True Value of Morning Coffee

Waking up to a lovely hot drink in the morning makes the day so much brighter. Coffee is the chosen topic in today’s post. Check it out here!

You turn over, prise yourself out of bed, stumble down the stairs into the kitchen and snap that kettle on. The steam soaring from the stout until the click of the switch sounds. You pour out a brew, take a sip and now you’re ready for the day ahead.

A cup of coffee has so much value in our morning routine. It wakes us up, gives us a secondary comfort (laying in bed being the first) before we have to carry on with our days.


I love my morning coffee! Though not a standard coffee, I like mine Cappuccino-style. The froth adds to it. I enjoy mine with a dollop of whipped cream on top. It’s never a miss nowadays.

Originally I chose to enjoy cream with my coffee only on special occasions, and at first it was meant only for hot chocolates. I savoured it too much and chose to have it with my coffees ever since.

Adding milk to mine helps me drink it quicker – I have a lot to do in the mornings, so I have to reduce my time relishing it.

My partner likes his straight with no milk. He describes it as brewful relaxation time – the time in the morning when he can shift all his worries and thoughts away for 5 minutes just to enjoy a luscious coffee.

Different times of the year call for different coffee types. I especially like the seasonal limited-edition coffees that come out, for example the ‘Gingerbread Latte‘, although I was unable to find a good quantity of the supply from my local supermarkets this year.

My partner Liam has travelled around in an amateur attempt to find the best Cappuccino, from local cafes to store-bought ones. Much have been very successful and very heavenly. Hard choice to make just from taste, but considering best value for money too, the Nescafe Gold-branded coffees that come in a box with 8-10 sachets are by-far his currently preferred Cappuccino (this is in no way sponsored by Nescafe – just an opinionated post from experiences).

No.1 Cappuccino of Choice

I occasionally like going out for a coffee in places such as CostaStarbucks or Caffe Nero, but I don’t tend to make it a habit unless I’m always passing them by and require a caffeine-boost. They provide a variety of strong coffee options and most of the time I like what they have on offer.

Money can get quite tight for a mum like me, and I imagine the same for many other mums too, so going out for a coffee spending £3-£6 on one coffee can be a bit wasteful. Instead that money could be spent on ‘needs’, like food for example.

Again as my partner approved, the Nescafe Gold range of coffees you can get from the supermarket is a good value for money, especially if you can get it on offer. It usually RRP’s for around £2.99, but I have been able to get it cheaper between £1.50 to £1.99 from other shops.

You can get between 8 to 10 sachets in a pack, so it costs around 38p per sachet in an 8 pack, or just under 30p in a 10 pack at the RRP price. Definitely cheaper than a coffee shop!

Just keep looking around until you find the best deal, and you might be able to save yourself a lot of money at the end of the year!

I do however limit myself to no more than 2 coffees a day as i’m breastfeeding Kiiara. Too much caffeine in my milk and Kiiara will never get to sleep.

Coffee does bring me happiness and warmth, and on those miserable wet days that we seem to be getting a lot more of, it’s nice to brew one up, snuggle under a blanket and watch a nice movie on a lazy afternoon! Simple gratification aye.

If you have a favourite coffee, a morning routine involving coffee, or anything to say about coffee, please tell us about them in the comment section below! 


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Top Tips for a Not-So-Measly Monday

Standard school run routine with helpful tips to get you organised for the day – everyday

Refreshing Monday, first time in a while! The holidays are now over and the kids are finally back in school. This means one thing……. Routine again!!

I didn’t think i’d miss having a routine up until this last week having the kids off (even worse over the summer holidays when the kids have SIX WEEKS OFF!). Early days, though a nightmare waking up still dark outside, gives me extra hours in the day to fit more in.

Having the kids go back to school, my days now consist of waking up, getting them dressed, putting out their breakfasts, brushing Faiths hair, and getting out that door by quarter to 9. Though it’s their first day back I always have a habit of forgetting things (can be my excuse for now, might not hold up in about a week or so’s time – must think of another). Today I forgot their snack money, tomorrow who knows.

I’m quite good at organising everything ready for school usually.

So here’s my 5 Top Tips for any stressed-out mum prepping for the school run:


  1. Prepare everything the day before! – Kids uniforms all washed and folded in their bedrooms the night before so in the morning they can get themselves dressed.
  2. Leave any water bottles and snack money on the kitchen side (money out of reach from the kids obviously) for you to quickly grab just before you leave.
  3. If you like to grab a coffee in the morning before you get everyone else ready, in the time it takes to boil the kettle you could dish out bowls of cereal for the kids for breakfast.
  4. Ensure the kids have a good nights sleep – get them to bed early – gives you more time to prepare for the next day (and more YOU time).
  5. Sometimes helps to write a check list of all the things you need to do ready for school – can be put on the fridge so you can quickly scan it in the morning and you’ll be less likely to forget something.


Kids are in school, but Aurora has no one to play with now. She has quite an imagination for a 1 and half year old. Got her a pack of blocks for Christmas (felt like a great idea at the time), but the dining room, where she plays, isn’t half in shambles now. Having to anxiously commute to and from the dining room without accidentally stepping on a block feels almost impossible.

Could be worse, could be the extraordinary invention somewhat a miniature version of the blocks that seek to find it’s way under your feet called Lego! Luckily that’s been detained in Wyatt’s bedroom!

Tackling a measly task of the school run in the mornings can be quite challenging especially with a month-old baby who relies on me to breastfeed her. I’m constantly juggling myself around – feeding Kiiara – quickly get washed – feed Kiiara – get Aurora dressed – feed Kiiara – get myself dressed – feed Kiiara – quickly make the bed and so on. It’s really exhausting. My partner is a God-send though as he will take care of Kiiara in the breaks between feeding her as well as ensuring the other kids are sorted too. Wouldn’t know how i’d cope without him (I imagine it would be extremely difficult, though i’d probably work a way around it).

Picking them up at 10 past 3 seems too early to slowly close off my day. Dinner gets sorted, house gets tidied, kids bathed and put to bed, have a bit of couples time and that makes up my day. Wake up next morning having to do it all over again. Brilliant!


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