle, so I make sure I help her out with as much as I can without taking up too much of our time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s also important to set aside some time for you to do anything else you need to do (i.e. work, time with friends, winding down time etc) but I can guarantee helping out your partner will make both of your lives much easier (and no, Zoe didn’t write this. This is from my experience and worked out quite well for us).

Preparing For The Real World

I believe it’s important to teach kids basic knowledge of the real world in preparation for when they are older. As a child I was keen to learn new things but wasn’t told practical knowledge that I could apply to the world ahead to become successful.

Knowledge about tax, business, bank accounts, voting, pensions and more could have been useful to learn earlier on.

Therefore, from birth I’ve started teaching my little girls basic things such as numbers, words and colours so that they could charge ahead to learn more advanced things in the future. I think this is important for their development, and I wish for them to get really far, become successful and make the most of their lives.


If you are a hands-on Dad like myself, wish to share your story or express anything you do with your children to make them feel happy and special, please feel free to drop us a comment in the comments section below!


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